Do You Wear Underwear With Bike Shorts? [Pro Cyclist Answers]

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When I started cycling about ten years ago, I used to wear underwear with my padded bike shorts. But I would feel uncomfortable and ride my bicycle for a short distance than others. So, do you wear underwear with bike shorts? What’s the best practice?

In my 10 years of cycling practice, I realized that wearing underwear with bike shorts is not the ideal practice. The underwear seams can rub to cause painful chafing and an uncomfortable riding experience. You may also face infection and skin rashes as the breathability gets hampered significantly.

I wrote this article to share reasons not to wear underwear with bike shorts. I have also provided insights into different types of bike shorts and how to wear them.

Do You Wear Underwear with Bike Shorts?

Bike shorts help cyclists ride more comfortably and cover long distances without chafing the skin. But many novice cyclists are confused about whether to wear underwear.

Do You Wear Underwear with Bike Shorts

So, do you wear underwear with bike shorts? No. The padded bike shorts can hug the body and absorb the sweat to prevent chafing against the skin.

The underwear seams can cause painful chafing to result in uncomfortable rides over a long distance. It also contributes to painful saddle sores.

Underwear can also decrease sweat and moisture wicking significantly. Excessive sweat accumulation in the kicker can facilitate urinary tract infection and skin rashes. So, it’s best not to wear any boxers under bike shorts.

What Are the Different Types of Bike Shorts?

The idea of cycling without kickers may appear strange and foreign to some people. But the option helps avoid rubbing and irritation from the underwear seams.

Every cyclist needs to choose the right type of bike shorts and accessories to feel more comfortable when going a commando-style.

What Are the Different Types of Bike Shorts

Below are the leading different types of bike shorts:

Bib Shorts

These bike shorts are lightweight and snug to the skin to result in ultimate comfort during the intense pedaling experience. The aerodynamic design allows freedom of movement without chafing.

The road shorts have breathable fabric to draw sweat away from the skin and allow water vapor to escape with ease. The fresh air circulation makes the cyclists more comfortable.

The high-quality padding allows better movement against the skin due to the shaping. It makes the rider feel more comfortable on a long riding experience.

Baggy Shorts

The baggy shorts are robust with lightweight nylon fabric to provide ultimate protection against brambles, branches, and encounters with the ground.

The chamois feature allows cyclists to wash the liner and shorts separately. The liner provides leg grips to stop flapping and riding up.

These mountain bike shorts have an adjustable waistband as a secure method of closure. The cargo pockets provide ample storage space for valuable items.

How To Wear Bike Shorts The Right Way?

Proper clothing makes cyclists feel more comfortable and improve the overall cycling experience. Many cyclists are aware of this clothing but don’t know how to fit them well.

Below are quick tips on how you should fit bike shorts:

The Right Fitting

Every cyclist needs to find a perfect short size that can fit and be snug to the skin. It should also be comfortable to enhance freedom of movement when pedaling.

Besides that, the fabric should be breathable to allow free air circulation and prevent chafing when cycling over a long distance.

Wear Bike Shorts Well

Position the chamois to snug against the skin. Remember to stretch the fabric to make it flexible without being droopy.

Pull the bike-short while placing the hand over the pad between the legs. Bend your right leg up to pull the pad and place it in the right place.

Wearing Bib Shorts

The suspender helps eliminate the gathering on the waist to create more comfort around the midsection. Ensure the straps are worn under the cycling jersey.

Use Chamois Cream

Chamois cream helps eliminate the friction between the skin and the bike short. It also removes the chafing that happens during cycling.

However, using chamois cream is optional since the bike shorts have pads that are more effective and efficient in removing chafing.

Wash Bike Shorts More Often

Cycling is a sweating activity that produces a lot of bacteria. Washing the shorts helps remove the odor and reduces the risk of urinary tract infection.

Use a washing machine and cold water to clean your bike shorts. Be sure to line dry them to increase their lifespan.

Final Words

Sweating and chafing is a common phenomenon when riding a bicycle over a long distance. Therefore, I recommend not wearing underwear with the bike shorts.

In contrast, bike shorts make you feel more comfortable on long rides. It helps prevent unnecessary chafing and sweat buildup between the thighs.

For example, an riding an electric bike on the sand requires high-quality bike shorts. It will make you feel more comfortable when cruising over the hot beach sand.

I hope the information mentioned above was helpful. Feel free to share with your friends and family.

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