A Comprehensive Guide On How To Ride An Electric Bike For The First Time?

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Learning how to ride an electric bike is a fun exercise and an excellent way to improve the leg joints. The first stepping stone is to know how to ride a traditional bicyle. However, there are few details to pay attention as e-bikes come with a handful of functions that conventional bikes don’t.

Electric bikes work similarly to regular bicycles, where you grab the handlebars and push down on the pedals. The only difference is that the electric model comes with an electric motor that helps push the bike forward without pedaling.

Though, some e-bikes require pedaling while others don’t, depending on the placement of the engine.

This guide examines the proper way to ride an electric bike and the safety gears anyone should have while riding an e-bike for the first time. But first, let’s see if it’s hard to ride an e-bike to begin with.

How Hard Is It To Ride An Electric Bike?

Riding an e-bike is not a difficult thing to do. With proper practice, this is something you can learn within a day!

There is a reason why many people have switched from driving cars to e-bikes, with the primary reason being that e-bikes are much easier to ride.

Is It Difficult To Ride An E-Bike

Understanding the various parts of an e-bike makes it easier for anyone to learn how to ride an electric bike. Most electric bike models now come with built-in basic computers and internal sensors that regulate the entire system.

The essential parts anyone should be aware of before riding an electric bike are as follows:

  • The Frame

Most electric bikes are portable and easier to handle because of the adjustable frame at the front of the bike. It may appear shorter than regular bikes, but it’s well-built for anyone that wants to learn how to ride an e-bike.

  • The Electric Motor

Electric bikes all have motor functions that allow riders to move forward without pedaling. These motors come in two varieties: hub and mid-drive motors.

Hub motors are located on the wheels and offer less control, while the mid-drive engines make the bike more stable and bulky. Motors generally last for years, however, proper maintenance is a must.

  • The Brakes

The brakes work similarly on the electric bike and conventional bikes. Applying the brakes when in motion brings the cycle to a halt and prevents collision with incoming objects.

  • The Battery

An essential component of every electric bike is the battery. The battery powers the electric motor that comes with the e-bike. And just like smartphones, you’ll need to recharge the battery after each use.

How To Ride An Electric Bike: Step-by-Step Process For Beginners

Riding an electric bike is similar to riding a regular bicycle. It starts with a slight push to steady the bike, pedaling, and switching the gears for added support.

However, riding an e-bike is much easier as it comes with an electric motor designed to push the bike along without a constant need for pedals. Just be sure to charge the battery before riding an electric bike and you’re good to go.

How to Ride an Electric Bike

There are three stages to prepare for when planning to ride an e-bike:

  • Before riding an e-bike
  • When riding the bike
  • Stopping the bike

Step-1: Before You Ride an E-Bike

Before anyone plans to ride an e-bike, it would be ideal to carry out necessary checks to ensure the bike is in excellent condition. These checks are as follows.

  1. Be sure to wear a good reliable helmet for electric bikes.
  2. Check to be sure that the battery is fully charged for the bike to keep going the further one rides.
  3. Ensure that the electric components are assembled correctly and working well.
  4. Check the brakes, tires, and gears to ensure they all function properly.

After conducting the necessary checks, the next step is to mount the bike. Check the mirrors and adjust the seat for adequate balance. Turn on the electric bike and set the assistance mode and required gear.

After the proper settings, pedal the cycle a little to see if the electric motor responds.

Step-2: When Riding the Electric Bike

When riding the electric bike, the first thing the rider notices is the pedal assistance and motor function kicking in. It would help to know the type of pedal assistance the e-bike provides and how it works.

Some electric bikes take longer to kick and won’t start until the rider reaches a specific speed limit. Other bikes come with a more sensitive system that accelerates immediately.

Using the pedals is essential when riding an electric bike, even though some models come with a throttle. The pedal helps the rider get the best out of the cycle while conserving the battery.


When going uphill, pedaling an electric bike allows it to run smoothly and prolongs its battery duration. In addition, it is crucial to maintain a proper posture when riding an electric bike. An incorrect posture causes the bike to sway sideways, confusing the electric components and motor.

Step-3: Stopping the Electric Bike

Applying the brakes or coasting to a halt allows the rider to stop the electric bike. Due to its increased mass and high speed, it takes longer for the brakes to work in an electric bike. The delay means it is ideal to apply the brakes ahead of time instead of waiting to reach an intersection.

Safety Tips To Follow When Riding An Electric Bike

There are various safety measures to follow when riding an electric bike to avoid accidents. Some of these safety tips include:

Be Careful When Mounting the Bike

Mounting an electric bike carelessly can lead to injuries for older riders or people with mobility issues. Due to the bike’s heaviness, it can tip over and injure the biker. Ensure the frame is comfortable to get on and off with ease.

Observing The Traffic

Be observant when riding an electric bike on a busy road. Many accidents happen due to drivers misjudging the position or speed of bikers. Ensure that there is plenty of space between you and the drivers and communicate if necessary.

Testing the Brakes

Understanding the type of brakes in an e-bike helps the rider slow down when avoiding oncoming cars. One of the ways to ensure safety while riding an electric bike is to keep testing the brakes at the interval.

Making The Bike Visible

Part of what causes traffic accidents is that drivers don’t know how to look out for incoming bikes. One way to avoid mishaps on the road is by making the e-bike visible to other motorists. It could be by fitting the bike with a bell and lights.

Checking Your Speed

Riding an electric bike at a moderate speed helps prevent accidents or injuries on the road. One way to ensure safety when riding is to stop going for the fastest assist settings. It will help if the rider learns how the bike operates at low speeds before turning up the configurations.

Safety Gears You’ll Need To Ride An Electric Bike

Riding an electric bike with safety gears ensures protection from accidents and injuries. Aside from having a good time while riding, it is essential to remain safe. Proper equipment provides comfort and improves the rider’s visibility.

What Safety Gear Should You Have To Ride An Electric Bike

Safety gears anyone should have while riding an electric bike includes the following:

  • Black Sunglasses: Wearing sunglasses while riding an electric bike is crucial as it protects your eyes from dust and flying particles. A sunglass fits underneath the rider’s helmet and prevents peripheral lights from incoming vehicles.
  • Helmets: It is ideal to have a helmet while riding an e-bike for added protection and safety. A good reliable helmet for electric bikes keeps the biker’s head sweat-free and skull intact when riding on the road.
  • Anti-Slip Pedals: Maintaining balance is crucial when riding an electric bike, especially on a busy road. Anti-slip pedals help maintain balance and prevent the rider’s feet from slipping off when treading on the pedals.
  • Knee Pads: Protecting the knees is essential while riding an electric bike. Kneepads are ideal as they are easy to put on and shield the kneecap from high-speed impacts.
  • Biker Gloves: Gloves are one of the most critical safety gears while riding an electric bike. Biker gloves prevent your hands from getting numb when the temperature drops or becomes chilly.


Riding an e-bike is a fun and perfect way of relaxation. Electric bikes have become more popular these days, with older people driving up the demand. Hence, learning how to ride an electric bike is not a difficult task. As long as you use the necessary safety gear, riding an e-bike is one of the most satisfying tasks to embark on.

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