How to Make an Electric Bike With a Starter Motor?

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Electric bikes are great for long-distance rides as it requires less physical effort. They are eco-friendly, perfect for moving and storing. But if you can convert the traditional bike into an exercise bike it will work more conveniently.  To know how to make an electric bike with a starter motor, in detail stay with this guide.

The process is very easy. You just need to connect the battery, install the motor, mount the accelerator, and finally connect the bolts. Electric bikes improve the well being and save money because it doesn’t require petrol to run. People can easily purchase an electric bike from the market but with this guide, they can make their own one.

How to Make an Electric Bike With a Starter Motor?

Modifying the regular bike to the newest electric bikes is not much complicated. You will need some tools or kits for this conversion process. For example, a regular bicycle, a starter motor, battery, some screws or bolts, a master link, an accelerator, and one Motor controller.

How to Make an Electric Bike With a Starter Motor

After collecting all the above tools, simply connect the batteries parallelly, mount the motor, and accelerate steadily. After that, test the engine and finally connect all the rest dots. Now let’s see how to make an electric bike with a starter motor in detail.

Connect Batteries

At first, make a proper series connection between batteries. Connect them in a  parallel way. Simply connect the positive end of a battery to another battery’s negative end with a cable.

Install the Motor

To install the motor, connect the engine and a crankshaft by using a chain. Mount the motor in a triangle position. The perfect motor position will allow better riding, and while cycling, you don’t have to worry. The success rate of this project will depend on the successful installation of the motor.

Test the Engine

In this stage, hold the engine, place the crankshaft in the center, and then start spinning the chain. Verify everything is in the right place and works correctly. Use a master link for connecting the chain’s two ends. To spot the engine, one or two links may substitute. It should not be adjusted; rather, keep it reliable. Otherwise, with fast acceleration, it can drop.

Keep the Motor Stay Firm

Use a pen or marker to trace lines for cutting the plate and secure the motor and generator. Attach the engine strongly to the bike’s plate. You can use screws to hold the motor firmly with the bike.

Mount the Accelerator

Take a stiff and thin element from the old bicycle. Then, place it between the bike’s handle and handlebar. After that, dumb the coat rack to mix the water and detergent. Now, transform the liquid down to the handle.

Mount the Accelerator

Connecting the Rest Dots

All the difficult parts have been done; now, it’s time to do the final work by connecting the dots. Use a screw to adjust the handlebar with the accelerate. Connect the throttle cables, controller, and engine correctly.

Examine the engine for another time to see if it is working correctly or not. Make a connection between the motor and batteries. Make sure not to connect them semi-permanently.  Use washers for adjusting the chain.

After converting, you have to maintain the electric bike to get the best value. Here are some key points that will help you to maintain the electric motorbike.

  • Check the tire condition and, if needed, adjust them. Because an under-inflated tire can get overheated and an over-inflated tire will provide less optimum grip.
  • Frequently lubricate the gears and engines. Make sure not to run the electric bike on dirty fuel. It will reduce the engine life and increase the level of fuel consumption.
  • Keep the filter clean every time and periodically do some battery maintenance. It will guarantee trouble-free and long service.
  • Test the fork and spring and adjust them for more ease and convenience riding.

What Are the Advantages of Riding an Electric Bike?

Electric bikes come with some advantages. In this section, we will provide all the advantages that an electric bike provides while riding.

What Are the Advantages of Riding an Electric Bike

Faster Speed:

The electric cycle works more faster than the two-wheeler bicycles. The battery-powered cycle can easily travel 4 kilometers within 10 minutes. With little effort, these bikes are able to cover miles of distance.

Improve Fitness:

The electric cycle helps to build high endurance through moderate-intensity workouts. Such exercise adapts the body for metabolizing foods to replenish the carbohydrates in the muscles. In this way, the resting metabolism rate increases.

Time-Consuming and Cost-Effective:

People who use electric bikes on a regular basis don’t really need to go to the gym or jog. It will ensure your daily dose of physical activity. So, with this bike, there is no need for the cost of gym membership and petrol. Moreover, from the above section, if you convert the regular bike into an electric bike, it will be much affordable.

Time-Consuming and Cost-Effective

Increase Blood Circulation and Release Stress:

Cycling daily ensures the muscles get a consistent workout. As a result, it helps to improve blood circulation throughout the body. It also controls cortisol in your body, which is a stress hormone. Due to regular cycling, the level of cortisol relives, and the body experiences a natural form of relaxation.


Electric bikes emit less pollution than the car and bikes. It doesn’t require petrol or gas to run. This bike contributes to reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere. When you choose an electric bike instead of a conventional bike, you are contributing something for a better world.

Final Words

That’s the whole process of how to make an electric bike with a starter motor. Now, this electric bike will help you to make some lifestyle changes. Electric bikes are more practical, faster, and, most importantly, environment friendly than regular ones.

This bike is also beneficial for building muscles, boosting metabolism, and improves mental health. The best things about electric bikes are they don’t require any license. So, make your regular bike into an electric bike without spending money for purchasing a new one. This useful guide will help you to convert the traditional bike into an electric bike easily.

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