How to Fix Electric Bike Error Codes?

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People who use electric bikes often get some error codes on the display. Getting error codes are something that no rider wants to see. Because generally, error codes indicated that there is something wrong with the bike. New riders may not know all these error code facts. Thus, this article will show you the electric bike error codes in detail.

With any error, the e-bike started flashing. At this time, you should open the eBike app from your smartphone and can get the detailed error description. Every error code defines different issues with the bike. So, let’s find out the common errors and their codes.

Common Electric Bike Errors

The electric bike comes with some common errors, whether it’s an expensive one or an average priced electric bike. These errors may affect the electrical system of the bike. Some common electric bike errors are-

Common Electric Bike Errors

1. Throttle Error

Many riders have a tendency of pulling back the throttle cable and let it go even without a slow release. This wrong tendency will lead the throttle abnormality to break or damage.

2. Speed or Torque Sensor Error

The speed or torque sensor errors can get some errors as they have been overused. Also, the released dust particles from the brake levers can cause speed sensor error.

3. Battery Voltage

Both low voltage and over voltage protection can cause an error. If you use an incorrect battery, then it will go into the sleeping mode or not function accurately.

4. Battery Prongs

If the battery prongs are not lined up correctly, the electrical circuit won’t be complete. This thing prevents the battery from working effectively.

5. Communication Abnormality

Communication error issues can cause while there is an error between the controller and display. Also, due to bad or cheap cables, this issue can happen.

5. Communication Abnormality

6. Motor Open Phase Error

If your bikes have any error between the battery and controller or motor plug and controller, this can happen. Motor hall signal error can also occur due to inaccuracy between motor and controller.

Usually, errors occur when the sensor becomes unable to calibrate correctly. Also, when the software encounters and the connection interrupted. So, before we go for the electric bike error codes here are some general tips to solve these common problems.

  • Switch your electric bike off and wait for 10 seconds. With a computer, you can reboot it. This thing works wonderfully.
  • Look out for the batteries and see if they are installed and fully charged or not.
  • Properly inspect all the visible connections and see if the display is adequately engaged or not.
  • Make sure the spoke magnet is in the right place, and it’s not twisted. With the missing magnet, the e-bike motor can’t determine the speed appropriately with speed sensor. It will switch into an emergency mode or stop working completely.

All Electric Bike Error Codes List

Error codes can differ according to different brands. If the above tricks don’t work for you have a look at the electric bike error codes below. We showed what the error code means, along with some solutions. 

All Electric Bike Error Codes List

Error Code Error Cause Description
4 Open Throttle Fault When throttle becomes unable to return to the start position. Check to find out if anything is blocking it or not.
5 Throttle Fault The throttle may get damaged, so inspect the throttle cable.
6 Low Voltage Protection The battery is too low to run comparing the e-bike’s capacity. It won’t function correctly, indicated by electric bike error code 6.
7 Over Voltage Protection The battery voltage is too high to run the bike. An incorrect battery used on the bike shows electric bike error code 7.
8 Motor Hall Sensor Fault At least one hall sensor wire of the motor may be damaged or disconnected.
9 Motor Phase Line fault The electric bike error code 9 refers to the minimum one phase wire of the motor that has been damaged or disconnected.
10 High Temperature Fault The controller reaches its maximum level to tolerate the temperature indicated by electric bike error code 10. Before using the e-bike, let all the controllers to cool down.
11 Temperature Sensor Fault The temperature sensor of the controller has been damaged or disconnected.
12 Current Sensor Fault Current sensor of the controller becomes damaged or disconnected.
21 Electric Current Error Motor cable is not connected. Bypassing the motor cable, plug connection with the controller into the motor. If error code remains, test with new motor core and controller error.
25 Brake Abnormality Unplug brake pads, and to check each brake, restart the bike. If the error remains, try a new controller after unplugging the brakes.
29 Battery Voltage Sensor fault The sensors of the battery pack got damaged. See the dealer to solve this issue.
30 Communication Abnormality Improper connection between the display and controller-electric bike error code 30. Check for all corrosion damage and cable connection.
31 Peak Over Current Protection Too high current voltage to a battery pack. If the system locks, reduce the demand and restart the bike.
34 ACC-Voltage Error It’s the power supply error of the electric bike.
35 Sensors 4V3 Error Problem is in the power supply sensor. Inspect the motor sensor and peddling sensor wires.
36 Lights V Error Electric bikes light line’s power output failure or assist light error. Check the wiring accessory, disconnect it and contact the accessory supplier.


If you are new or planning for purchasing an electric bike, then this guide is for you. We showed the basic electric bike error codes, which can help you to get the exact issue. Also, with the help of the eBike app, you can see the details errors. Now you can solve these minor issues easily and quickly.

It’s a bitter truth that these useful electric bikes come with such error issues. With proper maintenance, these can be eliminated. For the full list of error, always consider the manufacturer’s manual guide. If you still can’t solve any issue, simply contact the dealer and get the solution.

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