How to Make Exercise Bike Seat More Comfortable

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Exercise bikes are excellent equipment for having a daily low-impact cardio workout. But every good thing comes with some negative aspects. Exercise bikes are not an exception to that. This guide will share some methods for how to make exercise bike seat more comfortable.

The seat of a stationary bike comes in a small size, which hurts a lot while peddling. That doesn’t mean you will stop using the exercise bike. Set the seat height, use some cushioned seat cover, wear cycling shorts, and be consistent. By applying these methods, you can make the exercise bike seat more comfortable to workout.

Why Are Exercise Bike Seats So Uncomfortable?

From pro riders to beginners at some stage, everyone experiences butt pain while exercising with an exercise bike. When you are on a bike, there are only three things that contact with the bike except for the BMX stunt bikes. Your feet, butt, and hands only have contact with it, and this is the main problem. The way your body weight is distributed, it puts a strain on the butt.

Why Are Exercise Bike Seats So Uncomfortable

Hands are only used for balancing, feet take the weight, and the knees work as a shock absorber. It is the butt that helps to support the maximum bodyweight. But, the butt is resting on a saddle with very little padding and a hard seat. Also, if the bike size doesn’t go with your body size and way of clothing can also cause discomfort.

How to Make Exercise Bike Seat More Comfortable?

Each exercise bike is designed with different sizes and shapes. As there is no perfect single size that can fit all bikes, finding the right seat becomes difficult. To learn how to make exercise bike seat more comfortable, follow the below factors.

How to Make Exercise Bike Seat More Comfortable

Set up the Bike:

The most common reason for uncomfortable cycling is the wrong seat height. Either the seat is too high or too low for your height. With these two situations, your legs can’t fully support the body weight while peddling. Therefore, whenever you feel discomfort, make some setting changes and set the bike as per your height.

Change the position of the handlebars; a higher handlebar will help to maintain better posture. For matching the height it is recommended that you should sit onto the saddle. Keep one pedal at the bottom, and it should look like a 6 o’clock position. Ensure the foot is flat and the heels are on the pedal with a slight knee bend.


A perfect outfit can make a huge difference in the workout session. Biker shorts are designed with a slick and smooth fabric that will protect you from excessive rubbing. These shorts come in a crotch design that is best for preventing saddle pain. So, before you started hopping onto the exercise bike, keep in mind your outfit.

Padded Seat Cover:

You can use a removable bike seat cushion cover if you feel excessive pain. These covers will make your seat a bit wider. Slip-on seat covers that come in gel padding are best for providing comfortable seating while cycling. This cover has more cushioning that is beneficial for preventing numbness, soreness, and pain.

Padded Seat Cover

Change the Saddle:

After spending too much time on the exercise bike, people get soreness in their sit bones. This thing can be problematic as you have to sit for a longer time to burn the calories. In this case, if you change it or make some changes, it can make a huge difference. Simply you can change the uncomfortable saddle with a wider seat that can support the weight more evenly. Wider seats are less painful and prevent irritation.

Check Body Posture:

Make sure your back is straight, elbows are slightly bent, the chest is open, and a firm seating position. Also, keep the shoulders away from the ears, make the shoulder blades together, and finally lock the core. The handlebars grip should be comfortable enough and let your legs handle the body weight. Remember, the perfect posture will help to distribute the weight evenly. Thus, it can reduce the pain and provide more comfortable riding.

Special Benefits of Using an Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes provide huge benefits with their simple but massive efficient workout. Some special benefits of using an exercise bike are given below.

Special Benefits of Using an Exercise Bike

Boost Cardio Fitness:

Using an exercise bike is a great way for pumping the heart. It strengthens your muscle, lungs, and heart. Cycling improves blood-flow and distributes oxygen throughout the body. In this way, it improves sleep, blood sugar level, immune system, energy level, mood, memory, and brain functioning.

Burn Body Fat:

Cycling at a high-intensity level burns calories faster, which in turn helps to lose weight and build strength. Using an exercise bike regularly with a low-calorie diet is the main key for weight loss.

Low-Impact Workout:

Exercise bikes use smooth movements for strengthening the joints and bones without putting any stress. This makes the exercise bike the best option for having a low-intense workout for people with injuries and joint issues.

Strengthens and Tone the Legs:

Riding an exercise bike with high-intensity and resistance can easily tone or strengthens the lower body, especially the legs. The pedaling action makes the calves, quadriceps, and hamstrings strong. Also, it works on the glutes, core, and back muscles.

Strengthens and Tone the Legs

Allows Interval Training:

Exercise bikes allow interval training, which is great for burning more calories with a less intense workout. It elevates cardio fitness and ensures losing weight in much less time. Due to an exercise bike’s various resistance levels, you can use low, medium, and high intensities. Which is great for an interval training session.

Final Verdict

Though the small-sized seat causes discomfort, an exercise bike is the most useful bike for everyone. Beginners will face some issues and make mistakes with their exercise bikes. Do not try to turn these wrong issues into right; rather, figure out the solution.

Add a comfortable padded seat cover and make the bike height fit with your leg height. From this article, learn how to make exercise bike seat more comfortable. Now, make your uncomfortable bike into the most comfortable one by following the above steps.

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