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Charging is a big fact which many people wonder about while using electric bikes. Are you also feeling concerned about this issue? Well, we did some research on how to charge electric bike battery. We will provide the best methods for charging the e-bikes batteries in this article.

Simply remove the battery, place and connect the charger into the main outlet and finally turn on the plug. See, it’s not that complicated as it seems like. To improve the performance of the battery and its lifespan there are some other factors that you have to consider. So, stay with us to know these aspects of charging the e-bikes batteries.

Where Can I Charge My Electric Bike?

You can charge your electric bike’s battery in both private and public places. Make sure to take permission while charging in public places like gas stations. Here are some good places which will provide the best way to charge e bike battery.

Where Can I Charge My Electric Bike?

  • Bike Shops: Charging electric bike batteries on bike shops makes the most sense. There are more chances of the owners being supportive.
  • Office or Work: It is one of the safest places because most offices have a charging outlet. Simply bring your bike inside to charge; this thing will also prevent it from stealing.
  • Coffee Shop: Some coffee shops are designed with a specific charging outlet corner. Just grab your coffee mug or drink and start charging the battery of your electric bike.
  • Campgrounds and Parks: Often, you will find RV hookups with regular power outlets in the campgrounds. Some parks do have outlets around the pavilions and bathrooms.
  • Public Libraries: Libraries have bike racks to park and lock the bike along with a charging outlet area.
  • Universities: Usually, universities are more accommodating for the bikers. There are bike racks and several outlets, which are very helpful for the students.
  • Restaurants: Restaurants like fast food joints also have outlets. So, while eating, you can keep your e-bike for a quick charge.
  • Grocery Stores: Often, bigger grocery stores keep outlets for charging. But smaller groceries don’t have this option much.
  • Gas Station or Fire Station: Gas and fire stations do have outlets, but you have to take permission before putting your bike for charging.
  • Highway Works Yards: In an emergency, you can charge your bike with the yard owner’s permission. Hopefully, they will be supportive enough to allow charging.

How to Charge Electric Bike Battery

You can charge your e-bike’s battery by taking it out or directly plugging the charger while the battery is attached to the bike. Let’s move on to how to charge electric bike battery.

How to Charge Electric Bike Battery

By Removing the Battery

Turn off the battery by locating the power button from the bike. This thing will ensure safety while removing the battery from the bike. Some e-bikes use a key to unlock the battery, so turn this key to disengage the lock. If the bike uses clips or tabs to hold the battery, you have to undo them to release it.

Insert the power cord into the charging adapter’s slot and plug it into an outlet. In order to power the battery, the power cord must match the adapter’s port. To make sure the adapter is working, lookout for the charging adapter’s green light. After that, place the battery on an even surface and locate the charging port.

Usually, it is located on the top or side of the battery. Take the charger and connect it directly to the battery’s charging port. Keep your eyes on the indicator lights and look if they turn on or not. Until the indicator color changes or turns off, keep the battery for charging. Do not use the battery before it gets fully charged.

Charging Directly from the Bike

Gently lean the e-bike against a sturdy wall or balance it in a standing position by activating the kickstand. Locate the battery’s charging port; it will resemble a multi-pronged wall outlet. If you can’t find the charging port, find a covering. This cover will slide to the side to expose the charging port.

Now, plug the charger and make sure it is adequately plugged into the bike. Before unplugging the charger, make sure the battery is fully charged. Otherwise, it can shorten the lifespan of the battery.

How Long Does it Take to Charge an Electric Bike Battery?

Now that you know how to charge ebike battery faster, it’s time to know how long the charging takes. The charging time of an e-bike’s battery depends on several factors. For example, the battery size, the charger’s Amp rating, travel distance, weather condition, etc.

How Long Does it Take to Charge an Electric Bike Battery?

Also, you can get the exact idea of the charging time from the manufacturer’s manual guide. When the indicator light turns off, that means the battery gets fully charged. Generally, it takes 3 to 6 hours to charge from 0% to 100%.

How Often Should You Charge Your Ebike Battery?

Once every week, you should charge your electric bike’s battery fully. Frequent users may require more charging. However, charging once every week improves the battery’s overall capacity and makes it long-lasting.

How Often Should You Charge Your Ebike Battery?

Electric bikes come in uneven wattage like 250 watts or 750 watts e-bike. so, Every e-bike doesn’t use the same battery and charger. That’s why, before you start charging, make sure to read the full manual guide and make sure how much watts is your bike. Keep in mind never discharge the battery fully. It will be better to charge the battery while it has more than 30% power.


Due to the speed, eco-friendliness, and effortless riding, e-bikes are gaining much popularity. With this electric bike, you can ride mountains or hills and tackle any weather obstacles easily. To experience these benefits, you have to take care of the batteries of the e-bike.

Here, we share how to charge electric bike battery along with how often and how long to charge it. All this information will help you to charge the battery appropriately and ultimately improves the battery’s lifespan. Proper charging is a big factor for battery service, so follow this guide while charging the battery.

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