How To Fix Electric Bike Battery Not Working In 2023

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An Electric Bike is not like a traditional Bike. It is integrated with a motor and a battery and has the same parts as a traditional bicycle. Like many other mechanical components, the parts of an electric bike can damage wear and tear. Especially electric bike battery not working is a common problem for many bike users. It is essential to know the fixing process of an electric bike to run it without inconvenience.

Generally, there are three kinds of battery uses in Electric Bikes. They are Li-Ion, LiPo batteries, and Lead Acid Batteries. In the USA and EU, they usually use Li-Ion and LiPo batteries, and in Asia, they use Lead Acid Batteries. All types of Electric Bike battery mainly damage due to cell damage. Today we are going to deliver a quick-runout to fix the Electric Bike Battery. Stay with us.

Can Electric Bike Batteries Be Repaired?

The cell is the vital thing in all types of batteries. It is made with an anode and cathode, which are separated by an electrolyte that produces voltage. The damage of the cell means anode and cathode are unable to ensure the electrons flow. That’s why it is a common issue that the battery is unable to produce energy, and we called it a dead battery.

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Usually, electric cell damage happened for four main reasons. Overheating, Overcharging, Deep Charging issues, High Discharge, and improper battery power management. If the battery experiences any of them several times, the bike’s performance decreases through the period of time. And maybe unable to run the distance it covers always. A Lithium-based battery may damage for high environmental temperature and sometimes for its internal temperature.

A battery is generally made with one or more individual cells. It is possible to repair electric bike soft pack batteries if the problem is a premature condition. If one cell is damaged, it can be replaced with another cell from an old battery. But if it goes on a serious issue, it may not fix the battery life. It needs to be replaced. If you feel hassle repairing the battery, you can also see Electric Bike Under 500. They have a long-lasting battery management and good performance.

How to Fix Electric Bike Battery

The method is relatively easy and can be done by anyone at home. You need some tools that include electric tape, an old bad battery, a wire cutter. Here are the steps you need to follow to repair the Electric Bike Amperage Battery.

How to Fix Electric Bike Battery

Step 1: Unclosed Old Lithium Battery which is brought from the bike shop. Open it with care if the delicate battery does not damage because it will be utilized in the repair process after some time.

Step 2: Extract a total of six cells from the old acid battery that are related and connected on a 2-2 parallel format. When done this, be sure that you discharge a similar link between cells. You only remove the deep battery connection.

Step 3: Use a multimeter tool and check the old battery voltage. Usually, if the multimeter reading is above 10.8 or the same, it means the volt batteries are in good condition. But if the reading is below this standard, that means the cell is dead. When you confirm the status of the cell, you are processed to repair these cells.

Step 4: Attach the cells that are ready to use in serious format. Use a bit of ware. When they are connected, the whole of the battery should be nearly 36-42 volts. Check the voltage with the multimeter.

Step 5: After that, enclose your bike’s damaged battery and remove the dead. However, keep the circuit without any damage. And take an extra letter of safety so that the battery’s box doesn’t damage while opening the Electric Bike Battery.

Step  6: Connect the circuit with the battery pack by using some copper wire. When you open the cells, you will see 4 loose wires are radiating from the circuit. The long is the negative charge. Likewise, the battery pack also has four power wires, and among them, 1 is a negative charge, and 3 has a positive charge cycles.

Step 7: Review circuit board if there any loose connection earlier of packing the battery on the box. Before you do this, you need to connect the battery with the circuit of the ebike. And then press the power button to see what happened, the operation weather carry a successful result or not. If there is no reaction after pushing the button, connect the battery charger and charge the battery for 5-10 minutes. In most cases, the procedure solves the problem.

Step 8: Lastly, put the circuit and battery back on the battery box. If you want, you can use some adhesive to fit the battery box tightly. The adhesive such as super glue or plastic tape may be used.

Regular Maintenance Tips for Electric Bike Battery

Ebike lithium-ion batteries are made with durable equipment. They may be damaged because of unusual and improper use. Even after repair, they need constant maintenance to work in good condition. A repair is not enough to run it perfectly. Lithium-cell is very sensitive. They can be damaged in high temperatures and even in shallow temperatures. Here are some tips for you to keep your e-bike battery safe and secure.

Regular Maintenance Tips for Electric Bike Battery

One of the most ordinary causes of damage to e-bike battery is overheating. The overheating causes the plug of the battery charger even after the battery has a full charge. This not only damages the battery cell, sometimes causes a severe accident. So be careful about the charging time. Do not plug in the charger when the battery is full. Besides, keeping the ebike in a safe environment is another fact to save the battery from damage. If you are going on a holiday, keep your bike in a place where the environment is not too cool and not too hot. And use a trickle charger which holds a 50% constant charge during this period. It will prevent the cell from severe damage.

It is necessary to service all the equipment of your ebike with an expert. If you do this regularly after a few months, the problem will detect. Besides, the experts can fix the problem. This kind of servicing is not only important for maintenance but also important for enriching the ebike performance. The types of battery of an ebike normally las for 5-10 years with fundamental maintenance.


Electrical things are very sensitive. They need to use with care and constant maintenance. Without a proper guideline, it’s a tricky matter to keep them safe. For an e-bike, you can follow the manual user’s guide to caring for it. Without proper maintenance, you may face more problems with the motor or issues with the type of battery cell.

We hope the electric bike battery not working is not a severe issue for you anymore after going through this guideline. Replacing the damaged cell is not a complex job if you know the process.

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