10 Best Helmet For Electric Bike In 2023 (Be Safe With Style)

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Protect your head and then paddle your bike. A helmet is a much-needed safety gadget for e-bike riders. An electric bike runs with rechargeable battery power at 20mph to 40mph maximum speed. So, don’t avoid wearing a helmet to have a safe ride.

Moreover, you have to obey the state traffic rules and regulations for e-Bikes’ safety measures. Every state discourages riding an electric bike without wearing a helmet. So purchasing a helmet must be simultaneous to an electric cruiser bike.

Now, what are the best helmets for electric bikes in the market? And how can you have a worthy investment at all?

Don’t hesitate to be with us. We have researched the market and listed the best electric bike helmets for you.

So, have a few minutes and go through the reviews to make the right choice. Read more and learn more!

Do You Need A Helmet For An e-Bike?

Electric bikes have added a new dimension to our daily commuting. People love electric bikes worldwide, from city commuting to nature adventuring. The latest biking technology has eased our busiest life. However, it has increased safety concerns for the riders too.

The crucial question is, do you need a helmet for an electric bike? Let’s learn how important a helmet is for an e-bike rider.

Do You Need A Helmet For An e-Bike

Protecting Head From Hazard

Unlike casual bikers, electric bike riders move around 20mph to 40mph. A kinetic riding may result in fatal accidents anytime. Therefore, the safety concern is a crucial issue with an e-Bike. You have to take necessary steps to avoid unexpected incidents.

A helmet is a much-needed gear to protect the head from sudden injuries. And it can even save the riders from unavoidable death. So, keep in mind that the helmet is not only for fashion but also for life. Never fall into risky riding, having your head out of a helmet.

Promoting Visibility On Street

Visibility is an important issue for e-bike riders in heavy traffic. You should take precautionary measures to make you more visible to other drivers and pedestrians. Otherwise, you can face a bitter experience of unpleasant strikes.

A colorful helmet makes you visible to distant drivers. Moreover, you can add reflective tape to the front and back of your helmet to be more visible on your way. It is a great idea to promote street visibility indeed.

Abiding By Street Law

When state traffic law is an issue, e-bike riders must wear a helmet to ride on highways or city streets. You have to respect the local laws to avoid any unwanted experience. And you must take care of yourself and fellow riders on the street.

Most states and cities encourage e-bikers to wear helmets for safety purposes. So, don’t try to be an indifferent citizen at all.

Be Stylish on Street

A bright colored helmet is good not only for safety but also for smart looking. You may have a decent look with your official or casual dress code along with a helmet. Therefore, you will be confident in your daily riding.

However, the safety is over style. Never consider a helmet as attire over safety gear.

Awareness Issue

If you wear a helmet in your daily commuting, it will add an awareness value to others. Unfortunately, most e-Bike riders are still indifferent to putting their heads in a helmet. Therefore, it causes serious safety concerns.

You can set an example among adult and younger riders to make them safe with a helmet. So, why is your next ride not with a helmet?

What Are The Best Helmets For Electric Bikes?

When safety is first, an e-bike helmet protects you from unwelcoming accidental injuries. However, purchasing a good quality is a concern to most e-bike riders. Therefore, we have pointed here the ten best helmets for electric bikes. Let’s have a quick click on the best e-bike helmets.

Table of Contents:

You cannot avoid wearing a safety helmet while riding your favorite e-bike on city streets. It saves your life from accidental injuries and even death. Unlike regular bicycles, the electric bike lets you move faster. So, make you safer on your electric bike, putting your head in a helmet.

Comparison Chart:
A comparison chart can be a right way to appraise over different products. We want to make you confident in your every purchase. So, let’s compare the best helmets for electric bikes.

Helmet For Electric Bike Best forMaterialWeightVisibilityFit System
Thousand Adult Bike HelmetBeautyPolycarbonate/Polystyrene1.32lbs30 lumen USB taillightsAdjustable Dial Fit System
Lumos Ultra Smart HelmetEditor PickPolycarbonate/Polystyrene.90lbs360-degree bright LED lightsAdjustable Dial Fit System
Smart4u SH50U Smart Bike HelmetComfortPolycarbonate/Polystyrene.80lbs500 lumen rear LED lightsAdjustable Dial Fit System
BELL Sixer MIPS Adult Mountain Bike HelmetVentilationPolycarbonate/Polystyrene1lbsDistant visibilityAdjustable Dial Fit System
Giro Vasona MIPS Women Recreational Cycling HelmetWomenPolycarbonate/Polystyrene.60lbsAll around visibilityAdjustable Dial Fit System
Smith Optics Express MIPS MTB Cycling HelmetDesignPolycarbonate/Polystyrene.50lbsPop-in rear lightAdjustable Dial Fit System
GTSBROS Bike HelmetStiffnessPolycarbonate/Polystyrene.85lbsUSB rechargeable taillightsAdjustable Dial Fit System
Overade Plixi Fit Foldable Bicycle HelmetFoldingPolycarbonate/Polystyrene.97lbsReflective visibilityAdjustable Dial Fit System
Sena R1 Smart Communications HelmetAdventuringPolycarbonate/Polystyrene2.1lbsPerfect visibilityAdjustable Dial Fit System
Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified MIPS Bike HelmetSafetyABS1lbsFar visibilityAdjustable Dial Fit System

10 Best Helmets For Electric Bike  – Pick The Perfect One!

We have reviewed the top ten helmets for electric bikes in the review. You can find here your desired helmet for the next rides. We hope that the review will lead you to the right choice among a plenty of items. So, let’s have a look!

Best Helmets For Electric Bike

1. Thousand Adult Bike Helmet – Best For Beauty

Thousand thrives on offering e-bikers the best-quality helmets with the latest technology. The adult bike helmet manufacturer is famous for its chapter collection with mountain and road helmets. Let’s look at the features of the finest adult helmet bike.

Thousand Adult Bike Helmet

  • Integrated MIPS technology: The manufacturer has modified the safety level with an integrated MIPS technology. The safety-certified helmet has an extra layer of protection to prevent traumatic brain injury. Therefore, you remain concussion-free from cycling, skateboarding, and skating.
  • Multi-use magnetic light: The thousand adult helmet has a 30 lumen USB rechargeable taillight for safer riding on dark or foggy streets. The magnetically attached light turns on automatically for the smoothest riding. The multi-use adapter glares at the helmet for distant visibility.
  • Premium elevated visors: The helmet comes through an elevated finishing to reduce glaring and increase vision. The hand-painted tortoiseshell looks eye-catching. And the matte black finishing makes the helmet fascinating with a metallic rose gold touch.
  • Secret pop U-lock: Thousand has equipped the helmet with a secret pop-lock system. You can approach the hidden channel behind the logo to lock the helmet. It is the most convenient way to leave the helmet behind. Moreover, the pop-lock system offers you an anti-lock guarantee.
  • Active airflow: The e-bike helmet has 8 strategic vents to ensure adequate airflow inside. The active ventilation system keeps your head cool and dry for hours. Therefore, you get no irritating rashes in your head. The interior cooling channels are always active to capture or pass air through the helmet.
  • Easily adjustable: The helmet is easily adjustable with any head size by an integrated dial fit system. It confirms comfortable fitting with heads of any measurement. The helmet fits well with small, medium, and large heads through clockwise and counterclockwise settings. You can dial clockwise to tighten and counterclockwise to loosen the helmet for perfect fitting.

Technical Information

  • Type: Adult helmet
  • Dimensions: 13x10x7-inches (LxWxH)
  • Taillight: 30 lumen USB rechargeable
  • Ventilation: 8-strategic vents
  • Pop-lock: Anti-theft
  • Dial: Clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Best use: Cycling
What do we like?
  • Extra layer protection
  • Multi-use magnetic rechargeable taillight
  • Well-polished premium visors
  • Hand-painted tortoiseshell
  • Anti-theft pop-up lock
  • Adequate airflow with active ventilation
  • Adjustable dial for comfortable fitting
  • Free accidental replacement
What should improve?
  • Rigid return policy


The helmet itself comes with many safety features for electric bikes. It is an easily adjustable helmet for maximum comfortable wearing. The MIPS-certified helmet can be a great choice for e-bikers indeed.

2. Lumos Ultra Smart Helmet – Editor’s Choice

Lumos has brought the e-bike helmets to the next level with innovative designs and features. Unlike traditional helmets, the Lumos helmets perform more than just protecting your head. The Lumos ultra-smart adult bike helmet helps you all the ways to have a heavenly journey. Let’s learn more about the helmet.

 Lumos Ultra Smart Bike Helmet

  • MIPS safety design: The manufacturer has assured 100% safety with the MIPS clever safety design. The multi-directional impact protection system confirms full-head protection. And it lets the helmet absorb the rotational impact force to make the ride more comfortable.
  • degree visibility: Lumos has added an extra safety layer with front, and rear bright LED lights. Therefore, you get 360-degree visibility to vehicles and pedestrians. The all-angle visibility presents you to all drivers from all corners. So, you feel confident to commute at night or on a foggy morning.
  • True turning: The ultra-smart helmet makes you predictable to traffic for your true turning. The turn signals show in which directions you are turning. The wireless handlebar-mounted remote can control the left or right-turning LED lights. Therefore, the bright LED lights let you make a safer turn all the way.
  • Automatic braking lights: The superb-featured helmet unlocks all safety features for the finest rides. It has automated braking lights to eliminate rear collisions during sudden stopping. You can let your following drivers understand you are approaching a hard stop. It works well when the issue is life and death on the streets.
  • Extended battery life: Lumos has empowered the smart electric helmet with extended battery life. The 3.7V 1100mAh lithium-polymer rechargeable battery is convenient to full-charge within 3 hours. The helmet power can last up to 10 hours per charge with battery life-extending modes.
  • Ultra fit guide: The ultra-smart e-bike helmet has an easily adjustable retention system for comfortable fitting. It fits well with the heads of any measurement with an adjustable dial fit system. You can dial the guide at your comfort level to have a perfect fit.
  • Ultra smart features: Lumos R&D team has filled the helmet with all ultra-smart features. You can customize your helmet brightness and track rides from your smartphone. Moreover, the Bluetooth helmet has an apple watch, apple health, and synchronizing features. The intelligent features flourish smiles on your every ride.

Technical Information

  • Type: Ultra smart adult helmet
  • Dimensions: 83×8.27×6.1-inches (LxWxH)
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Weight: 360g to 409g
  • LED lights: Bright front and rear LED
  • Visibility: 360-degree all-angles
  • Battery: 7V 1100mAh lithium-polymer rechargeable battery
  • Charging time: Maximum 3 hours
  • Battery life: Maximum 10 hours per charge
  • Controlling: Lumos remote
  • Braking support: Automated braking system
  • Bluetooth: Wireless 4.0
  • Dial: Adjustable dial fit system
  • Synchronization: Smartphone supported
  • Best use: Cycling, skating, and skateboarding
What do we like?
  • 360-degree visibility for extra safety
  • Rear and front bright LED lights
  • Handlebar-mounted remote-controlled safe turning
  • MIPS head protection with clever safety design
  • Automated braking lights to avoid collisions
  • Smartphone connectivity for smart synchronization
  • Adjustable dial fit system for comfortable wearing
  • Safety-certified
What should improve?
  • No Bluetooth audio


The Lumos ultra-slim is one of the best helmets for electric bikes for incredible features. It lets e-bike riders enjoy their every ride with more than safety measures. Let’s ride into the features of the finest riding accessory.

3. Smart4u SH50U Smart Bike Helmet – Best For Comfort

Smart4u commits to making your commute smarter than ever. The bike accessory company emphasizes comfort and technology to design and develop products. The SH50U is one of the best helmets for an e-bike with incredible safety properties. Let’s find out the fascinating features of the finest e-bike helmet.

 Smart4u SH50U Smart Bike Helmet

  • Automatic brake light behind: The e-bike helmet helps you eliminate sudden collisions by the following vehicles. It has an automated brake light system with 7 LED bright tail lights. The brake light works as cars’ warning signals to alert the drivers behind. When you approach to stop your bike, the automated braking light will remind the subsequent drivers to avoid accidental strikes.
  • Superb visibility in tough traffic: The manufacturer has modified the helmet with rear bright LED lights. The built-in 500-lumen lights ensure your full visibility to the distant traffic. The back lights have three flashing modes: tidal flashing, fast flashing, and slow flashing modes. You can set the flashing mode by pressing a button back to your helmet. It will let you have a special presence on the street.
  • Comfortable construction materials: The waterproof e-bike helmet is comfortable and durable enough with quality materials. Polycarbonate manufacturing materials ensure long-lasting performance for years. And the high-density EPS material confirms the superb strength of the helmet. Moreover, the 3D lining with soft-quick drying material keeps the helmet dry from sweating inside. Therefore, you have a heavenly feeling to ride in all seasons.
  • Active defense design: The SH50U smart e-bike helmet confirms conclusive safety with an active defense design. It lets you improve your presence on the street in heavy traffic. You can avoid accidental collisions, especially at night rides. Furthermore, you can prevent unavoidable injuries as much as possible.
  • Timely rescue with SOS alarm: Smart4u has equipped the MIPS-certified helmet with an SOS alarm function for faster rescue. If you face any unexpected collisions on the streets, the SOS alarm system will connect you with your GPS location. And it will send your information to the emergency contacts for a quicker rescue.
  • Easily adjustable: The smart electric bike helmet fits perfectly with your head circumference. And you can adjust the helmet with your head, having no trouble. It is easy to adjust and comfortable to wear for the longest riding. The 12-layer ventilation system supplies an adequate amount of air inside the helmet.
  • High-efficient battery: The manufacturer has empowered the riding helmet with a high-efficient battery. It needs a maximum of 3 hours to get a full charge and supports for a minimum of 10 hours. Therefore, you can go for a long ride at night or on a foggy morning.
  • Top-notch features: The high-quality smart bike helmet has a bunch of rider-friendly features for smooth riding. It is accessible to the auto on and off system for hassle-free operations. You can answer your emergency phone call and listen to music through a smartphone synchronization system.

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Smart adult bike helmet
  • Style: Open face
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Weight: 370g
  • LED lights: Bright 7 rear LED lights
  • Visibility: Superb noticeable with 500-lumen lights
  • Battery: High-efficient rechargeable battery
  • Charging time: Maximum 3 hours
  • Battery life: Maximum 10 hours per charge
  • Braking alert: Automated braking light system
  • Dial: Adjustable dial fit system
  • Synchronization: Smartphone supported
  • Safety alert: SOS alarm function
  • Waterproof rating: IPX4
  • Best use: Electric bike, sport bike, street bike, and mountain bike
What do we like?
  • No accidental collisions with automated brake light function
  • Quick rescue with SOS alarm system
  • Long-distance visibility with 500-lumen LED lights
  • Cool and comfortable wearing with an active ventilation system
  • Long-lasting battery backup
  • 3D inner lining for comfortable wearing
  • High-quality polycarbonate helmet shell
  • Smooth return policy with any issue

What should improve?
  • The mobile app still needs improvement


The Smart4u SH50U is a highly recommended smart helmet for safe and comfortable e-bike riding. It makes your daily commuting smoother and safer than ever. You can choose the adult bike helmet for city commuting or urban riding.

4. BELL Sixer MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet – Best For Ventilation

BELL believes in designing the best helmets for electric bikes with cutting-edge technology. The helmet manufacturer commits to confirming comfortable riding all the way with top-quality bike helmets. The Sixer MIPS Adult Mountain e-Bike Helmet is safer for accidental riding injuries. Let’s evaluate how worthy the helmet is for you.

BELL Sixer MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet

  • Polycarbonate helmet shell: The designer has designed the adult e-bike helmet with a polycarbonate shell for sustainable services. The EPS foam liner has made the helmet sturdier than the traditional others. It protects your head, forehead, face, and neck from sudden collisions. The high-grade engineering has enhanced the impact resistance of the helmet.
  • Progressive layering: The helmet is firm and comfortable enough with progressive layering. The integrated MIPS with EPS foam liner makes the helmet more professional than others. Moreover, it improves the impact resistance of the helmet.
  • Multi-directional protection: The manufacturer has enriched the helmet with a multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS). It is a pioneering slip-plane technology to tackle rotational force inside the helmet. And the integrated impact resistance maneuvering maximizes the helmet’s overall strength.
  • Multi-mode adjustability: The BELL Sixer electric mountain bike helmet offers customized fitting for the highest performance. It is adjustable in three ways: height, pad width, and tension modes. You will have a comfortable fitting of the helmet around your head circumference with MIPS-integrated custom-fit.
  • Dual-flow active ventilation: The 26 vents ensure maximum airflow to keep the helmet cool and dry inside. The dual-flow active ventilation regulates the temperature around the helmet. Therefore, you enjoy a cool ambiance through four ports and a matrix of air channels.
  • Unique safety features: The adult mountain bike helmet has x-static & xt2 padding, sweat guide, and no-twist tri-glides for a quicker adjustability. The four-positioning adjustable visor helps riders to render the far front landscape within full safety. Moreover, it has a removable integrated camera mount to capture around the street.

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Adult mountain bike helmet
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Weight: 1lbs
  • Fit: Float fit race
  • Number of vets: 26
  • Ports: 4 bro ports
  • Visor: 4-positions adjustable visor
  • Adjustability: Three-way smooth adjustability
  • Best use: Electric mountain bike
What do we like?
  • Highly protective polycarbonate shell
  • Firm impact-resistant EPS foam linear
  • Multi-directional impact protection system
  • Quick drying for comfortable wearing
  • Dual flow ventilation for a cool feeling
  • Integrated breakaway camera mount
  • Four positioning adjustable visor
  • Easy to fit

What should improve?
  • No tail lights


You can have a real knock to your ride with the MIPS integrated adult electric mountain bike helmet. It looks great and fits well with any head measurement. So, let’s have a safe mountain ride with the e-Bike helmet.

5. Giro Vasona MIPS Women Recreational Cycling Helmet – Best For Women

Since 1985, Giro has relentlessly been working to enrich riders’ experience in freedom of riding. The Giro R&D Team is bringing new ideas to build lightweight and high-quality helmets for e-bikes. They have recently designed the Vasona MIPS-certified helmet for women. Let’s get more about the recreational e-bike helmet.

Giro Vasona MIPS Womens Recreational Cycling Helmet

  • In-mold quality construction: Giro has applied an in-mold construction engineering to develop the women’s cycling helmet. The latest helmet manufacturing mechanism has equipped the helmet with a tough polycarbonate outer shell. Moreover, it has an impact-absorbing foam liner to make the helmet lighter and cooler than the conventional one.
  • Integrated MIPS technology: The manufacturer has upgraded the e-bike helmet with an integrated MIPS technology to reduce rotational force. The integrated multi-directional impact protection system reduces a good amount of rotational force that impacts on the rider’s brain. And it ensures stringent safety standards of the women’s e-bike helmet.
  • Premium sport fit system:  The Vasona MIPS women helmet comes with a ROCLOC sport fit system for handy operation. It lets you one-handed operation through a 7cm adjustment range. You can understand the accurate adjustment to your head circumference through confident clicking feel and sound. The sports helmet offers you premium-level functions.
  • Easily adjustable fit system: The universally fit sizing helmet fits well with any head circumference on the first trial. The easily adjustable fit system secures a great fit for almost all women riders. However, it is convenient to confirm the proper fit with adjustable measurement.
  • Vast ventilation: The premium women’s helmet has a vast ventilation system with 22 active vents. The quick-dry padding poses no risk of moisture or mold growth inside the helmet. It gets enough airflow to keep the surface cool and dry from sweating. Therefore, you feel comfortable commuting in hot weather.
  • Wonderful women series: Most helmet manufacturers bring uniform series for both men and women riders. But women riders have different choices and styles from the men riders. Giro has addressed the important issue and designed the series solely for women. The feature-packed helmet helps women have a safe ride with personalized style and design.

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Women recreational e-bike helmet
  • Technology: Integrated MIPS
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Weight: .60lbs
  • Fit system: TOCLOC sports fit
  • Number of vets: 22
  • Visor: Removable visor
  • Adjustability: Universally adjustable
  • Best use: Women recreational e-bike
What do we like?
  • Market-leading protection technology
  • Integrated MIPS engineering
  • Polycarbonate sturdy shell
  • Vast ventilation with 22 vents
  • Quick-dry padding for comfortable wearing
  • Universal fit sizing for perfect fitting
  • Quick link removable visor
  • Stylish look with ergonomic design
  • Safe ride in all conditions
What should improve?
  • A small fitting helmet


The Vasona MIPS is an excellent women’s helmet series with unique designs and ultimate safety features. With the helmet, you can have an affordable solution to your recreational or adventurous riding. So, don’t miss having the best buy with the women’s e-bike helmet.

6. Smith Optics Express MIPS MTB Cycling Helmet – Best For Design

The Smith Express MIPS helmet series is famous for its cool design with safety pro features. Smith Optics believes in optimum manufacturing for comfortable wearing. The quality-controlled components confirm long-lasting services. Let’s look at the electric bike helmet in detail. 

Smith Optics Express MIPS Adult MTB Cycling Helmet

  • MIPS Safety Measures: The MTB cycling helmet offers unyielding protection with integrated MIPS technology. It impedes rotational power transformation to the human brain. Therefore, you are free from cyclic impacts while commuting on the busiest streets. You feel the real safety measures with the MTB e-bike helmet.
  • Cool designs: The sleek cycling helmet looks cool with well-furnished construction and designs. It promotes your riding personality within official attire. You can go for a casual or official ride with a good-looking helmet. However, it never lets you down to have safety along with style.
  • Pop-in rear light: The manufacturer has featured the helmet’s visibility mode with a pop-in rear light. The reflective rear light makes you visible in the day or at night. Therefore, you can easily avoid accidental collisions with your fellow commuters.
  • Consistent airflow: You get a healthy helmet in your every ride with13 fixed vents for hours. The active ventilation system ensures consistent airflow helmet inside. It fastens the drying up of the inner parts for pleasant rides. There is no risk of growing dust, must, and mold inside. It is safe to use.
  • Adjustable dial fit: The e-bike helmet has an easy dial fit system for the proper adjustment with distinguished head measurements. The men’s head dimension differs from women’s heads. The universal-adjustment system ensures comfortable adjustment with both men’s and women’s head circumference. You can dial the fit as your preferred level.

Technical Specifications

  • Type: MTB e-bike helmet
  • Technology: Integrated MIPS
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Weight: 8 ounce
  • Fit system: Adjustable dial fit
  • Number of vets: 13 fixed vents
  • Visor: Removable fabric visor
  • Visibility: Pop-in rear light
  • Best use: MTB e-bike cycling
What do we like?
  • Advanced angled impact protection
  • Pop-in reflective rear lights for superb visibility
  • Integrated MIPS brain protection system
  • Adjustable dial fit
  • Consistent airflow with deep ventilation
  • Quick-drying pad
  • Sleek and glaring design
  • Packed with features
What should improve?
  • Weight is still an issue


When looking for the best helmet for an electric bike, the Smith Optics Adult helmet can be a comfy addition to your riding arsenal. It confirms well-fitted perfect head protection with MIPS engineering. Never miss checking the great gadget when you are at the shops.

7. GTSBROS Bike Helmet – Best For Shock Absorption

GTSBROS designs your dream to have a safe ride while chasing your electric bike. The helmet brand believes in comfortable and convenient commuting in all conditions. That’s why, GTBROS has built the adult e-bike helmet for men and women. Let’s learn why the helmet can be your next choice.

GTSBROS Bike Helmet

  • Premium shock absorption: The manufacturer has used high-quality PC-shell material and high-density EPS foam for premium shock absorption. The e-bike helmet ensures tremendous protection from unwanted casualties. It absorbs cycling shocks from initial rotational impacts.
  • Breathable ventilation: The high-quality helmet comes with an active ventilation system for preventing overheating. The 12-integrated flow vents with an air-channel matrix circulate cool air overhead and helmet inside. Moreover, it reduces helmet resistance with aerodynamic airflow vents. Therefore, you enjoy breathable and comfortable wearing for a longer ride.
  • Rear light visibility: The designers have upgraded the visibility of the helmet with bright rear LED lights. The plug-in rear lights confirm conclusive protection with superb visibility on the streets. You can customize the light effect with four different modes. The four lighting modes: constant light, flash mode, slow flash, and warning flash mode offer possible protection at night ride.
  • Comfortable helmet pads: The manufacturer had equipped the helmet with soft and comfortable pads. You can detach the pads from the helmet to wash, dry, and reinstall. The ergonomic designs make the helmet superb-suitable for urban commuting and city cycling.
  • In-mold construction: The high-performing e-bike helmet comes with a fully in-mold construction process. And the manufacturing materials have to pass through the rigorous test in the GTSBROS lab. The quality-controlled materials with soft lining make the helmet sleek and slim.
  • Good for multiple sports riding: The feature-packed adult e-bike helmet is best for multiple sports riding. You can safely go with your preferred modes of riding like MTB, BMX, and night riding. The impact protection gear makes you confident to hike mountains or chase the highways.

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Adult e-bike cycling helmet
  • Technology: Integrated MIPS
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Item dimensions: 8x 8.6x 6.2-inches (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 392 grams
  • Fit system: Adjustable dial fit
  • Number of vets: Integrated 12 vents
  • Visor: Removable fabric visor
  • Visibility: USB-rechargeable tail lights
  • Charging tenure: 2-hours
  • Foam: High-density EPS foam
  • Best use: Sport, mountain, and city e-bike
What do we like?
  • Fully in-mold construction
  • Polycarbonate durable shell and comfortable EPS foam
  • Superb shock-absorbent upon initial cycling impacts
  • Plug-in rear light for the best possible protection
  • Detachable and washable helmet pads
  • Adequate airflow through matrix channels inside
  • Easy to adjust with a head circumference
  • Suitable for multiple sports biking
  • Reliable return policy
What should improve?
  • Size is an issue


When a safe ride matters with the best helmet for an e-bike, the GTSBROS adult bike helmet attracts your close attention. Are you ready to actualize your dream of having a safe ride with the cool adult helmet? Hope, you are!

8. Overade Plixi Fit Foldable Bicycle Helmet – Best For Folding

Overade lets you enjoy every ride with a Plixi fit foldable e-bike helmet. The Plixi Fit is an evolution of an adjustable fit system. The folding helmet is unique with the latest features and functions. Let’s find out how the helmet can offer you maximum riding comfort.

Overade Plixi Fit Foldable Bicycle Helmet

  • Standard construction: The Plixi fit e-bike helmet is robust and sturdy enough for optimal protection. It passes through the US CPSC helmet production standard. The bicycle helmet has an ABS durable outer shell for sturdy everyday use. The compact construction confirms the ultimate strength of the helmet.
  • Adjustable fit system: The Plixi fit helmet offers you ultimate comfort with foldable and lockable dividers. The adjustable fit system lets you customize the fitness level to your head circumference. The manufacturer has turned the earlier Plixi into the Plixi Fit system. It is convenient to adjust with both men’s and women’s heads.
  • Reflective visibility: The feature-packed helmet improves your safety on the streets at night. It has reflective stickers around the outer shell to make you visible to other riders. The reflective stickers are highly efficient to reflect your presence on roads with 3M materials.
  • Plixi Fit Umbrella: The helmet has an outer shell removable cover that works like an umbrella. The Plixi Fit umbrella protects you from rain and hail. It is one of the much-need ultra-modern features to customize your helmet.
  • Personalized removable visor: The manufacturer has modified the front part of the helmet with a removable visor for extra protection. It offers an extra touch to your overall riding appearance. The removable visor personalizes the Plixi Fit. Moreover, it works as a safeguard from rain and sunshine.
  • 3 folded storage: You can fold the helmet by three steps for the smartest storage in your bike rack. The patented folding system looks compact and lightweight to carry and hang anywhere. You can safely keep it in your backpack, bag, or even purse.
  • Ideal for urban mobility: You can consider the helmet as your daily urban mobility companion. When you ride an ebike in your city for shopping or outing, you need the proper safety measures in tight traffic. The more you are visible, the safer you are on the streets.

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Adult folding e-bike helmet
  • Technology: US CPSC standard
  • Material: Expanded polystyrene
  • Item dimensions: 78x 13.78 x 6.3-inches (LxWxH)
  • Folded dimensions: 8x 4.5x 6-inches (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 440 grams
  • Fit system: Adjustable dial fit
  • Number of vets: Integrated 14 vents
  • Visor: Removable personalized visor
  • Visibility: Reflective stickers visibility
  • Foam: Comfortable inner foam
  • Shell: Sturdy outer shell
  • Best use: e-bike riding
What do we like?
  • Sturdy and robust shell for superb safety
  • Lockable and foldable dividers
  • Adjustable fit system for comfortable wearing
  • Classic and compact look with unique designs
  • Customizing construction for handy handling
  • Solid inner fitting pads
  • Removable visor to tackle rain and sunshine
  • Detachable Plixi fitting umbrella
  • Reflective stickers for night mode riding visibility
  • Easy to fold, hang, and store
What should improve?
  • Pretty pricey


The Overade Plixi Fit is one of the best helmets for electric bikes with its life saving features on the streets. It can be a worthy purchase with cost-effective functionalities. Never miss comparing the adult e-bike helmet before making the final decision.

9. Sena R1 Smart Communications Helmet-Best For Adventuring

Sena sets secured connectivity among e-bike riders with an R1 smart communicative helmet. Unlike stereotype bike helmets, the R1 comes with modern features and innovative interfaces. The adult bike accessory is comfortable in use and sleek in design. Let’s look at why you should love the communicative helmet.

Sena R1 Smart Communications Helmet

  • Premium engineering: The manufacturer has made the e-bike helmet sturdy enough with polycarbonate manufacturing materials. The premium engineering technology has turned the safety accessory into a comfortable attire. It saves you from impact shock and rotational pressure.
  • Intercom communication: The ultra-smart helmet is unique with a group intercommunication system. You can create a communicative group with other riders to have a pleasant and safe journey. The R1 helmet allows you to connect four riders within a half-mile. It has an advanced noise control system to make your voice loud and clear even in noisy traffic. The inter-communicative attribute is ideal for groups adventuring to explore nature.
  • Smartphone synchronization: You can have a Bluetooth pairing between your smartphone and bike helmet for on-the-go access. It allows you to enjoy your favorite playlists from your phone and receive phone calls. Moreover, you can access GPS navigation for locating your route.
  • Adventurous attributes: The modern R1 helmet comes with an integrated microphone to communicate with fellow adventurers. Moreover, it has built-in speakers to enjoy local stations, favorite songs, and surrounding environments. And the adventurous attributes facilitate intercom group communication.
  • Compact & comfortable designs: The exclusive e-bike helmet looks compact in the design along with comfortable features. It has washable padding, nylon chain strip, and spin lock for convenient use. You feel comfortable for the long journey with sleek designs and modern features.
  • Smartphone app controlling: You can customize the helmet features with the Sena Smartphone App for a quicker and smarter guide to go. It lets you connect your fellow riders with the inter-communication properties. Moreover, the app offers you access to phone calls and GPS navigation.

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Intercom e-bike helmet
  • Technology: Integrated riding technology
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Weight: 980 grams
  • Battery type: Lithium polymer
  • Charging time:5 hours
  • Talk time: 5 hours
  • Pairing: Bluetooth 4.1
  • Connectivity: A half-mile
  • Fit system: Flexible head measuring for the perfect fit
  • Padding: Removable and washable padding
  • Shell: Polycarbonate durable outer shell
  • Best use: e-bike exploring riding
What do we like?
  • Well-engineered compact and durable design
  • Group inter-communication for constant conversation
  • Advanced noise control technology
  • Bluetooth pairing for GPS navigation
  • Smartphone access to receive phone calls
  • App controlling for a quick guide to go
  • Comfortable and adjustable wearing
  • Detachable and washable padding
  • Integrated microphone and built-in speakers
  • Convenient to use
What should improve?
  • Intercom connectivity to same helmets


The brilliant e-bike helmet works great to save lives with modern features. You can rely on one of the best electric bike helmets for an ultimate safe ride. Now, it is time to unlock the adventurous journey with the Sena R1 smart e-bike helmet.

10. Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified MIPS Bike Helmet – Best For Safety

Triple Eight empowers your daily commuting with the dual-certified MIPS e-bike helmet. It comes with a perfect blend of safety, comfort, and style. You feel safe in every ride on city streets or highways wearing the helmet. Let’s have more about the MIPS-certified helmet.

Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified MIPS Skateboard and Bike Helmet

  • Durable ABS shell: Triple Eight has developed the Gotham dual-certified MIPS e-bike helmet with an ABS durable outer shell. It confirms conclusive safety on the street when you fall from your bike. The firm shell saves your head, face, ears, and neck from accidental injuries.
  • MIPS certified: The urban-style helmet reduces rotational impacts with MIPS technology. The multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS) minimizes the risk of transforming cycling shocks to the brain. Therefore, you are free from rotational impacts during a longtime ride.
  • Conehead EPS liners: The ABS outer shell has conehead EPS liners for confirming constant airflow helmet inside. And the well-vented surface circulates air over the head and across the inner pads. So, the helmet remains healthy to ride in all seasons.
  • CPSC safety standard: The dual-certified helmet complies with the US CPSC safety standard for e-bike riders. It permits persons aged five or older to wear the helmet as their riding safety measures. The helmet is wearable for biking, commuting, and BMX.
  • Removable fit pads: The manufacturer has equipped the helmet with two removable and washable pads. The terry cloth pads are great sweat savers to dry and healthy the inner surface. If you want, you can wash the pads at regular intervals to have a healthy ambiance inside.
  • Custom-fit system: The adjustable dial system confirms the custom fit of the helmet to any head circumferences. You can tighten or relax the chin strip with a side release buckle. However, never forget to measure the circumference of your head to fix the right size.

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Dual-certified e-bike helmet
  • Technology: MIPS technology
  • Compliance: The US safety standard
  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: 1lbs
  • Fit system: Adjustable dial system
  • Padding: Two sets of removable and washable pads
  • Shell: ABS durable outer shell
  • Available size: Small/medium/large
  • Best use: Urban e-bike commuting
What do we like?
  • ABS sturdy outer shell
  • Vented liners
  • Removable and washable pads
  • Multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS)
  • Adjustable and comfortable fit
  • Sweat saving inner ambiance
  • A true lifesaver on the streets
What should improve?
  • Size & weight is an issue


When planning to purchase the best helmet for an electric bike, the dual-certified MIPS helmet can hit your attention. It fits well and works great to make you an urban road master. Be happy with the perfect blend of comfort, safety, and style.

Things To Understand When Buying A Helmet For An Electric Bike!

Now, are you ready to buy the best electric bike helmet? Then, you need to consider some significant facts for the final decision. We wish you to win the race of choosing the best helmet for electric bikes. Let’s have a close look at the buying guide for a fair purchase!

Things To Understand When Buying A Helmet For An Electric Bike

Stronger Outer Shell

Undoubtedly, the outer shell is the most important part of a helmet. It saves our heads, ears, and neck from accidental injuries. A well-constructed helmet comes with a sleek and sturdy shell. It also confirms comfortable and durable wearing for years.

The manufacturing material matters the quality of shell construction. Most good-quality helmet shells are polycarbonate, polystyrene, and ABS materials made. Never miss confirming the quality manufacturing materials before choosing the best one.

Lighter But Stronger Designs

Design is a crucial consideration for an e-bike helmet. The comfort, style, and strength depend on overall designs. It fixes the weight and durability of the helmets. The compact design makes a helmet lighter but stronger.

If you want to go for a long ride, the sleek and slim helmet must be the ultimate choice. So, never miss addressing the issue before buying the best helmet for an e-bike.


Most helmet manufacturers use polycarbonate and polystyrene foam with EPS lining to ensure maximum comfort. The manufacturing materials make the helmets lightweight and portable for handy hanging anywhere.

The proper fitting is also an important fact for comfortable wearing. In this regard, the adjustable dial system is the riders’ choice. Don’t avoid it!

MIPS Certification

The multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS) technology tackles cycling impacts. It reduces the risk of transporting rotational impacts to the brain cells. The cycling forces can cause serious health issues, when you fall into concussions. Therefore, never miss choosing the MIPS-certified helmet to reduce the rotational impacts. It confirms your possible protection from sudden hitting.

Adjustable Fit System

Head circumference differs from man to woman and even one rider to another. So, the adjustable dial fit system is a serious consideration for comfortable wearing. The custom-fit helmet allows you to adjust the fitness level at your comfort.

However, most manufacturers design their helmet models with an adjustable fit system. You must check the adjustability features to fix the best helmet for an electric bike.


When looking for the best helmet for an e-bike, visibility is a vital issue. It confirms your presence to other riders on the streets at night. Some models come with all-around visibility, and some are back, and front bright LED lights.

You can choose any of the visibility modes for uncompromising safety. It is a lifesaving feature for riding at night or foggy mornings.

Auto-braking Backlight

When safety is the primary concern with an electric bike helmet, the auto-braking backlight is a big bang. It alerts the following drivers about your braking approach. Therefore, they can avoid possible concussions back to your bike.

The ultra-smart helmets have top-notch features. You can consider the issue for more safety on the streets.


Ventilation is vital for constant airflow inside the helmet and over the head. The air vents keep the inner ambiance cool and dry for a healthy riding feeling. Moreover, ventilation is essential for preventing moisture on the pads.

If you love riding your e-bike under sunshine, a ventilated helmet is a must to dry sweat pads inside. It is an ideal attribute of the best-quality e-bike helmets.

Removable Padding

Most quality e-bike helmets come with removable and washable pads. You can detach the removable pads from the shell for washing and drying. Therefore, you have a healthy riding ambiance at every ride. So, pay attention to the issue while planning to pick the best helmets for electric bikes.

Smooth Customer Service

The post-purchasing pleasure relies on smooth customer service with any issue. Most reputed brands ensure dedicated customer backup 24/7. It is a quite important consideration for having a worthy investment.

So, let’s love the reputed brands and wear top-quality helmets with uncompromising customer support.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Bike riders have a bunch of questions about wearing helmets as their riding safety gear. We have picked some of the potential questions with the best possible answers. Let’s ask more to learn more.

Is It Compulsory To Wear A Helmet On An Electric Bike?

Most countries’ traffic laws encourage wearing helmets with electric vehicles with a maximum 25km speed. In most states of the USA, wearing a helmet by an e-bike rider is compulsory.

A helmet is obligatory to save the head, ears, face, and neck from accidental concussions. It is a lifesaving e-bike accessory on the streets. So, don’t try to avoid wearing a helmet while riding an electric bike.

Do Bike Helmets Need Certification?

The bike helmets don’t need to pass through DOT certification like the motorbike helmets. However, it requires CPSC age standard certification in most states of the USA. The CPSC certification standardizes the age approval of the riders from five years to older.

And the MISC certification is a much-needed requirement for a good-quality bike helmet. It demonstrates the rotational impact reduction assurance. However, these are not under rigid state traffic rules.

How Long Do E-bike Helmets Last?

Most manufacturers claim a maximum of five years lifespan of their bike helmets. However, it may have an exception to the recommendation based on its usage nature. Where a helmet cares for your head, you should care for it for having a long-lasting performance.

We advise you to change your bike helmet within three to five years for ensuring proper safety. You must change it due to crashing, aging, and relaxing safety standards.

How Much Do E-bike Helmets Weigh?

Weight is an important determiner of an e-bike helmet comfort. And the weight varies from one model to another. The e-bike helmet weight starts from .5lbs to more. However, it may have an exception based on design, style, and riding type.

We recommend purchasing a lighter but stronger e-bike helmet for more comfortable riding. Anyway, it is your choice at all.

A Final Verdict!

Wearing a helmet offers you plenty of e-bike riding benefits, including much-needed safety. You don’t know when and how you can fall into your traveling trouble along with unavoidable injuries. A good quality helmet can get you rid of the uncertainty with the best possible riding safety.

You have already reviewed the 10 best helmets for electric bikes with their distinguished features and functions. Now you may oscillate to order the right one for your next ride. We want to cooperate with you with the editor’s choice of the Lumos Ultra Smart Helmet for an e-bike.

We have recommended it for you with 360-degree visibility and auto-braking backlight. None can stop you from riding at night or on a misty morning with superb visibility. And the auto-braking backlight warns the following drivers to control their vehicle at your sudden brake.

Finally, it is your choice to make you safe with the best electric bike helmet. Have a happy day with a safe ride!

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