How to Start Electric Bike Without Key?

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Usually, electric bikes require a specific key to get started. But, what if you lost the bike key? Now, you may be wondering how to start electric bike without key! Well, to know this, you have landed up in the right place. Here, We will provide the best ways to start your electric bike without a key.   

To start the bike without using a key, you should connect both wires of the switch. Also, you can use a lock pick, plastic pen, shim, etc., to start the bike. Several things you can apply to start the bike. To know in detail, keep reading this article.

Is it Possible to Start an Electric Bike Without a Key?

Keys usually power the electric bike’s motor on. It is the most essential part for running the bike. So, losing the bike key can be hazardous for some people. But it is possible to start the bike without a key. The techniques are-

  • Connecting the wires
  • Removing the battery
  • Using screwdriver
  • Try a bump key
  • Through a plastic pen
  • Applying a shim

It is necessary to remember that the methods you will apply to start the bike without a key are extreme. These techniques can damage the lock forever. So, while applying them, make sure to do them carefully.

How to Start Electric Bike Without Key

There are Electric Bikes for Climbing Steep Hills if you have this one simply go to the repairman carrying it. However, starting the electric power bike without using a key switch is a kind of interesting thing. Once you understand the basics and techniques, this task will be easy for you. Let’s learn how to start electric bike without key.

How to Start Electric Bike Without Key

Connecting the Wires:

For a quick and temporary fix connecting the wires is the best option. So, take a few minutes and evaluate the combination of wires of the electric power bike properly. You will see from the switch two wires are coming off. Once identifying the ignition wiring simply, connect both of them, and the bike will start.

Removing the Battery:

Some electric bikes come with a detachable battery. So, remove the ignition wiring after battery replacement. Once you remove the ignition, screw the battery on, and it will allow you to use the bike.

Using Screwdriver:

Look out for a screwdriver that looks similar to your bike’s key. After that, insert the screwdriver into the bike’s keyhole. Apply a little bit of force to turn it and start the bike.

Try a Bump Key:

The bump key is well known as a universal key. Once inserting the bump key apply the pull-back method. Simply turn the key, and the bike will start.

Through a Plastic Pen:

Some bike lock’s cylinder comes in a tubular shape. If your bike is like this, then you are lucky enough to start it using a pen. It is an old-school method. Just take a BIC-style plastic pen open up the ink tube. Now use the plastic body to insert into the cylinder, and that’s it. Keep pushing and wiggling the pen into the hole before the bike starts.

Applying a Shim:

For making the shim cut the top and bottom of an aluminum drinking can. Using a scissor, cut the can from the middle and then wipe it. Draw an M shape and cut it out in accordance. Now, give the M shape a V shape look by folding the top once and sides.

Bend it around the shackle of the lock to make the shape round. Insert it against the inside of the shackle to open the lock. For a double bolted lock, you may require two shims.

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Tips to Keep Electric Bike Safe and Secure

Most electric bikes last for at least five years or even more than that. But to get this long-term service, you have to ensure its safety and security. Thus, keep reading the following tips to keep your electric bike safe.

Tips to Keep Electric Bike Safe and Secure

1. Park in a Secure Location

The foremost step to ensure the bike’s safety is to park it in a secure place. If you have to leave the bike unattended for several hours, find a safe indoor location to lock it up. Such as bike parking areas, garage, shed, etc. At night keep it locked inside the house as it is the prime time for thieves to hit the bike.

2. Register the Bike

There are several bike theft applications available to keep it safe from the bike thief. You can register your bike with one of these bike theft applications. It will notify the police and the rider about the stolen bike. This app can also provide location descriptions and pictures to find out the bike.

3. Record Serial Number

A serial number is required to provide to the police when the bike got stolen. Typically you will find the serial number on the seat tube, rear-wheel mount, head tube, or under the crank. This serial number is the bicycle’s ID; it helps the authority to recover the bike by identifying it.

4. Choosing Right Lock

To make the bike theft-proof having a proper and functional lock is mandatory so it is wise not to use the cheap bike locks. You can add more than one lock for enhancing the bike’s security. Electric bike’s batteries, motors, displays, and wheels also have the chance of stealing. In that case, multiple locks can ensure the security of the detachable components and save the bike from theft.

5. Security from Wear and Tear

Wear and tear can render your bike’s effectiveness. Performing precautionary maintenance of the battery connection, tire, brake, and chain, you can prevent this and can ride the bike in comfort. Always keep the battery fully charged and avoid strong headwinds with a lower charge battery while. Even it is wise to keep an extra battery for charging.

E-bikes tires have to endure extra pressure due to the batteries and motor’s additional weight during a bike ride. Therefore, while storing, ensure the tires are distended to the optimal psi. The chain requires regular maintenance like cleaning and lubrication to perform smoothly in the bike paths. So, follow the proper bike maintenance tips always.

Lastly, a strong pair of brakes can allow the machine to stop without having too much wear and tear. So, regular checkup and adjusting the brakes is essential to maintain the functionality before riding.

6. Proper Storage

While storing the bike for a longer period, make sure to store it in a dry environment. You can also remove the battery as it is very expensive. If the bike gets stolen, you can save a few dollars while replacing the bike.


You have to use keys for starting electric bikes, so if you lost them, first try to contact a repairman. If that is not possible, you can try other techniques. As you have seen how to start electric bike without key, now you can get the bike back on the road.

Different bikes require different methods to deal with, and you should know the basics. Starting a bike without using a key is not that hard. However, these are not the ultimate solution; they can provide a temporary fix. To have a permanent fix, look out for the substitute key or go for replacement key.

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