Can an Electric Bike Go Up Steep Hills? [We’ll Explore 2023]

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Cycling is a recent recreational activity trending for both adults and children. The fun, convenience, and speed that come with cycling an electric bike make it ideal for commuting, especially in hilly areas.

For people living in hilly areas, climbing up or going down a steep hill can be challenging, and it has stirred one major question in the mind of many electric bike enthusiasts is ‘Can an electric bike go up steep hills?’. Let’s explore the basics before we revisit this question.

Electric bikes are renowned with bikers, kids, and adults alike, they have been sold 15X faster than regular bicycles world over. You must wonder what makes them remarkably special, the unique features of the E-bike have finally convinced peddlers to kiss the hectic and sweaty effort of regular cycling bikes, goodbye!

The availability of electrified bikes for steep hills means that it is possible to climb a hill with an e-bike. With a suitable electrified e-bike, you can safely climb hills without fear.

E-bikes promise good exercise without not as much effort and stress as regular bikes. They have levels of pedal assist that allow you to ride with great exercise in view and at a faster pace without you being subsumed in sweat upon reaching your destination. Hence, you can burn some calories, cover-up for your tardiness, and have fun riding all at once.

Can An Electric Bike Go Up Steep Hills?

It is undeniable that this question is a result of their wide acceptability. Since E-bikes have proven to be loved the world over. Users have become curious whether their abilities extend past low lands. If you desire answers about if e-bikes can climb up steep hills, read on!

Can An Electric Bike Go Up Steep Hills

Absolutely! E-bikes possess the capability to take you up steep hills if you so wish- is the fastest and more straightforward answer to that question. For the sake of elaboration, E-bikes are equipped, unlike regular bikes, for commuting and pleasurable rides wherever you wish, even steep hills.

Now, this is super favorable to mountain bikers and for dwellers in hilly regions. You do not have to think of how much breath you’ll be catching after you’ve ridden up a hill or the effort you must put in going up. E-bikes offer a stress-free cycling experience

However, you should know that some factors influence the ability of your E-bike to ride you up the steepest hills. The size of your bike, the motors, the distance of your travel, and some other factors will determine how much of a steep hill your bike can handle. Let’s look at some of these factors.

What Factors Affect The Ability Of An E-Bike To Go Up Steep Hills?

Before you begin your journey up the mountain, it is fundamental that you know the factors that affect the ability of Electric bikes for steep hills to go up steep hills. This knowledge helps you measure how much you should be using your bikes and whether they are powered enough to go up a hill.

Of course, E-bikes have been equipped with fantastic features that make them outstand other bikes. But asides from supplying extra pedaling powers, there are specific options that determine their performance on a steep hill.

Ability Of An E-Bike To Go Up Steep Hills

Motor Types

E-bikes use battery-powered motors, which are of two kinds. One is the Hub motor, and the other is the mid-drive motor

Hub motor: the hub motor drive is an excellent choice if you desire to ride on plain land or light steep hills. Hub motors are, in fact, the most common type of drive and are relatively easy to install. But, here’s one thing, they are not very efficient in climbing hills.

They are installed into either the front or rear wheel of the bicycle. Hence, Hub motors do not provide enough balance nor power to go up steep hills. For people seeking stress-free rides, a hub motor isn’t an ideal choice.

Mid-drive motor: they are the excellent motor type for steep hills. They are fixed in the middle of the bike’s frame- where the paddle crank fits. They engage with the primary drive chain of the bike. Their location allows excellent balance and quick power delivery. They also offer the best torques for moving weightier loads.

While a hub motor can offer power up to 250w for your bike, efficient mid-drive motors are capable of supplying up to 1500w. Needless to say, they are the perfect motor drives to use with Electrified bikes for steep hills. Although they may be complicated to install, you can tell that they are worth the stress.

The distance of your travel

luckily, we rarely have steep hills of up to 30-35%. But can an electric bike go up that steep hill? Well, that depends, as we have said on the motor drive you’re getting. This is why it is notable you know the ability of your E-bike and how much of a steep it can climb.


Meanwhile, more than motor assistance, you must have enough batteries to pedal up hills. Your battery life will definitely drain more while climbing up. So make sure you have a big battery before riding.


if you’re anything above 275 lbs, you shouldn’t be pedaling a 250Watts motor. Your weight is fundamental to your speed as well as your ease in climbing up a steep hill. If you’re above 275 lbs, then you should use a 500 watts motor and above.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How much should you expect to spend on such an E-bike?

There are various electric bikes company, and you should expect to have a range of prices, depending on what you want. Nevertheless, generally, an E-bike that is below $1000 is considered below quality. They range from $1000 to $8000, based on your preferences. Their motors and batteries add to their costs.

An example of a good E-bike is the ENGWE Electric Bike 500-watt Motor. It is a good choice for daily commuters and can go up to 22mph.

An FLX trail is also one of the best E-bikes for steep hills. It can go up to 20 – 35mph and has excellent torque.

They are countless choices; you have to pick the one that fulfills most of your biking dreams.

How fast should you expect to go up steep hills?

The average speed of an E-bike up a steep hill is between 18mph to 25mph, while a regular bike will pedal with much effort at around four mph.

Do electric bikes make hills faster?

They require not much effort from the rider at a reasonably higher speed than regular bikes. So, yes, they make climbing hills faster.

Can a 500W E-bike climb a hill?

Yes! A 500watt E-bike can absolutely go up steep hills. Although, the level of your motor power determines how high you’ll be going and at what speed. A 500 Watt E-bike should definitely satisfy your ride desires.

Final Thoughts

With an electrified bike for steep hills, the only limit to climbing the steepest hill is your supply of power and considering other relevant factors. This, to a large extent, ensures that you’re having a stress and effort-free ride. Now that you know that an electric bike can go up on steep hills, you can start your pleasurable ride up the hills with the best E-bike choice.

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