Top 7 Best BMX Bikes Under 300 – Experts Recommended

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For kids or any beginner biker who wants to step into the world of biking, a BMX bike is just the right choice. In other words, these bikes are pretty user-friendly and basic in design, so it doesn’t take a learner to get hold of the bike in a short time. However, being simple doesn’t mean cheaper.

That’s why today, we are here with a list of BMX bikes to find out the best BMX bikes under 300 bucks. So, if you are up for a BMX bike but a bit short on budget, you better read this piece from beginning to end. You will surely find out the best-suited BMX bike for you!

How Do We Write?

We have gone through innumerable articles and real-life customers’ reviews of different BMX bikes to sort out the products we have listed here. We have spent more than 48 hours researching the options and settling down to only 7. We have 4 experts spending these 48 hours skimming through hundreds of options to find out these 7 products.

Best BMX Bikes Under 300 – 30 Second Quick Summary

Editor’s Choice: Mongoose BMX Bike Legion L16

“A great entry-level bike for little buddies, starting from 3ft 6inch height.”

Best For Juniors: Mongoose Legion L20 Black

Great color combination with Hi-tensile steel build-up with U-brake system.

Best For Kids and Juniors: Elite 20″ & 16″ BMX Bicycle

Two different model options for both kids and juniors alike with hi-tensile steel frames build up.

Best Lightweight BMX: Mongoose Title Micro, Mini, Junior, Pro

“A bike with durable construction with quite a lightweight profile.”

Best Off-road Racer: Rocker BMX Mini BMX Bike iROK+ Metal RKR

“This brake-free bike is designed for off-road racing with excellent fat tires.”

Best Attractive Bike: Mongoose Legion L20 Blue

“This blue beauty comes with excellent hi-tensile durability and alloy wheel rims.”

Best Budget BMX: Mongoose Legion L20 Grey

“This one offers the best durability and performance with the least affordable price possible.”

Best BMX Bikes Under 300 Table of Content

If you want to go to the specific sections that we have discussed here, click on the topic-head from the table below.

Best BMX Bikes Under 300 Comparison Chart

Don’t have time? Cool, let’s keep it short and check out the comparisons that we have made among the 7 BMX bikes under $300 that we reviewed here.

Best Bmx Bikes Under 300It's Best forWheel SizeFrame MaterialWeight
Mongoose BMX Bike Legion L16Editor's Choice16 inchesSteel26.5 Pounds
Mongoose Legion L20 BlackBest For Juniors20 inchesSteel34.4 Pounds
Elite 20" & 16" BMX BicycleBest For Kids and Juniors20 inchesHi-tensile steel29.2 lbs
Mongoose Title Micro, Mini, Junior, Pro, and Expert BMX Race BikeBest Lightweight BMX20 inchesAluminum2.62 Pounds
Rocker BMX Mini BMX Bike iROK+ Metal RKRBest Off-road Racer10 inchesSteel20.9 Pounds
Mongoose Legion L20 BlueBest Attractive Bike20 inchesHi Ten Steel26.5 Pounds
Mongoose Legion L20 GreyBest Budget BMX20 inchesHi Ten Steel26.5 Pounds

7 Best BMX Bikes Under $300 Reviews 2023

After a lot of research and fact-checks, we have settled down for the following 7 BMX bikes. Find out the in-depth reviews to pick up the one you need!


1. Editor’s Choice: Mongoose BMX Bike Legion L16

Mongoose BMX Bike Legion L16

We kick off this session with the Mongoose Legion L16 review. This one is a pretty cool entry-level bike for your kid that he/she will absolutely love. It is designed for kids who are no more than 3 and a half feet tall. This makes it a perfect choice for nearly all kids who just want to step into the biking world.

Again, the heart of the cycle is a hi-ten steel frame that comes with a 15.3-inch top-tube. On the front side, there is a handlebar that is made from the same material for durability and robust build-up. Not to mention the aluminum frame U-brake attached to it that ensures perfect braking and control.

Moreover, its forks are joined together by a 40mm stem that ensures the bike delivers its maximum performance. Take the drivetrain and the chainring, for example. The drivetrain has a 130mm crank, and the chainring is made from 25T alloy material. Considering all these, this perfect bike is also one of the safest cycles you can offer your child.

Mongoose Legion L16 Features:

  • The entire frame of the bike is made from Hi-Ten steel for sturdy build-up
  • Hi-Ten steel handle bar provides strong and proper balance
  • Both the wheel sizes of this bike is 16 inches for a compact look
  • Its tires of this cycle come with 2.3-inch of size for better grip
  • The bike has an excellent and efficient U-brake system for superior control
Positive Side
  • Suitable for entry-level biking
  • Any kind below 3ft 6inch can have a smooth ride
  • Strong build quality
  • U-brake ensures proper braking
  • Single-wall rims with aluminum alloy
Negative Side
  • The joints are too tight after unpacking

2. Best For Juniors: Mongoose Legion L20 Black

Mongoose Legion L20 Black

If you think the L16 from Mongoose is going to be a bit smaller for your kid’s size, then you should switch to the L20. This one is for the kids who come with heights of 4’8″ – 5’4″.  Rightfully so, the bike is made quite strong considering the weight of these bigger kids. This should be one of the good BMX bikes under 300 bucks, surely.

As for the frame, it has Hi-Ten steel inside, which is also the material used in the handlebar of the bike. This indicates the strength and robust nature of the bike same as mountain bikes that is worth every penny. The handlebar is connected to the functional fork with a 50mm stem and a headset that is sealed and threadless. This ensures proper tuning and excellent riding styles.

Again, quite similar to L16, the L20 also comes with a drivetrain that is one of the key features with a single-piece forged crank made of steel. The crank measures 170mm and is connected to a chainring made from a 25T alloy material. Not to mention, the American loose ball-bottom bracket is also there at the bottom.

Mongoose Legion L20 Features:

  • The frame of the bike comes with a Hi-Ten steel material for durability
  • Handlebar and fork are connected by 50mm stem and threadless headset
  • The drivetrain on the rear part comes with a 170mm steel crank
  • Its chainring connected to drivetrain is constructed from 25T alloy
  • Aluminum U-brake system for excellent braking system
Positive Side
  • Designed for kids above 4ft 8inch
  • Sturdy build-up for rough and smoother ride specifically, for beginner rider
  • U-brake ensures proper control
  • Rubberized handle cover for comfort
  • 50mm stem for maximum steering performance
Negative Side
  • Cheap plastic-made bike pedals

3. Best For Kids and Juniors: Elite 20″ & 16″ BMX Bicycle

Elite 20

Go elite with the Elit 20 and 16 inches BMX cycles. This is a great entry-level bike that comes in both 16-20-inch wheels format. So, depending on the size of the rider whether it is smaller or taller riders, your ideal choice can be any of these two. The bike fits regular street, park, and dirt zones. If you are looking for one of the best BMX bikes under 300 bucks, this one is your bet!

The frame of this bike is made from Hi-tensile steel. You can tell it from the shiny and bright look of the bike in its entirety. Plus, the fork of it is also made from Hi-tensile steel, as well. That means the durability of the bike is uncompromised.

Again, it comes with an alloy cease U-brake. This ensures that the bike is under the control of the intermediate rider all the time. As the rear brake can be ridden on different types of roads or rough terrains, the U-brake can take care of the precise braking it needs.

Elite 20″ Features:

  • The bike comes in both 16 and 20-inch variant for versatility
  • Its rear-side piece cranks measures exactly 170 mm for broader profile
  • Both the frame sizes of the bike and the front fork is made from Hi-Ten steel for durability
  • Its brake mount system of the bike comes with an alloy U-brake method for better braking
  • The seat of the bike has an adjustable saddle with thick foam for comfort
Positive Side
  • You can ride the bike on different streets
  • Comfortable seat with cushioned foam
  • Excellent removable brake mounts control
  • You can raise and lower the seat
  • Strong and sturdy build-up
Negative Side
  • It doesn’t come with any assembly direction

4. Best Lightweight BMX: Mongoose Title Micro, Mini, Junior, Pro, and Expert BMX Race Bike

Mongoose Title Micro, Mini, Junior, Pro, and Expert BMX Race Bike

If your kid is a big boy and loves to race around with buddies, the Mongoose title race bike should amuse him/her quite a lot. That’s because this one is designed for kids from 4’6″ – 5’1′ size and comes with an excellent racer look. The frame is made from Tectonic T1 aluminum, which gives the bike a pretty lightweight profile with only 2.76 pounds of weight.

Moreover, the wheel rims are made from double-walled aluminum that comes with a sealed bearing made from aluminum as well. Again, on this strong wheelset, Mongoose placed Arisun XLR8 20-inch superior block tires. As you know, these tires have excellent grip and anti-slip features that make them easy to freestyle ride smoothly on the streets even as beginner-level rider.

As for the handlebar and the front fork, the building material for these is Hi-ten steel. Plus, both of these parts are connected by a 30mm stem and a headset with a sealed bearing. Not to forget, Mongoose introduced the alloy seat clamp with V-brake system on this bike, which offers great bit in quality control of speed. So, if you are trying to settle for the best BMX bike under 300 dollars, consider this one!

Mongoose Title Features:

  • This bike is basically designed for kids of 4’6″ – 5’1″ size
  • The frame of the bike is made from strong tectonic T1 aluminum for robust profile
  • Overall weight of the bike is pretty lightweight measuring only 2.76 pounds
  • The wheelsets of both rear and front made from double-walled aluminum for added durability
  • It comes with an unique and efficient alloy V-brake system for better braking
Positive Side
  • Lightweight bike is easy to ride
  • Designed for racing on the streets
  • V-brake offers excellent braking
  • Durable construction from top to bottom
  • Impressive entry-level bike at low price
Negative Side
  • The saddle is a bit hard and lacks comfort

5. Best Off-road Racer: Rocker BMX Mini BMX Bike iROK+ Metal RKR

Rocker BMX Mini BMX Bike iROK+ Metal RKR

Now, this one is a bit interesting. It’s not a regular BMX bike that you find in the market. It’s a mini version with the 20-inch wheels that is actually designed for adults to get rough on it. In addition, this little-sized monster can take impact and abuse like a pro.

Apart from that, The tire of this bike is what is going to take your attention at first. These are Rocket BMX street pro-style 10-inch tires that are significantly large and fat. In other words, there will be quite a bit of grip right there. So, balancing the bike will be a lot easier than other thinner tires.

However, this bike is not designed for street or sidewalk. It doesn’t have any brake system. It’s solely made for offroad biking and offroad racing for adults. That’s why it doesn’t have brakes on it. So, that should be kept in mind before buying it.

Rocker BMX Features:

  • This one is a mini version of the 20-inch BMX bike
  • It has two bigger and larger 10-inch sized tires for compact profile
  • The frame of the bike comes with a lightweight Hi-tensile steel construction
  • Fork and bars are made from a hi-tensile frame for durability
  • As it’s an off-road bike, it doesn’t have any brake system at all
Positive Side
  • It is designed for off-road biking for adults
  • Can take impact and abuse
  • Huge tire comes with better grip
  • Heavy-duty build-quality
  • Soft padded seat for comfort
Negative Side
  • Forbidden for street biking as there’s no brake

6. Best Attractive Bike: Mongoose Legion L20 Blue

Mongoose Legion L20 Blue

If you liked the L20 Black one, this one is going to be even more eye-soothing for you. For instance, the blue Legion L20 from Mongoose comes in vibrant blue color that is going to be loved by kids of any age. In addition, if your kid is taller than 4ft 8inch, it’s going to be a perfect match for your little guy!

Again, as for the frame of the bike, it’s brilliantly made from Hi-Ten steel. Similarly, not too surprisingly, the fork is also made from the same Hi-ten steel material, as well. Again, the wheels come with sturdy aluminum single-wall-made rims right there. In other words, this bike screams durability from every part.

Again, the braking system of the bike is pretty hi-tech. In other words, the U-brake system, coupled with the alloy brake levers, ensure proper control over the speed. That’s why it ensures safety on the road and delivers excellent momentary stops when needed.

Mongoose Legion Features:

  • The bike’s frame’s construction is from the Hi-Ten steel for heavy-duty profile
  • It features a one-piece forged steel cranks on the rear side for convenience
  • The rear crank comes with a measurement of 170 mm
  • 25T alloy chainring on the rear side for best construction for durability
  • It comes with a superior aluminum-built U-brake system for better control
Positive Side
  • Attractive blue-color design
  • Durable build-up for rough use
  • Excellent braking capacity
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Tires provide superior gripping on the road
Negative Side
  • Cheap-plastic alloy pedals

7. Best Budget BMX: Mongoose Legion L20 Grey

Mongoose Legion L20 GreyFinally, on our best BMX race bike under 300 reviews, we have the Legion L20 from Mongoose with the Grey variant. Certainly, this one isn’t anything drastically different than the black or blue variant of the same model but does come with a unique look that many users may find quite appealing. To clarify, this is because the frame comes with variety of colors – grey and orange.

That is to say, the frame is, as usual, built from Hi-ten steel material for optimum durability. On the other hand, the aluminum alloy single-walled rims second the fact that the bike is here to ensure sturdiness and durability. The fork, secondly, is made with the same Hi-ten steel that is used for the actual frame of the bike.

Meanwhile, the handlebar of the bike is attached to the fork with a 50mm stem. Subsequently, through the frame on the front, runs the precise U-brake that provides a precise braking experience for the biker. As for the BMX riding on the seat, the saddle is made from the cushioned pad for the best seating experience.

Mongoose Legion L20 Features:

  • The bike comes with a strong and sturdy Hi-ten steel-made frame ensuring durability
  • Its back-panel has a strong setup of forged steel cranks for maximum sturdiness
  • The bike mount on it is completely and easily removable and replaceable for convenience
  • It provides advanced features a strong and rigid dual-suspension system for shock-absorption
  • Single-walled aluminum rims for extra sturdiness while biking
Positive Side
  • Grey-orange dual-color design
  • Durable and sturdy build quality
  • Excellent braking capacity
  • Cushioned saddle for comfort
  • Rubberized handle bar cover
Negative Side
  • Need unusual tools to assemble

Things To Consider Before Buying A BMX Bikes

So, you are up for the best BMX bikes for $300, right? Well, most importantly, you need to make sure you are considering some facts in this regard. So, keep the following points in mind to ensure you are getting the best one for you!

Things To Consider Before Buying A BMX Bikes

Check The Price Tag:

Above all, if you are planning to settle down with a bike that costs less than 300 bucks, obviously, you should check the price range of the bike before anything else. For example, you can shortlist some of your choices based on the price. Again, e-commerce sites have price-filter options that make it super-easy to sort – just like we did!

Frame Quality:

As the amazing bikes of BMX riders are mostly meant for kids and junior riders, they do need to be sturdy and strong frame materials. Certainly, kids will not be taking care of the bike as much as adults do, so you must ensure that the bike is capable of enduring impact and abuse. So a strong frame is always safe to opt for. To sum up, make sure that the frame is made from Hi-tensile steel or alloy aluminum for the best output.

Brake System:

Riding the cheaper bikes on the street and off-road requires a lot of control over the wheels. SO, when the wheels are in-control, your favorite bike is in control, as well. Again, an excellent brake system can make a huge difference in the performance of the bike. Check out for a good-quality U-brake or V-brake that can get the wheels in control.

Strong Wheel Rims:

Just as much as the frame and fork need to be strong, the rims of the wheels need to be strong, as well. For wheel rims, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than either a single-walled or double wall rim with aluminum alloy. This type of rims allows heavy-duty tires to be set up and provide excellent support throughout the riding session.

Comfortable Saddle:

Although BMX bikes are for kids mainly, the need for a comfortable saddle is quite obvious. If kids are riding it, there’s a possibility that they will not be riding it on the pedals; rather, they will be sitting on the saddle most of the time. So, a comfortable seat is definitely a priority in this case. Make sure that the saddle is made for a soft cushion for comfort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

BMX is one of the most suitable choices for kids for an entry-level biking experience. There are so many questions about it that need to be answered. Here are a few that we have attempted.

Is it hard to ride a BMX bike? 

Not at all; the matter of fact is that BMX bikes are made as entry-level bikes for kids. So it’s pretty easy to ride a BMX bike.

Is BMX bike good bike for beginner?

Yes, definitely. A BMX beginner bike is one of the simplest and easy-to-ride bikes that is well-suited for beginner riders.

What age is a 21 inch BMX bike for?

A 21-inch affordable bike is going to be suited for most kids who are above the height of 4ft 5inch. As for the age, this should suit kids from 13 to 14 years of age.

What is a good entry-level BMX bike?

There are many entry-level BMX bikes currently on the market. As we have reviewed some, you can tell it from the list. You can choose from the Mongoose L20 to Elit 20-inch for you to be on the safest side.

Why is BMX so expensive?

Although each of these are entry-level durable bike, this type of bike seem to be a bit expensive, especially those that are over the 300-buck with wide range. This is because of the quality and safety they provide.

How to maintain your BMX bike?

To maintain a BMX bike, you need to oil the chain on a regular interval. Make sure you are also oiling the forks and cleaning the high-end bike with a soft cotton cloth every couple of days.

Final Words

It’s quite a challenging task to find the best BMX bikes under 300 bucks only. But we did try our best to make sure you have access to the most high-performing BMX bikes within the reasonable prices.

If you are in a hurry and need one option to pick, you can go for the Mongoose Legion L20 Black version. This one comes with a strong frame of Hi-tensile material, and the fork also comes with the same sturdy material. Moreover, it looks amazing as usual.

Happy riding!

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