Best 750 Watt Electric Bike in 2023 – Top 8 Picks!

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Name the most convenient riding option that can even replace a car, sometimes. That’d definitely be an electric bike that leverages electric power while you’re still riding a bicycle. However, if you have hill terrains to ride on, or replacing your car with it, you need a powerful E-Bike. Like a 750W one!

According to the latest NPS regulations, US citizens can now register 750 watt electric bikes for their daily lives. So, getting the best 750 watt electric bike is now a great decision to hit the road with might.

But it’s not equality easy for everyone to find the best E-Bike to get the desired output. So, our expert team just researched the best ebikes in the market with promising specifications and selected the best ones for you.

Want to explore the best Electric bike for the money? Let’s get you through some!

Why Choose 750 Watt Fat Tire Electric Bikes?

Simply put, the 750 watt bikes are the sweetest spot when it comes to choosing the most versatile electric bikes. Here are some quick reasons why you should choose a 750 watt electric bike if not decided already:

They’re Fast

The first reason why you should take on a 750 watt bike is because it will be fast. Really fast. You can crank its speed at about 20 to 28 mph (32-45 kph) on dirty or rough terrain. On the contrary, you can get a speed of 30 to 35 mph (48-56 kph) on a flat or downhill road.

Heavy Construction

When you have a good 750 watt electric bike, it comes with a heavy-duty construction to withstand rough trails. The manufacturers make the bike with anodized aluminum, carbon, and other high-end materials. It helps you push its limits on the road and get the best out of it.

Go on Any Terrain

Another great thing about 750 watt electric bikes is their versatile design and perfect combination of ergonomic appearance and accessibility. Whether you’re riding on harsh hill trails, cutting through sand or snow, or just commuting to daily work, they snap in just fine.

Extra Wide Tires

Most 750 watt fat bikes have wider tires (4’-5’) to give you a smoother riding experience. The wider base registers less air pressure and rides with greater stability and natural suspension. It’s especially good for roads with gravel, sand, rocks, snow, mud, and dangerous wet roots.

They Replace Emission

Global warming and air pollution are killing the earth and reducing the non-renewable energy sources. One of the best possible methods to save planet earth is to reduce carbon emission. People who’re using cars for short travel can easily help the planet with electric bikes.

What Are the Downsides of 750 Watt Fat Tire Electric Bikes?

When it comes to high-power electric bikes like the 750-watt ones, oftentimes, people tend to go for fat tires. Although they have an endless list of advantages, you get some downsides as well! The biggest drawback of a 750 watt fat tire bike is the extra weight from the wheels.

Plus, if you’re a heavy person, going against the steep hill will put pressure on the electric motor. The overall results might not be so pleasing when you get a lower mileage, especially if you love high speed. The average speed of a 750 watt bike are discussed below:

How Fast Does A 750w Electric Bike Go?

Since 750 Watt electric bikes have fairly higher power, almost the same as the racing bikes, they run really fast. Depending on the road condition, a good electric bike runs at 30 to 55 kilometers per hour, or more. If you’re running on flat to semi-gravel terrain or a commuter road, the bike can run at 40 to 55 KPH. The speed can be 20 to 40 KPH on rough terrain and hill tracks with sand, mud, and other obstacles.

What Are The Best 750 Watt Electric Bike? [Quick Suggestions]

Table of Content:

We’ve covered everything about 750 watt electric bikes in this article and compiled them in order. This table of content will guide you around the topics we covered and the bikes we reviewed:

Comparison Chart:

If you want to compare among the 750 watt electric bikes we’ve picked for quick decision, here is a comparison chart for you:

Best 750 Watt Electric BikeIt's Best forMotor/BatteryMaximum speedSeat heightFrame/Weight
Opeak 750W Foldable Electric BikeEditor’s Choice750 Watt 48 Volts (6 hours charging time)46 miles per hour (75 km)Adjustable (34.3″-42.1″)High-strength Aluminum (69 lbs)
ECOTRIC 750W Fat Tire Electric BicycleMost Versatile750 Watt 48 Volts (6-8 hours charging time)25 miles per hour (40 km)Adjustable (38.5″-44″)Aluminum alloy (86.09 lbs)
DJ Mountain Bike 750W Power Electric BicycleBest Non fat tireLG lithium ion 48V 13 Ah detachable (with key)20 miles per hour (32 km)Adjustable 37.4″ (95 cm) – 42.1″ (107 cm)Aluminum
DJ Folding Bike 750W 48V 13Ah Power Electric BicycleBest for FoldingLG lithium ion 48V 13 Ah detachable (with key)20 miles per hour (32 kph)Adjustable height, shock absorbing saddle designAluminum alloy
R RATTAN 750W 20Inch Folding Electric BikeBest Commuter Ebike48V 13AH Samsung lithium battery28 miles per hour with PAS (45 kph)Adjustable height, shock absorbent (31.4” – 36.6”)6061 aluminum alloy (66.1 lbs)
Rattan LF750W Folding Fat Tire BikeBest Step-thru Ebike48V 13Ah lithium battery, 750 W motor28 MPH with PAS (40-60 miles on a charge)Adjustable height, shock absorbent (31.4” – 36.6”)6061 aluminum alloy (64 lbs)
Eahora X5 750W Folding Commuter Electric BikeBest for Cargo48V 10.4A high-density lithium ion battery28 MPH with PAS (50 miles on a charge)Adjustable height (for 5’1” to 6’5” people)Artificial Mechanics 6016 Aluminum (64 lbs)
Cyrusher XF800 750W Electric BikeBest Cruiser Ebike48V 13Ah battery, 750 W motor (1500 peak watt)31 MPH with PAS (40-60 miles of battery life)Cushioned saddle design with adjustable heightAluminum, Carbon steel (74 lbs)

8 Best 750 Watt Electric Bike in 2022

Getting the best 750 watt electric bike can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the game. Therefore, our electric bike experts have come up with the 8 best bikes that you can rely on:

Best 750 Watt Electric Bike

1. Editor’s Choice: Opeak 750W Foldable Electric Bike

Opeak 750W Foldable Electric Bike

This top rated fat tire electric bike is by far the most promising 750 watt ride that you can get today. Here are the main features of the Opeak Ebike that made it to our Editor’s choice:

Foldable construction

The Opeak Ebike offers a robust construction from 6061 aluminum alloy. It gives you unparalleled support while running on steep hill tracks. Besides, the center shock absorber combined with the front suspension fork will make the bumpy rides smoother. With the 26″ wheels, riding it gives peace of mind.

Motor and battery

For the most part, the motor and internal power of this bike make the best 750 watt electric bike. It comes with a high speed 48V, 750W brushless motor speeding up to 32 MPH (51 KPH) with up to 46 MPH (75kph) with the PAS model. The recharging time of this bike is  6 hours to make the battery 100% charged from 0%.

High-end fat tire

The wheels of this bike have 4″ tires that will give you superior stability while riding on any terrain. Plus, the fat tires will work like natural suspensions apart from the top-notch lockable ABS suspension. You’ll get a 203 mm hydraulic disk on the front and 180 mm disk on the rear wheel for extra powerful brakes.

LED monitor & charger

Riding this bike gives the smoothest experience with the LED color monitor that gives you every stat you need. You’ll get ODO, Trip, riding assistance, alongside the speed. Plus, it offers password protection for more personalized riding. Besides, you’re getting a built-in phone dock with charging from the battery.

Top-notch control

Controlling this bike is easy with intelligent Ebike controllers on the handles. It has an SRAM 8-level speed controller with control dial to give you a smooth transition from 9 to 32 MPH. The half twist throttle next to the bike gives you instant adjustment without using the pedals to start. You’ll get a controller on the left handle with power switch, bike lever, and charging socket.

Cutting edge configuration

This foldable bike offers high-end features like headlight with auto brightness control, and PAS speed control to push the motor up to 900-1000 Watt. Its pedals are also foldable to keep the form factor minimal while using the throttle controller. Besides, the gears are versatile and offer  cruise control, uphill propulsion assistance, and many more.

Technical Details

  • Motor/Battery: 750 Watt 48 Volts (6 hours charging time)
  • Maximum speed: 46 miles per hour (75 km)
  • Seat height: Adjustable (34.3″-42.1″)
  • Frame/Weight: High-strength Aluminum (69 lbs)
  • Wheel & Brakes: 26 Inches, Hydraulic disc (Shimano)
  • Control: Cruise Control, Uphill Propulsion
  • High speed and electric cut-off brake
  • Pushing over 1000 watts with PAS feature
  • Foldable design with fat tires
  • Cruise control with Propulsion assistance
  • Color LED monitor with intelligent control
  • A bit heavy (69 Pounds)

Why Should You Buy It?

If you want the best 750 watt electric bike to move you around at an insane speed level, go for the Opeak 750W Bike. It’s foldable, fits into the back of an SUV, has great speed control with 8 levels, and offers digital riding assistance.

2. Most Versatile: ECOTRIC 750W Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

ECOTRIC 750W Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

The ECOTRIC bike is one of the best Fat Tire electric bikes that come with sleek design and high performance. It’s the best Ebike option if you’re planning to ride a steep hill, cut through snow, and ride gravel roads. Here are the main specifications of this bike:

Motor and performance

It comes with a 750 watt brushless motor that gives it the super strength to ride on rough rods with intense endurance. With its high-end 48 Volts (12 Ah) lithium ion battery, you can get a speed of up to 25 miles per hour. The maximum load capacity of this bike is 260 lbs, and it does pretty well even when you ride on steep hill tracks.

Easy control

You’ll get a pedal assistance starting function with this bike that uses 180° turn on the wheels to start the motor. Once you give a manual pedal, the motor starts to work, and then you can crank up the speed as you like. You’ll have a Shimano 7-speed shift for precise control. There is a half grip handle throttle to control the speed with ease.

Digital features

This Ebike comes with a 36V digital power monitor that helps you with different stats as you ride. You can set your speed limit on the monitor and control it with the dedicated button controllers alongside the headlight switch. It shows your speed, cruise option, and gear status. Besides, you’ll get a USB port with a device holder that helps you charge your cell phone.

Construction and gears

When it comes to construction, this fat tire e-bike offers the most durable aluminum body that makes your rides a smoother transition. It comes 90% pre-assembled, and weighs 86 pounds when fully assembled. The disk brakes on this bike makes controls a breeze and the suspension fork is there to give you a super high performance riding experience.

All-terrain riding

The bike has 4″ fat tires to ride on any given surface like steep hill mountain tracks, gravel roads, snow, mud apart from flat commuting. Its brushless toothed rear motor with super strong brakes make it a great mountain Ebike. Alongside the 26″ tires, the heavy suspension fork with American standard valve stem will ensure a smoother ride.

Technical Details

  • Motor/Battery: 750 Watt 48 Volts (6-8 hours charging time)
  • Maximum speed: 25 miles per hour (40 km)
  • Seat height: Adjustable (38.5″-44″)
  • Frame/Weight: Aluminum alloy (86.09 lbs)
  • Wheel & Brakes: 26 Inches, Hydraulic disc (Shimano)
  • Control: Cruise Control (6KM)
  • LCD monitor to show the riding stats
  • Good weight capacity for heavy people
  • Highly durable aluminum construction
  • 4″ all-terrain fat tires for mountain rides
  • cruise control and pedal assistance
  • Doesn’t come with fenders and rack

Why Should You Buy It?

If you need a fat tire electric bike that does a great job, especially as a mountain ranger, go for this one. It has a highly durable aluminum frame to withstand rough roads and cruise control for constant speed. You can ride with style on gravel roads, snow, mud, or while commuting to work.

3. Best Non fat tire: DJ Mountain Bike 750W Power Electric Bicycle

DJ Mountain Bike 750W Power Electric Bicycle

Do you need an electric bike with regular sized tires and rims rather than fat tire bikes? And you want the bike to have a simple maneuver with easy control? Then going for the DJ Mountain Here are the main features of this DJ bike that make it stand out:

Motor and battery power

The DJ electric bike uses a 48V LG battery that provides the main power to all its components from LCD screen to motor. Plus, it’s dismountable from the frame to make the charging a lot easier where the built-in handle will help you carry it around. Its brushless 750 watt motor is from Bafang which has its own reputation.

Fork, suspension, gear

You’ll get a Mozo Tun Gun suspension fork system with this bike that gives the maximum suspension while riding mountain ranges. Its smooth suspension will keep your bumpy rides smooth on the frame. For the gear system, you’re getting  Shimano gear that has over 7 levels of speed control which goes up to 40 kilometers per hour.

Monitor and control

You’ll get King Meter LCD with this DJ bike that shows all your riding stats and helps you ride with control. It shows your current speed at kilometers dial in real time as well as showing you the overall odometer count in the bottom. Plus, you’ll see the pedal assistance when you’re using it. Lastly, it keeps you updated with the current battery level.

Tires and brakes

You’re getting high-end CST all-purpose tires with the DJ Ebike that has a dimension of 26”x 1.95” standard. Plus, the bike has top quality Tektro brakes with heavy duty alloy-made 26″ rims to give you super strong control. Whether you ride flat roads or go mountain ranging, they’ll keep you on the move. Plus, if you love regular tires, this bike is your go-to option.

Durable construction

The DJ bike has a durable aluminum construction that will withstand rough usage and support you a long time. Starting with the tubes and body to the cushioned saddle and comfortable grip handles, everything is built for high-end service. Besides, the heavy-duty rims and Tektro Disc made this bike a dependable piece of riding tool.

Lightweight and esthetic

Although the DJ bike has a super strong frame and heavy duty rims, it doesn’t weigh much! Thanks to the regular size tires. This bike is the best option with 57 pound weight which is fairly lightweight. Plus its design with zero emission rate, esthetic bike light and waterproof connections, it’s also an esthetically pleasing ride.

Technical Details

  • Motor/Battery: LG lithium ion 48V 13 Ah detachable (with key)
  • Maximum speed: 20 miles per hour (32 km)
  • Seat height: Adjustable 37.4″ (95 cm) – 42.1″ (107 cm)
  • Frame/Weight: Aluminum
  • Wheel & Brakes: 26″, Tektro brakes, Shimano 7 Gears and rear cassette
  • Control & display: Cruise Control, Pedal assistance, LED monitor
  • Heavy-duty body, brakes, and rear Cassette.
  • Regular size tires with Tun Gun suspension fork.
  • 13Ah dismountable high-end LG battery
  • LED monitor with ODO and pedal assistance
  • Brushless 48V 750 watt Bafang Motor
  • No tail light included
  • Assembly may take longer for new riders

Why Should You Buy It?

There’s a discrete reason why this bike stands out from others, and that’s because it uses the most mainstream components. Whether you do casual commuting, love sports riding, need a steep hill ride, or a senior who needs reliable suspension, this bike suits all purposes.

4. Best for Folding: DJ Folding Bike 750W 48V 13Ah Power Electric Bicycle

DJ Folding Bike 750W 48V 13Ah Power Electric Bicycle

Another DJ electric bike, this time a fat tire one that you can fold in half, offering better transportation and aesthetics. Here are the main selling points of this awesome bike that make it the best folding fat tire electric bike:

Design and construction

This electric bike from DJ is a foldable one that you can make it half its size by folding it right in the middle. If you travel with an SUV and want to take the bike with you, this one fits in the back of an SUV just fine. Besides, its super solid construction and well-thought design will make it a durable ride that you can use for years.

Battery and motor power

You’re getting a 48V LG battery that provides power to the motor and other electronics. It also is dismountable from the frame and has a convenient handle on it. This design allows you to take it out, charge it at home, prevent overcharge, and take anywhere you go. With that much power, you can ride the bike at a max speed of 27 mph (40 kph) with pedal assistance.

All-terrain fat tires

Despite having a foldable, cargo-like design, this bike is capable of driving on any given surface. Whether you’re driving on steep hills, gravel roads, mud, sand, or commuting to work, its fat tires do pretty good at all. Its 4-inches fat tires from Kenda are 20 inches in diameter around heavy-duty 20″ rims that can withstand rough usage.

Easy control

When it comes to control, DJ is always on the brighter side as they use top of the line equipment. You’ll get an LED monitor that shows the current speed alongside ODO and keeps you updated about the remaining battery level. Plus, you’ll see the level of pedal/throttle assistance level you’re using.  The bike also has a bright headlight with a control panel.

Fork, suspension, gear

Comfortable ride depends on a bike’s suspension fork and gear and this DJ bike has them from the best brands. It offers Shimano gears with Tektro brakes  and top quality Mozo suspension fork for rides without any bumps. As it has a good battery, it can give you 2 hours of comfortable ride for 30 to 50 miles with a single full charge.

Technical Details

  • Motor/Battery: LG lithium ion 48V 13 Ah detachable (with key)
  • Maximum speed: 20 miles per hour (32 kph)
  • Seat: Adjustable height, shock absorbing saddle design
  • Frame/Weight: Aluminum alloy
  • Wheel & Brakes: 20″, Tektro brakes, Shimano Gears and Mozo fork
  • Control & display: Cruise Control, Pedal assistance, LED monitor
  • Foldable design for transportation
  • Heavy construction and equipments
  • Both front and rear rack
  • Multipurpose LED monitor
  • All-purpose 4” low-profile fat tires
  • The electrical wiring could be managed better

Why Should You Buy It?

If you need the best electric fat tire bike that comes with a multitude of features, get this one. It doesn’t only offer a set of great equipment in the durable construction, but also is foldable on top. Get it if you love easy control with great customizable riding experience.

5. Best Commuter Ebike: R RATTAN 750W 20Inch Folding Electric Bike

R RATTAN 750W 20Inch Folding Electric Bike

Do you need a bike that gives the best value for your money along with a comfortable riding experience? Then you should go for the R RATTAN Folding Electric Bike. Here are the features and reasons why this bike took its place in our list:

All-purpose fat tires

This fat tire e-bike comes with all-purpose versatile 4″ wide small size (20″) fat tires that can ride on any surface. You can use it as regular commuter bikes, go on steep hill rides, bumpy gravel or sand roads, or climb mountain tracks. It also has heavy duty rims to support you on any given surface or road. The fenders on both the rear and front side will support you as well.

Design and construction

In terms of design and construction, R RATTAN made this electric bike hell of a tank from 100% 6061 aluminum alloy. The frame has top-notch electrostatic varnish using hydro forming technology to make it last longer. They don’t only make the bike stronger, but also a lot lighter. Besides, the foldable design helps you take it out in your SUV and transport it easier.

Battery and motor power

This bike comes with 48 Volts, 750 Watt high quality Ebike motor that provides 72 N.M torque for a super strong ride. You’ll get a 48V 13 amp hours Samsung lithium ion battery that takes about 4-6 hours to fully charge. The bike runs about 30-50 mile from a single charge, and you can push it to 40-60 mph with PAS mode if you need a better mileage from it.

Fork, suspension, gear

You’re getting a great 60 mm front suspension that will make your ride a super comfortable one with reduced bumps. The 180 and 160 mm mechanical disc brakes will give you an advanced control on the brake and riding smoothness. Besides, the braking efficiency goes beyond that with its safer and shorter braking mechanism.

Monitor and control

This electric bike comes with an intelligent LCD monitor that gives you all the riding stats as you pedal. You’ll get the battery power status, your current mileage and overall distance passed (Odo), and other functions. Plus, it has a built-in switch for the headlight with adjustability function in the night alongside the brake sensor function for the tail light.

Technical Details

  • Motor/Battery: 48V 13AH Samsung lithium battery
  • Maximum speed: 28 miles per hour with PAS (45 kph)
  • Seat: Adjustable height, shock absorbent (31.4” – 36.6”)
  • Frame/Weight: 6061 aluminum alloy (66.1 lbs)
  • Wheel & Brakes: CST BFT 20” x 4”, Shimano Gears and brake
  • Control & display: LCD monitor with Cruise Pedal assistance, ODO
  • Included both front and rear fenders
  • Has rear rack with upper cushioning
  • Offers a seat with suspension design
  • LCD monitor with Head and tail light
  • 100% 6061 aluminum heavy construction
  • Needs better cable management

Why Should You Buy It?

This bike is a portable ride that fits inside your SUV and has excellent mileage. With a digital monitor, intelligent head and tail lighting features, this foldable electric bike is safe to ride. Its safety features and convenient control makes it the best commuting bike in the list.

6. Best Step-thru Ebike: Rattan LF750W  Folding Fat Tire Bike

Rattan LF750W Folding Fat Tire Bike

Another impressive machine from Rattan, this time with a step-thru as well as foldable design. The combo of its special features make it a great machine. Here are the key features of this excellent bike that made it to our list:

Impressive design and build

The first noticeable thing about this bike is its top-notch design and build quality. It comes with a convenient step-thru design that allows the rider to get in easily. Especially for the elderly people, this bike is hands down the best option. Plus, the high   aluminum alloy frame alongside a foldable design, this thing is made to last, really long.

Great all-terrain fat wheels

You won’t just take this electric bike in the back of your SUV with it folded, but also ride it on any given surface. Its all-terrain 4″ fat tire wheels will never disappoint you when it comes to comfortable riding. The Ebike will easily cut through snow and mud, ride on gravel roads or steep hill tracks. Not to mention, the fat wheels give you better stability at riding.

High end battery and motor

Apart from the build, the most important part where this bike passes is its top quality motor that runs on the high-tech battery. You can push this motor up to 45 kilometers (28 mph) per hour with pedal assist mode and 20 MPH in electric mode. Besides, the motor is detachable from the frame that makes charging a lot easier as well as providing more security.

Disk brake and fork suspension

With Tektro disk brakes on both the wheels of this bike, it offers one of the most versatile control options in the market. Alongside that, the 7-speed transmission from Shimano gives it even more comfort when you’re shifting gears. Apart from gear, when you’re riding steep hills, its fork suspension will give you a super smooth ride, absorbing bumps.

Intelligent control and monitor

Its height-adjustable handle and seat alongside the comfortable shifting, gear, and brake controllers will give you peace of mind. The LCD monitor will give you every riding stat you need from speed to odometer with battery status and more. Furthermore, the electric rear lights of this bike has a brake sensor to activate, and the headlight has auto brightness adjustment.

Technical Details

  • Motor/Battery: 48V 13Ah lithium battery, 750 W motor
  • Maximum speed: 28 MPH with PAS (40-60 miles on a charge)
  • Seat: Adjustable height, shock absorbent (31.4” – 36.6”)
  • Frame/Weight: 6061 aluminum alloy (64 lbs)
  • Wheel & Brakes: 20” x 4” Fat, TEKTRO brake, Shimano Gears
  • Control & display: LCD monitor with PAS, ODO, 10W headlight
  • Mechanical disc brake with heavy tiers
  • Good mileage and huge backup time
  • Intelligent LCD monitor with all the stats
  • Heavy duty frame with suspension fork
  • High end adaptive head and tail light
  • Does’t have a handle to carry around

Why Should You Buy It?

This machine is for those who need the most comfortable rider that runs really fast, on any surface. With a step-thru foldable design and intelligent features, this bike will make your rides a lot smoother.

7. Best for Cargo: Eahora X5 750W Folding Commuter Electric Bike

Eahora X5 750W Folding Commuter Electric Bike

Do you ride a lot while carrying cargo on the rack in the back of your bicycle? The Eahora X5 750W Electric bike will be just the right one for you then. Here are the main features of the Eahora electric bike:

Design and convenience

The first thing you’ll find convenient in the Eahora X5 is its durable construction with a thick and wide frame. Its clever frame design with a big front tube hides the battery inside. That helps you keep the battery secure inside from both theft and harsh weather. You’re also getting a heavy rear rack to carry anything with a capacity of whooping 300 lbs.

All-purpose wheels and rims

Simply put, you can ride this bike on any given surface or road you want. Its all-terrain heavy duty fat tires run on steep hill tracks, gravel roads, snow, mud, or even as a regular commuting city bike. No matter where you ride it, the 20″ rims and top-notch wheels won’t leave you unsatisfied with its capability of cutting through rough roads.

Highly powerful internals

This bike has a 48V 10.4A high-density lithium ion battery that provides plenty of power into  the motor. With over 1000 charging cycles, you’ll have a long life cycle as well. It takes 4-5 hours to fully charge and power up its motor for up to 50 miles with a single charge. You’ll get up to 25-28 MPH of speed from its 750 watt hours Brushless Motor with PAS mode.

Brake, Suspension, Shift

With a Shimano 7-Speed freewheel shift mechanism and lock out front fork suspension, you’ll get a smooth ride on this bike for sure. Plus, its dual disk mechanical brakes from Tektro with 160 mm rotors will give you a super responsive braking power. The aluminum alloy cranks and sprocket design, you’ll find it helpful at steep riding.

Controllers and monitor

For the control, this electric hybrid bike offers you both twist throttle control and button control next to the hydraulic brake. You’ll also get a smart LCD monitor with waterproofing of IPX67 that shows the riding stats as you go. It shows your current speed, ODO, battery status, and PAS level. A bright headlight with reflective tail light is also there.

Technical Details

  • Motor/Battery: 48V 10.4A high-density lithium ion battery
  • Maximum speed: 28 MPH with PAS (50 miles on a charge)
  • Seat: Adjustable height (for 5’1” to 6’5” people)
  • Frame/Weight: Artificial Mechanics 6016 Aluminum (64 lbs)
  • Wheel & Brakes: 20” x 4” Fat, TEKTRO brake, Shimano 7 Gears
  • Control & display: Waterproof LCD monitor with PAS, ODO, headlight
  • Hidden and secure battery pack
  • Foldable and compact design
  • Long lasting battery backup
  • Waterproof LCD monitor
  • Brushless BanX hub motor
  • Maintenance and repair won’t be smooth

Why Should You Buy It?

This bike has a battery chamber inside the frame to protect it from outside issues like theft or weather issues. If you’re a busy person, do a lot of commuting and don’t want to bother keeping an eye on your bike all the time, get this one.

8. Best Cruiser Ebike: Cyrusher XF800 750W Electric Bike

Cyrusher XF800 750W Electric Bike

If you want a cruiser style bike that rides on both mountains and plain paved roads, we suggest the Cyrusher XF800. It doesn’t only offer the most convenient cruiser style sitting and style, but also offers a super strong frame and performance. Here are the main attractions and selling points of the Cyrusher XF800:

Design and construction

The first thing on the Cyrusher bike that’ll impress you is its giant wheels and sick design and construction. It has regular 26″ x 4″ size fat tires, and a cruiser style design which you can easily adjust with the height adjustable seat. Alongside that, Cyrusher has used high strength Aluminum, carbon steel and top-quality leather to construct the bike’s different parts.

Powerful internal mechanism

You’re getting a powerful 750 watt mid-drive motor from which you can get over 1500 watts of peak power. With a reduction ratio of 1:5 and ideal 80 nm max torque, it’s an ideal electric hybrid bike and one of the best in the market. For the power source, Cyrusher has included a 48-volt lithium ion removable battery from Samsung and waterproof for best convenience.

All-purpose wheels and rims

You can ride the bike on any given surface, regardless of gravel roads, mountain ranges, steep hills, paved roads, or just regular commuting roads. The 4″ wide huge tires will help you cut through snow, sand, mud, or other things easily for a smoother ride. With high end rims and forks, you’ll have no bumps and the intelligent controls will give you ease of riding.

Controllers and monitor

Controlling the Cyrusher electric bike is a breeze with its top-notch hydraulic disc brake mechanism. Plus, the LCD monitor shows all your riding statistics from current mileage, temperature, overall distance with PAS control. It will also show you the current battery range, trip signal, and power display to help you ride with maximum control.

Brake, Suspension, Shift

This electric bike has high quality 200 mm hydraulic disc brakes for an efficient, quick braking experience. Besides, it offers a strong front suspension fork made from carbon steel. You’ll feel no bumps while riding mountain ranges or urban commuting. Besides, the 7-speed shimano rear cassette and shift combined with half grip throttle will make your rides even smoother.

Technical Details

  • Motor/Battery: 48V 13Ah battery, 750 W motor (1500 peak watt)
  • Maximum speed: 31 MPH with PAS (40-60 miles of battery life)
  • Seat: Cushioned saddle design with adjustable height
  • Frame/Weight: Aluminum, Carbon steel (74 lbs)
  • Wheel & Brakes: 26” x 4” Fat tire, Shimano 7 speed gears
  • Control & display: LCD monitor with PAS, temperature, Trip time, speed.
  • Huge 200 mm disc brake with heavy 4” tiers
  • Good speed and adjustable cruiser design
  • Intuitive LCD monitor with all riding stats
  • Adaptive headlight with 200 lumen brightness
  • Comes with both front and rear fenders
  • Does’t have a handle to carry around

Why Should You Buy It?

This bike is the ideal option if you need the best cruise fat bike with high power of 750 watt. Its powerful high torque (80 nm) offers a peak power delivery of 1500 watts. With this much power, riding sweep hills, gravel roads, and mountain ranges will be a breeze.

Buying Guide For The Best 750 Watt Electric Bike

There are many things to consider while buying your first electric bike, especially when you’re getting a 750 watt powerful motor. Here are the ones you must not overlook and forget to think while getting your next bike:

Buying Guide For The Best 750 Watt Electric Bike

Tire Size and Tread

The first thing you want to look for in an electric bike is its tire size and the tire tread. First, you decide whether you’re comfortable with a regular/big 26″ tire, or a smaller one with 20″ rims. After that, you’ll consider the tire tread according to the road you’re going to hit. If you’re going for mountain ranges, snow, or dirty roads, you need as high tire tread as possible. Regular commuter roads don’t need that much grip, so a tire with less deep treads will be enough.

Battery and Motor

Electric Bike Battery and motor are the main things that make an electric bike what it is. As you’re getting a 750 watt bike, see how far can the bike go and how fast it goes with that 750 watt motor. Plus, make sure the bike you’re getting has got its battery from a reputed battery manufacturer such as Samsung, LG. Same goes for the motor; you must see which brand made the motor. Most high-performing e-bikes above have Samsung batteries and Bafang motors which are the best in the line.

Monitor and Control

Electronic bikes come with electric control, digital monitor, and other smart features. You can expect a decent amount of these features depending on your budget and the brand you’re going with. Regular features like speed meter, battery level indicator, Odometer, PAS control, and a controller are usually available with ebike monitors. You can also have a look at what controller features you’re getting with it such as adaptive brightness, taillight brake sensor, etc.

Pas and Others

The PAS (Pedal Assist System) is an impressive feature in most high-performing e-bikes with which you can push the speed boundaries of your bike. Make sure that your bike comes with this feature if you want the maximum out of your Ebike. Especially if you’re going to ride steep hills and gravel roads, make sure the bike has this feature. It will fix the speed limit and keep the pace constant on the road without any ups and downs in its speed.

Apart from these mainstream considerations, you’re also going to consider a few other things. Look for a heavy brake, good throttle design, high quality front suspension fork, etc. just to name a few.

Frequently Asked Questions

Electric bikes work with a complicated process and have a ton of things that might raise a question or two in your mind. If you have some, here we’re including some common ones answered, have a look:

What is the best electric bike for the money?

Opeak Electric Bike is by far the best overall bike in our research that passes all the mandatory parameters we consider.

How can I charge an electric bike?

Charging your electric bike can have two options. Either you charge it with the included charger outside, or you can take the battery out and charge it indoors if it’s removable.

Are electric bikes suitable for hilly regions?

Yes, if you select a bike with a high-end 750 watt electric bike motor, it’s capable of riding hilly regions. Plus, if it has fat tires with deep tire treads, that’ll give you extra advantages.

Do electric bikes charge when you pedal?

Not all electric bikes have this feature to charge the battery as you pedal. However, you’ll find some bikes that have the feature; they usually have a complicated mechanism.

What is the average range of an electric scooter?

The average 750 watt electric bike speed range is anywhere between 20 miles per hour to 40 miles per hour. Some special bikes can go even faster than that, especially on paved or commuting roads.

How can I start my electric bike without a key?

You can run electric bike without key by finding the wires that go from the battery to the ignition key. Find the plug between them and spark the main wires to start the bike.

What is the best hybrid electric bike?

Apart from the Opeak Electric Bike from our list above, the DJ Mountain Bike is a great hybrid electric bike. Get this bike especially if you’re a fan of a regular bike with non-fat, 1.95” regular tires.

Final Verdict

We understand that getting your first ever electric bike can be overwhelming, especially when shopping for a powerful one. Therefore we listed the best 750 watt electric bike that are available on Amazon right now. Hope that our thorough research and reviews helped you find the best bike for your next shopping trip.

However, if you’re yet to decide and want the overall best bike, our editor’s choice is the Opeak Electric Bike. It’s an electric mountain bike is the most versatile one that can ride both uneven mountain ranges, and the plain, paved, commute to your work.

Its 4” wide fat tire combined with the top-notch front suspension, you’ll get the most comfortable ride with the bike. Besides, the color LED monitor, adaptive headlight and tail light, your rides are going to give you next level comfort.

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