10 Best eBike Conversion Kit (In-Depth Guide) in 2023

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Converting the regular bike into an e-bike is no longer a challenge when you have the best ebike conversion kit. And the best part is, that these conversion kits don’t cost as much as buying a new e-bike.

The kit that will be your best pick must include all the latest components without making any hole in your wallet. You must pre-assess whether your kit includes a powerful motor and battery, brake sensors, quality rim, and wheel.

Also, being capable of determining the key components and options in the kit box is important. The reason is that you might find the LCD and Bluetooth in the box and become excited to have it even though it includes a heavy motor, enough to ruin your very first ride.

Taking all these into account, this guide reviews the 10 best e-bike conversion kits available in the market so far. They are the best because each of these kit boxes includes all the best quality accessories without a miss. Let’s check them out.

Is It Better to Buy an Ebike or Convert?

It depends on the purpose of your using bikes. This means, there are situations when it is better to have a new e-bike instead of upgrading your regular one. But most of the time converting your regular bike into an e-bike facilitates you by saving your money.

Converting will be a good idea if you are a casual rider. in other words, if you use the bike only for transportation or to visit the remote places, converting will be a wise preference.

Also, the climate and road condition of the place you are living in the matter here. Upgraded bikes will not be fit for rough and rocky tertian. Again, if you need to carry households things with you and have to ride on a bit of rough road converted e-bike is not for you.

Is It Better to Buy an Ebike or Convert

However, if you are a single rider on a regular smooth pitch road, a converted e-bike is the right choice over a new one. Also, an e-bike is a perfect solution to getting out when you live in a less than ideal climate for biking.

In short, convert when you need a bike just for a ride and going out further distance often. But as you know a converted e-bike will never feel like a real e-bike. So, if there’s no budget issue then having a new one is what we would recommend.

What Are the Best E-bike Conversion Kit?

To ease your purchase, we’ve already collected some of the best e-bike conversion kits nowadays. Let’s take a glance:

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Comparison Chart:

Best eBike Conversion KitBest ForMotor & BatteryMaximum SpeedWeightMotor Position
BAFANG BBS02B 48V 750W Ebike Motor KitEditor's Pick750W 48V40-50 KPH11 lbsMid Crank
EBIKELING Waterproof Ebike Conversion KitUser-Friendly1200W 52V55 KPH12.9 lbsHub Motor
AW Electric Bicycle LCD Display Motor KitPAS Mode1000W 48V45 KPH26 lbsHub Motor
Voilamart Ebike Conversion KitBudget500W 36V25-35 KPH22 lbsHub Motor
CSCbike MTB E-Bike Conversion KitEasier to Convert1000W 48V60 KPH24 lbsHub Motor
BAFANG 48V 500W Front Hub Motor Electric Bike Conversion KitFront Hub500W 48V38-40 KPH17 lbsFront Motor
NBPOWER Electric Bicycle Conversion KitMost Powerful Motor2000W 72VRear Hub Motor
EBIKELING Waterproof Ebike Conversion Kit for Electric Bike 26? Fat FrontRobust Material1200W 52V50-55 KPH23 lbsRear Hub Motor
Best for LCD Display: EZKT Ebike Conversion KitLCD Display1500W 48V40 KPHHub Motor
RICETOO 48V1500W Ebike Conversion KitLoad Capacity1500W 48V45 KPHFront Drive

10 Best e-Bike Conversion Kit In 2022

Have an in-depth idea of how these e-bike conversion kits can change your riding experience.

Best Ebike Conversion Kit

1. Editors’ Pick: BAFANG BBS02B 48V 750W Ebike Motor Kit

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get around, the BAFANG Ebike Conversion Kit is a perfect choice. The kit is compatible with practically any standard bike, as well as most electric bikes. It’s powerful enough to carry you up to 20+ miles per hour on a standard road bike.

BAFANG BBS02B 48V 750W Ebike Motor Kit

An additional feature of this motor is that it replaces the crankset of your bike and transmits power from the rear wheel to the rear wheel through a chain or belt drive.

Reduced Centre of Gravity

The Bafang 750W Mid-Drive Motor provides you with a more evenly balanced low center of gravity than any other motor. It balances the motor weight directly in the middle of the bike in your bike’s bottom bracket. This results in a greater riding experience.

Powerful Motor

The world of electric mountain bikes has been revolutionized by the introduction of the Bafang BBS02 750W mid-motor. Plus, the max speed is 40-50 KM/H and it can easily handle commuting or riding on mountains with 160Nm of torque. The powerful, quiet and perfectly integrated quality is amazing for any rider looking for a good bike to use.

Easy to Convert

Precisely, the Bafang motor mounts in place of your bike and makes it easy to convert your bike into an electric bike. With the installation of this kit, you can now climb hills with ease and pop onto the throttle as you make your way up increasingly steep grades.

Made for All

Bafang BBS02B/BBSHD Mid-drive motor kit is designed to be compatible with any bike with a 68-73mm bottom bracket, including fat bikes, mountain bikes, and road bikes.


The e-bike conversion kit with a battery is made up of a lightweight aluminum alloy rather than the steel that most other drive kits are made of. This results in a weight savings of 5 pounds, which is especially important for those looking to keep their bike’s weight down.

All Accessories Included

The new Bafang motor kit comes with all the accessories you need to convert your bike to an electric one. This kit includes a mid-drive motor, brake lever or brake sensor, thumb throttle, chainring wheel, crank, and LCD.

You can also choose between a battery and charger for this kit (optional). The Bafang motor kit is 48V and 750W and can accommodate bikes with 24″ and 26″ wheels.

Technical Details

  • Suspension: Rear
  • Power: 750W
  • Display: LCD
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Voltage: 48V
  • Motor Position: Mid Crank


  • Included headlight for night safety
  • Compatible with hill roads up to a 40-degree angle
  • Hydraulic brake to stop at a glance
  • Bluetooth functionality with LCD Display
  • Quick installation with double riding mode


  • Presently Bluetooth works only with IOS operating system

Final Verdict

The BAFANG 48V 750W Ebike Motor conversion Kit is a turn-key power solution for transforming your bike into an electric bike. With this kit, no hiccups on installing your bike’s electric engine as it includes everything you need to install the motor into your bike, including all mounting tools. Therefore, our review panel find this one to be the best e-bike conversion kit in 2022.

2. Most User-friendly: E-BIKELING Waterproof E-bike Conversion Kit

An electric bike conversion kit sounds like the perfect way to get in shape while reducing emissions. The E-bikeling Waterproof E-bike Conversion Kit offers you a solution. Now you can convert any pedal bike into an electric one with the help of the E-bike Conversion Kit, which comes with a powerful motorized wheel hub.

EBIKELING Waterproof Ebike Conversion Kit

User Friendly and Easy to Install

The most user-friendly electric bike conversion kit that you have been searching for is finally here! This brushless direct drive hub motor has a 1500W output. This powerful motor will achieve speeds up to 45 km/hr! The kit consists of a wheel, controller, and power cable. It’s easy to install, too – just plug it in!

Two Brake Levers

eBikeling Direct Drive Brushless Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits has two brake levers with safety switches, V-type and Disc brake compatible. This means you can have the brake lever of your choice.

400 Lumen Headlight

Top-of-the-line eBikeling Direct Drive Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits provide you with a fully-featured 400-lumen. Plus, this extremely bright LED display headlight ensures your safety during your nighttime riding experience.

Double Walled Aluminum Rim

The aluminum double-walled wheel and hub motor are pre-installed in the box. Aluminum frames may accommodate the installation of Schrader valves. Yet, this ebike conversion kit does not have a regen brake option. Additionally, the controller’s battery connection is SY60, which is compatible with XT60 connections.

Included all You Need

Ebikeling’s conversion kit will make installation easy for any level of expertise, no matter how old your bike is. Pedal-assist, torque arm, and cable ties are all included, as are the wheel hub motor and controller, as well as the display, throttle, and brake levers.

Versatile LCD Display

Bicyclists are always on the lookout for ways to improve their pedaling experience. This new ebike conversion kit includes an LCD which gives bike owners all the information they need about their bike in one easy glance. In addition to battery %, speed, trip totals, and single-trip duration, power, and PA are all shown on the LCD.


The idea of riding bikes in the rain or snow can be intimidating to some, but with this waterproof ebike conversion kit, riders will never have to worry about getting wet again. These kits are more reliable than regular ebike conversion kits because they are custom manufactured for specific bikes and designed with innovative components that will withstand bad weather.

Technical Details

  • Wheel: 29”
  • Suspension: Rear, Front, Dual
  • Power: 1200W
  • Brakes: Disc, V, Caliper, Cantilever
  • Display: LCD
  • Frame: Aluminum


  • Improved paddling experience
  • It can withstand any type of weather
  • Powerful motorized wheel hub
  • LCD is here to display all the necessary information
  • PAS mode to enjoy the comfortable ride


  • You need to ensure you are selecting the specific variant that you need

Final Verdict

EBIKELING is a new and innovative company that provides a waterproof ebike conversion kit. This kit has been designed to be compatible with any bike frame and can be installed in less than an hour. EBIKELING’s goal is to provide the best possible electric bike conversion kits for an affordable price.

3. Best for PAS Mode: AW Electric Bicycle LCD Display Motor Kit

Buying a rear-wheel e-bike kit can be a daunting task. It’s often hard to find a model that will give you the power and performance you’re looking for. But with this AW brand kit, it’s as easy as 1 2 3. It has everything you need for an easy installation. The 1000W motor will give your bike the boost it needs for those short trips out of town or around the neighborhood.

AW Electric Bicycle LCD Display Motor Kit

Rear Hub Kit

The AW Electric Bicycle conversion kits are completely rear wheel mounted with a rack and pinion drive system. This means that the wheel is able to turn freely, while still being securely attached to the frame.

Plus, the kit replaces the bicycle’s rear hub and includes a motor, battery pack, and controller. It does not add to the weight of the bike.

Extend the Range

The AW Electric Bicycle conversion kit is an alternative option that is both cost-effective and efficient. Riders can install this kit on any bicycle and hook it up to the pedals or directly to the wheel hub for an additional boost in speed. This conversion kit has been proven to extend the range of any bicycle by as much as 70%.

LCD Display

This motorbike conversion kit from the AW brand has LCD Display. Whether you’re commuting to work or just cruising around town, the digital readout on this AW Motor Bike Conversion Kit will tell you everything about your ride that you need to know.

Pedal Assistance System

The conversion kit has a Pedal Assistance System (PAS) that functions as a hub for the bike. Now you can choose to drive solely on throttle mode, or use the pedal assist mode to give you a boost when you need it during climbing the hill.

Dual Controller

AW Electric Bicycle LCD Display Motor Kit is an all-inclusive kit for converting your bike into an electric bicycle. The motor controller operates under hall and no-hall effect to prolong its life.

Fully Customized

AW Electric Bicycle conversion Kit is a fully customized kit that changes out the standard bike hub for an electric hub. A 26 x 1.75-inch wheel, a strengthened 32mm rim, and a 40mm tire are included in this Ebike Conversion Kit. The kit’s top speed of 45kph means you’ll always make it to your destination on time, which is one of its most intriguing features.

Technical Details

  • Wheel: 26”
  • Suspension: Rear, Dual
  • Power: 1000W
  • Voltage: 48V
  • Display: LCD
  • Frame: Aluminum


  • You can have a blast with the speed of 45kph
  • PAS mode to ease up your riding
  • Suitable for a quick ride now and then
  • Robust enough to withstand normal wear and tear
  • 45mm long tire for a stable ride experience


  • Not very Waterproof

Final Verdict

AW Electric Bicycle LCD Display Motor Kit is designed for use on any bike with a rear hub motor. The kit also includes an LCD, controller, battery pack, wire harness, and an emergency cutoff switch.

4. Best Budget: Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit

If you are in the market for an affordable e-bike conversion kit, search no more. The Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit is all you need to get your bike moving again. Simply replace your old rear wheel with the kit and you are ready to go. For less than $300, you can have a quality electric bicycle that will last for years to come.

Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit

Powerful Motor

Voilamart Conversion Kit Ebike is a great way to get outside and stay active, without ever having to worry about how you will get back home. It comes with a 36V 500W brushless gearless motor and speeds of up to 16-22 mph (25-35 km/h). The kit also includes everything you need for conversion: the motor, throttle, charger, and brake control.

Pre-installed Nylon Tire

There are many advantages to owning an electric bike conversion kit, but the Voilamart ebike conversion kit might just be the best for those with limited bike knowledge.

Unlike other models listed here, the Voilamart ebike conversion kit comes with a pre-installed nylon tire, it spares you all the annoyance of self-installation or a trip to the shop. The frame is made of durable steel, but lightweight aluminum alloy keeps this bike light enough to carry with little effort.

LCD Display

Voilamart came out with a brilliant new rear-wheel e-bike conversion kit that converts your bike to an electric bike. The cool thing about this is the LCD screen which shows the battery level and PAS settings. With its adjustable 5 level Pedal Assist system, you’ll be cycling and exercising in no time!

Aluminum alloy controller

Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit has an aluminum alloy controller, which maximizes the current supply. The kit includes a controller with a voltage display, cables, and connectors. It can be used with any bike frame. This is great for people who want to go green or commute to work on their bikes. You will love the powerful features of the controller, especially since it does not need additional energy to power the motorized bike.

Easy to Use

The Voilamart Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit is a two-step process for converting your electric bicycle’s battery to something you can charge. And, the first step is to replace the original controller with the conversion kit and the second step is to install a crank sensor for enhanced function.

This kit is designed by Voilamart to create an affordable, efficient, and unique electric bike conversion kit that will make your bike work like never before.

Technical details

  • Wheel: 26”
  • Suspension: Front, Dual
  • Power: 500W
  • Voltage: 36V
  • Brake: Disk
  • Frame: Aluminum


  • It includes a strong brushless gearless motor
  • This conversion kit comes in a very affordable price range
  • LCD to show every information you need
  • Everything is ready to install
  • You can install it with very limited knowledge


  • There’s a little noise which can be annoying a lonesome road

Final Verdict

For the discriminating bicyclist who doesn’t want to spend a fortune, Voilamart has introduced a new rear-wheel electric bike conversion kit that brings the best features and highest quality at an attractive price point.

5. Easier to Convert: CSCbike MTB E-Bike Conversion Kit

CSCbike is an e-bike conversion kit designed to allow your traditional mountain bikes to convert their bikes so they can be powered electrically. The kit includes a battery, motor, and controller that can be mounted to the rear or front of the bike. The kit comes with all the necessary hardware for installation.

CSCbike MTB E-Bike Conversion Kit

Easy convert

The CSCbike MTB E-Bike Conversion Kit is the perfect way to transform your current mountain bike into an electric-powered bicycle. This vibrant kit includes an LCD meter controller, PAS brake lever throttle, adjustable torque engine, and a 15Ah rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery for a total of 36v. The kit can be installed in just under an hour and on any mountain bike that has the holy wrench mounting system.


CSCbike MTB E-Bike Conversion Kit comes with an SW900 LCD to show battery power, time, speed, mileage, and gears. With a display that displays all necessary information in one place, this conversion kit for your bicycle is the perfect way to get more out of your ride.

You will be able to store your settings on the controller so you can easily change them after you’ve charged the battery.

Pedal assistance system (PAS)

The CSCbike MTB E-Bike Conversion Kit has a pedal assistance system (PAS) that enables you to ride effortlessly and enjoy cycling while driving an electric bike. Designed for mountain bikes, the conversion kit can be installed on your regular bike frame using quick-release levers and straps.

You can install it on any type of bicycle up to 26 inches and with a vertical clearance of at least 20 inches (e.g., most adult mountain bikes).

DC Hub Motor

CSCbike is an electric bike conversion kit that has a high-quality brushless DC hub motor, which meets different requirements on maximum speed. The CSCbike boasts a wide range of benefits including agility, power, and durability to name a few. With the CSCbike conversion kit, you are able to have more control over the speed of your electric bike. This will allow you to match the experience you desire with your electric bike.

Technical Details

  • Wheel: 26”
  • Suspension: Rear
  • Power: 1000W
  • Voltage: 48/36V
  • Brake: Disk
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Display: LCD


  • Suitable for all types especially mountain bike
  • Heavy-duty brushless motor for a durable ride
  • Speed throttle system for comfortable hill climb
  • PAS system to enjoy the ride
  • LCD Display with all information you need


  • The spoke feels a little bit flimsy and May broke with heavy-duty use.

Final Verdict

The CSCbike MTB E-Bike Conversion Kit is an excellent way for riders to extend their range, reduce the number of gears they need to carry and increase their enjoyment on the trail. If you are not familiar with bike mechanics, you will need assistance from the customer care center to install this kit.

6. Best for Front Hub: BAFANG 48V 500W Front Hub Motor Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Bafang 48V 500W front hub motor electric bike conversion kit is a set of components that you can fold onto any bicycle to transform it into an electric bike. The kit includes a thick-walled aluminum alloy rim with double-wall braking surfaces, the Bafang motor, and a controller.

BAFANG 48V 500W Front Hub Motor Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Two Driving Mode

If you are tired of not being able to go up hills without getting too tired, then the BAFANG 48V 500W e-bike conversion kit is perfect for you. It includes two different models: pedal-assisted and electric bike.

Safe with the Use of Brake Levers

Plus, converting your bike into an electric bike can be done in less than an hour with very little expense!

The power supply to the motor can be cut off safely by the use of the brake levers on the ebike. Moreover, the Brake Levers are what cuts off the power supply to the motor when they are pushed, making this an easy way to control speed and acceleration.

Thumb Throttle

The BAFANG 500W ebike conversion kit is a great way to convert your bicycle into a powerful electric bike. It has a thumb throttle which is better for riders who have sensitive fingers, and it’s also easier to pedal because the motor assists in pedaling.

Plus, the kit also includes lights so you can ride safely at night. It’s easy to install with the help of an instructional video on their website.

Comes with Instruction Video

Now you can convert your pedal bike into a motorized bike with the BAFANG 48V 500W Front Hub Motor Electric Bike Conversion Kit.

This kit will take about an hour to install. It comes with an installation video and manual. It also is available in Two Riding Modes: Pedal Assist Mode and Throttle Mode which are best for hilly terrain.

Motor Provides Perfect amount of Power

Several motor choices come with the Bafang front-drive system, which is compatible with disc brakes. The 500W motor provides just the right amount of power for most riders and their bikes and will increase riding comfort by strengthening your bike’s braking power. This powerful and efficient motor is a great choice for anyone looking to improve the performance of their bike.

Technical Details

  • Wheel: 26”
  • Suspension: Front
  • Power: 500W
  • Voltage: 48V
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Display: LCD
  • Light: LED


  • Double riding mode for a comfortable experience
  • Convert old bikes easily with the quick installation process
  • Stable and robust driving system
  • Suitable for long route
  • Efficient to withstand normal wear and tear


  • Instructions are quite vague to understand without prior knowledge

Final Verdict

The BAFANG 48V 500W Front Hub Motor Electric Bike Conversion Kit is super cost-efficient and comes at an affordable price. The kit has high-quality components, which will work with most bicycles. It is also easy to install on your bike, so riding your bike will never be the same!

7. Most Powerful Motor: NBPOWER Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

The NBPOWER Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit is a discreet and cost-effective solution for converting a traditional bicycle to an electric bicycle. For $300, you can convert your bike into a fully functional electric bike with no installation required. The conversion kit comes with all you need to get started including the battery, charger, and speed controller.

NBPOWER Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

Controller & 7 Speed Flywheel

NBPOWER includes a conversion kit for e-bikes with features of a flywheel, controller, and motor. The flywheel provides variable resistance and can engage speeds up to 40 mph. The controller is a sine wave motor that can engage with up to 275 pounds.

Double-Wall Alloy Rims

The NBPOWER ebike conversion kit is a new solution on the market. They have Sun Ringle MTX33/39 double-wall alloy rims which are quite robust and build to last. This makes the bike conversion heavier than most e-bikes but will also last longer, which is a worthwhile tradeoff for many people.

Powerful Motor

The kit includes the power pack, battery, controller, throttle, pedal-assist sensor, and a very powerful 2000W Rear Wheel Motor. This kit also comes in two styles: single-speed and three-speed. This kit is made for each rider to have unique bicycles that are personalized just for them!


These kits are affordable enough to convert almost any bike into an electric bike. With conversion kits being so cheap, many benefits can be acquired by using this product including lower emissions and cleaner air, as well as less noise pollution. The NBPOWER electric bicycle conversion kit can transform your ordinary bike into an environmentally friendly and economical way of transportation.

Comes with everything you need

NBPOWER Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits are designed to convert gas-powered bicycles into electric bicycles. These kits come with a 2000W rear wheel motor, 36V battery pack, and controller which will allow you to start pedaling without the throttle on any type of bicycle. This conversion kit comes with everything that you need for installation except for the electric bicycle.

Easy to Install

The NBPOWER Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit is extremely easy to install and can be installed in approximately 30 minutes. Did you know that the kit can be installed on any bike? This kit only requires the user to remove the rear wheel, remove or disconnect the gear cable attachment, mount the attachment bracket, reinstall the wheel with the kit, then connect the controller system to the battery mounted on top of it.

Technical Information

  • Wheel: 29”
  • Suspension: Rear
  • Power: 2000W
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Speed: 7
  • Display: LCD


  • Robust rear hub motor for ultimate speed
  • 7 gear for a comfortable ride
  • Multifunctional display
  • Just 30 minutes installation process
  • Personalized and made your bike unique


  • There are some complaints about the faulty controller

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for an affordable yet the best ebike conversion kit to convert your bike into an electric bike, then NBPOWER Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit is the way to go. This conversion kit has top-notch materials that are durable and easy to install on any bike.

8. Best for Robust Material: EBIKELING Waterproof Ebike Conversion Kit for Electric Bike 26″ Fat Front

What if you don’t want to buy a new ebike or can’t afford one? You can convert your regular bicycle into an electric bike with the Ebikeling Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit! This Conversion Kit is a perfect solution for those who want to convert their electric bike into a waterproof ebike with an affordable price range.

EBIKELING Waterproof Ebike Conversion Kit for Electric Bike 26″ Fat Front

Hybrid ebike

Tired of your electric bike’s battery running out of charge? The EBIKELING Waterproof Ebike Conversion Kit allows you to convert your electric bike into a hybrid ebike with an onboard water-resistant battery that lasts 20+ miles. This kit includes an aluminum double-walled rim and hub motor already attached, which makes installation quick and easy.

Aluminum Double-Walled Rim and Hub Motor

EBIKELING is a company that specializes in converting your current bike into an electric bike. This conversion kit is easy to install, just transfer the old wheel off of the bike and attach the new wheel with an aluminum double-walled rim and hub motor already attached to it. The EBIKELING Waterproof Ebike Conversion Kit for Electric Bike 26″ Fat Front is perfect for those looking to increase their speed.

Amazing Brakes with 7 Speed Freewheel

EBIKELING has just released a new waterproof biking conversion kit that includes a 7-speed freewheel. This kit also comes with brakes installed on the handlebars, so you will have instant braking capabilities.

LCD, PAS, and Waterproof

One of the best features of this ebike conversion kit is that it allows an LCD for showing speed, and a pedal-assist sensor (PAS) to ride without using the throttle. Plus, it is a waterproof kit that allows you to rule any weather.

1T4 Harness & Torque Arm Set

This kit includes 1T4 Harness and Motor Cable. The harness mounts to the rear of the seat post with a rubber grommet, so it is water-resistant and will not damage your frame or seat post. It also includes a Torque Arm Set that prevents twisting of the frame.

Easy to Install

The EBIKELING Waterproof Ebike Conversion Kit is a way for any person to convert their current bike into a fully functioning ebike. Included in the kit are two wire harnesses, an electronic speed controller, a battery charger, and all the wires necessary to make this conversion. The kit is designed to be compatible with any bicycle up to 26 inches in width.

Technical Information

  • Wheel: 26”
  • Suspension: Rear, front, dual
  • Power: 1200W
  • Frame: Aluminum, Carbon Steel
  • Brake: Disc, V, Caliper, Cantilever
  • Display: LCD


  • Ready to install
  • A robust frame that builds to last
  • LCD shows all the necessary information
  • Paddle assistant Mode enabled
  • Powerful and suitable for hill climb


  • The controller got some issues and can be faulty sometimes

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to enjoy cycling while also reducing your carbon footprint, look no further than the EBIKELING Waterproof Ebike Conversion Kit. This kit will fit any type of bicycle, transforming it into an electric bike that requires only 1-2 hours to install.

9. Best for LCD Display: EZKT Ebike Conversion Kit

For those who have a bike collecting dust in their garage, the Ebike Conversion Kit is an excellent way to turn it into a powerful e-bike. The kit includes a motor, controller, and battery to power the bike up hills and over large obstacles with minimal effort. It’s perfect for riders looking for a little extra help on their next ride.

EZKT Ebike Conversion Kit

1500W brushless geared motor

EZKT Ebike Conversion Kit is a new and innovative conversion kit that provides the rider with a near-effortless biking experience. The 48V1500W brushless geared motor is powerful and efficient, which improves riding comfort. It also includes a USB port for charging your phone while you ride, as well as LED lighting for safety.

Stainless steel spokes & Double Walled Rim

With the EZKT Ebike Conversion Kit, you can convert almost any bike to run on electricity. Stainless steel spokes and a Double wall aluminum alloy rim are included in the set. In addition to being able to convert BMX, road, and mountain bikes, it also works with other 20-inch wheelsets.

Smart Sensor

The EZKT Ebike Conversion Kit is a fantastic combination of sensor technology and a smart pedal assistant system, which helps you to ride your bike with ease. It works in the background with 110% efficiency.

Install with basic DIY skills

The EZKT Ebike Conversion Kit was designed to make it easy for anyone with basic DIY skills to convert their bicycle into an electric bike. The kit includes everything needed to turn your bike into an ebike, including hub motors, throttle, controller, wiring harnesses, and necessary brackets.

Convenient and User-Friendly

The EZKT Ebike Conversion Kit is a convenient and affordable option for bike enthusiasts looking to add a new level of convenience and comfort when biking. In addition, the conversion kit comes with various tools that allow for quick installation. Bike enthusiasts can enjoy an improved ride without having to sacrifice size or style when upgrading their bikes with the EZKT Ebike Conversion Kit.

LCD Display

Kit contains a touch screen display with speed, total and single trip distance, power, PAS levels, and possible fault codes for troubleshooting. You’ll also get an instruction book to help you set it up.

Technical Features

  • Wheel: 26”
  • Suspension: Rear
  • Battery: 48V
  • Power: 1500W
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Brake: Disc
  • Display: KT-LCD3


  • Robust aluminum frame
  • 1-hour installation process
  • Two riding mode
  • Perfect for regular commuters
  • Powerful 1500W brushless motor


  • Sometimes throttle cannot drive the motor

Final Verdict

The Ezkt Ebike Conversion Kit is a convenient and affordable way to convert most bicycles into electric-powered bicycles without having to buy a whole new bike. This kit includes everything you need to mount the motor, charge the battery, and install the control box on your handlebars.

10. Best for Load Capacity: RICETOO 48V1500W Ebike Conversion Kit

RiceToo 48V1500W Ebike Conversion Kit is a high-power conversion kit that can be used to convert almost any standard bicycle into an electric bike. It also comes with a charger and a cable for charging the battery on the go.

RICETOO 48V1500W Ebike Conversion Kit

Thumb Throttle and Power Cut off Brake

Oftentimes, e-bikes are great for commuting or traveling around the city. However, some people may have trouble mounting an ebike on a bicycle rack. This is where Ricetoo’s 48V 1500W Ebike Conversion Kit comes in handy. It has a thumb throttle that makes it easy to accelerate and a power cut-off brake lever that can give you a safer ride.

PAS Sensor and KT-LCD3 Display

Ricetoo 48V1500W Ebike Conversion Kit is one of the most popular conversion kits on the market. It has a PAS sensor for a comfortable ride, and also comes with KT-LCD3 Display to see all necessary information. This heavy-duty kit is designed for off-road use and can conquer any terrain.

Easy Installation with Instruction Guide

The RICETOO Ebike Conversion Kit provides a way to convert your old bike into an electric bike within 1-2 hours from the comfort of your home. The kit includes a controller box and installation instructions for you to follow, so you can get started quickly.


If you are looking for a way to get on your bike and not worry about the weather, you need to get a Ricetoo 48V1500W Ebike Conversion Kit. This kit is perfect for any Bike with a 48-volt system since it features whole waterproof cables and connectors, is easily installable, and looks beautiful without messy cables.

The battery is set up in the frame of the bike so that you don’t have to worry about carrying your heavy battery with you everywhere.

Heavy-Duty Components

The Ricetoo 48V1500W Ebike Conversion Kit comes with a 3.48V 500W powerful brushless gear motor that promises a maximum speed of 32km/h and the maximum load capacity of electric bicycles is 150-200 kg.

Plus, the motor can be mounted on most of the frames, it has a housing of high-quality aluminum alloy that ensures safe use in all conditions, which is perfect for use when it’s raining or foggy.

Technical Features

  • Wheel: 26”
  • Suspension: front
  • Voltage: 48V
  • Power: 1500W
  • Brake: LinerPaul, Disc
  • Display: LCD


  • Easy and quick
  • Powerful motor
  • Included instruction
  • Top-notch aluminum allow
  • Safe and secure with high endurance
  • Use in any type of weather


  • It’s hard to solve LCD error code
  • The customer care could be better

Final Verdict

The kit is great for those who have been interested in an electric bike but have been put off by the high cost of a new one, as it may take some time to save up enough money for a new one.

How Do I Choose an Ebike Conversion Kit? [Buying Guide]

E-bikes are the perfect way to go for those looking to get around town without it being too strenuous. If you are looking at purchasing an electric bike, but don’t want to buy a whole new bike, you can purchase an E-bike conversion kit.

How Do I Choose an Ebike Conversion Kit

But choosing a perfect one from all those brands can be daunting, this buying guide will tell you what to consider while buying an ebike conversion kit.

Type of Conversion kit you need to consider

Before we go to detailed factors, have a brief overview of the types of conversion kits.

Front Hub

The most frequent and dependable electric conversion kit for riders is the front hub kit. Most affordable and simplest to install and maintain, front hub motors are one of the most effective methods to turn a bicycle into an electric bicycle.

This type of kit is also more easily hidden from view on a bike due to the location of the motor being at the front wheel rather than on top of the rear wheel where it can be more easily seen.

Rear Hub Motors

Powerful and reliable, a rear hub motor can be a great addition to your bike. But the small size of the motor might make it difficult for some people to fit it in their frame, and installing one requires more knowledge than regular brakes.

Rear hub motors are significantly cheaper than most other e-bike motors, so if you’re looking to save money, this is a good option.

Mid-Drive Motors

Mid-drive motors provide a unique and powerful experience, as they give you the ability to use a lower gear and still travel at a high speed on flats and hills. This adds more power and torque to your peddling ability.

The downside? They are more expensive than traditional hub motors, which make up for their lack of cost with simplicity.

Let’s take a look at the features you should consider when buying a conversion kit. Make sure you focus on all crucial factors.

The Power You Need

When converting a bicycle to an electric bike, it is important to consider the power that you will need for your conversion kit. There are two figures that you should consider: watts and newton meters of torque. When purchasing a kit, it is important to know what this figure will be before you purchase the kit. If you plan on going fast while riding your bicycle, then you will need a lot of power.


Are you interested in electrifying your bicycle? There is a variety of kits and battery options to choose from. Some of the conversion kits come with a battery and offer many different battery options, but some don’t.


Regardless of whether or not the kit comes with a battery, you need to decide which one will suit your needs. Your decision will depend on how much power you need, how long of a range you want, and how many platforms your ride is available on. Plus, go for a bike kit that has some type of mechanism that prevents overcharging. Leaving your battery plugged in overnight will eventually result in a performance drop.

Ebike Sensors

In electric bikes, cadence and torque sensors are the two most common kinds. A crankset sensor houses the cadence sensors, which measure the rate at which the pedals move.

As you go faster on your bike, the sensors will put out more power, and as you go slower, the sensors will put out less power. Yet, power production from your muscles is measured by torque sensors rather than speed.


Before buying an e-bike kit, you need to make sure it’s compatible with your bicycle. If you’re buying a front or rear hub motor, make sure the dropouts are wide enough to accept the electric motor and that the frame is rigid enough to support it. The frame needs to have a good, clean welded joint in it to be strong enough for an e-bike.

Whether It Is Legal in Your State

In a world of ever-changing regulations, it’s important to know what is and isn’t legal before you break the law. States have been slow to catch up with the e-bike trend, and at least six states require a license to operate an e-bike.


The best brands to consider when buying an e-bike conversion kit are those that offer both quality and affordability. For instance, the Ancheer brand offers a variety of models that range in price from $400-$2500. This gives you the option to find the perfect bike for your needs.

The most affordable models feature an electric motor on the front wheel, whereas more expensive models have a motor on each wheel.

Electric bike conversion kits can be a great investment. These kits include everything needed for the installation and will help keep your bike bicycle running smoothly.

Depending on what type of bike you have, there are many different brands to choose from to find the perfect kit for you! Brands that we recommend are listed in our top 10 product compilation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding ebike conversion kits.

Are ebike conversion kits safe?

Electric bikes are versatile, eco-friendly, and can be an affordable way to get around. But what about the safety concerns? Some argue that electric conversion kits or “e-bikes” are unsafe because they are motorized. However, electric conversions are quite safe.

However, you need to wear some safety kits like elbow pads, helmets, knee pads, etc. cause it’s better to be safe and secure.

What is contained in an e-bike kit?

If you’ve been considering a move to an electric bike but don’t know where to start, a conversion kit may be the way to go. Converting a regular bike to an electric is a relatively easy process and it all begins with a conversion kit. As it includes everything you need to convert a regular bike into an ebike. It includes the controller, throttle, motor, battery pack, charger, connectors, and many more.

Do eBike conversion kits come with a battery?

Some electric bike conversion kits come with a battery and some of them don’t. This means that you will need to purchase the battery separately if the kit doesn’t include it. However, whether you need a battery or not depends on the power you want or the area you want to ride.

How much does it cost to convert your bike to electric?

Between $300 to $600 is the typical price range for an electric bike conversion kit. Even while you may get a basic kit for less, you can also get top-of-the-line equipment for considerably less. Keep in mind that the prices shown above are for high-quality conversion kits that are of excellent value.

Final Word

Ebikes can be a great way to make biking more enjoyable and even more of an activity. The best ebike conversion kit, like the one we’ve reviewed today, can help you upgrade your bike and make it more efficient. With electric assistance, even those with little fitness levels will be able to join in the fun. These conversion kits are easy to install and are very affordable.

So, which is the best ebike conversion kit according to our review team?

The BAFANG Ebike Conversion Kit is ideal for those who want to do the installation themselves but lack more advanced skills. In addition, the 750W motor on this model is surprisingly inexpensive.

This conversion kit may be added to just about any ordinary bicycle. For charging the battery while you’re on the road, it comes with a charger and a charging cord. With a sturdy aluminum frame and a well-lit LCD, this conversion kit should be your choice for hassle-free conversion. The 48V battery of this kit will give your bike a competitive range

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