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Biking is one of the easiest and most affordable ways of transport and having a quality exercise. Therefore, it becomes the most popular choice for many people. But, how long does it take to bike 25 miles? We will discuss all the elements and provide the best solution in this article.

Several factors like the type of bike, terrain, routes, health condition, weather, etc, the actual speed and time will vary. The time will differ for the professionals and beginners due to their different intensity levels. Stick to this guide to clear all the confusion and doubts.

Is 25 Miles a Long Bike Ride?

No, it’s not a long bike ride. Actually, it depends on someone’s fitness level, intensity, age, and many other things. A young person who has a moderate fitness level can easily cross 25 miles and can reach 30 miles also.

Is 25 Miles a Long Bike Ride

It will be difficult to even complete 10 miles for an unhealthy and senior citizen. Beginners will find it easy to cover 15-21 miles. See the below chart to understand the beginner’s difficulty level.

Miles Distance Level of Difficulty
0-7 Extremely Easy
8-14 Quite Easy
15-21 Able to Cover
22-28 Challenging but Can Do
29-35 Hard
35+ Very Hard and Not Fit

They will face some difficulty while going further for 22-28 miles. To reach 29-30 miles will be very hard for them. But when they increase their intensity level this achieving these miles will be easier for them. Most teenagers go really far than 25 miles without even complaining. So, the average bike users can continuously complete 25 miles at the beginning period. It will be exhausting for the first few days.

In the long run, it will be much beneficial for the health condition. Daily riding will train your lower body with less strain and stress on the muscle. You don’t have to ride 25 miles every day. The right balance of 20 to 25 miles in a week can also provide the best result. So, yes, a 25 miles ride can make you mentally fit, improve lung capacity, joint mobility, muscle strength, and flexibility.

How Long Does It Take to Bike 25 Miles?

A common question that all bikes wonder is, how long does it take to bike 25 miles? Well, it depends on several factors like the bike type, riding terrain, your fitness, incline of the road, weather, etc. All these things determine your speed level. If everything remains constant, it may require 100 or 120 minutes to cover 25 miles, which can differ if you are using a powerful electric bike.

How Long Does It Take to Bike 25 Miles

How Many Calories Do You Burn Biking 25 Miles?

The number of burning calories generally depends on three key factors like your weight, speed, and duration. With heavy-weight, you will have to put more energy to move the cycle and burn calories. Also, with faster peddle speed, you can burn more calories.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Biking 25 Miles?

Lastly, the longer you ride at a higher speed, the more calories you will burn.  For example, a 150lbs weighted person with 14-16 mph speed will burn 1191 calories after riding 25 miles. And, with the same speed and miles, a 200lbs person will burn 1588 calories.

Factors That Affect How Long It Take to Bike 25 Miles

From the above discussion, you will get a rough idea about how long does it take to bike 25 miles. Now, let’s discuss the most common factors that cause variations in miles and time while biking.

Fitness Level:

The biker’s overall fitness significantly impacts the time it takes to cover 25 miles. Beginners will struggle a bit to cover this distance. Until they gain proper fitness, biking for longer distances becomes very hard for them. Try to increase your intensity and fitness slowly and steadily. For people who go to the gym and exercise regularly, crossing 25 miles in a shorter time will be very easy.

Bike Types:

There are several types of bikes like road bikes, mountain bikes, etc. Different bikes come with different features that influence the riding speed. One more thing is the tire; soft tires work faster on the flat or tarmac road. But soft tires become unstable with murram or wet roads. You have to consider the type and number of gears. With several gears, you can significantly increase the speed.


On paved roads, you can easily ride with a road bike than mountain bikes. Similarly, mountain bikes are better suitable for trekking hills than road bikes. Roads with dusty trails, sticky mud, and rocks took a longer time to cover. Another fact is gravity, which can differ in speed.


For example, going upwards needs extra work for countering the gravity thus, it becomes slow. Going downwards, it works absolutely opposite. While riding downhill, gravity provides an extra boost; thus, it takes less time.


Weather affects the speed and performance most. Sunny days are idle for riding bikes conveniently with faster speed and better control. On the contrary, rainy days make it hard or tougher for the riders to ride with faster speed and control. Winds can work against or for you to cover the miles.

Clothing and Accessories:

The type of clothes you are wearing has the most influence on the riding speed. Try to wear lightweight clothes and helmets as the professional riders do. The number of accessories carried by a bike can affect the speed. For example, if you carry a water bottle, first-aid or tool kit obviously, the speed will be slower than the other.

Rider’s Skills:

The speed depends on the rider’s skills also. An experienced biker will have extra power, energy, and edge than a newbie. The experienced will know how to handle the bike, gears, terrains, etc., better than the novice. Also, due to greater stamina, they can cover 25 miles much before than the beginners.


Bikes are the most cost-effective option for regular transportation, maintaining a calorie deficit, and healthy life. If you can use this bike adequately, it can do wonders to shape up your body and muscles. They are very easy going and can cope up with quickly.

Bikes can provide you the best combination of enjoying nature with fresh air and having good exercise. But how long does it take to bike 25 miles, and is it too long? We hope you get all the answers from the above discussions. Now get the bike out and test your time for yourself.

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