How Much Does An Electric Bike Weight?

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Compared to traditional bikes, electronic bikes are a bit heavier. However, battery, speed limitation, and motor can make a big difference when we impact an electric bike’s weight. So, how much does an electric bike weight depend on many related issues.

Below here you will get a clear idea about how to measure the BMX bike properly. Also, will be able to acquire a proper idea about the factors contributing to the bike’s weight.

Does Electric Bike Weight Matter?

It matters, and it doesn’t. Both answers can be correct in terms of their use. People who do daily activities like office work, public transportation, and everyday outings work; maybe its weight matters. No one wants to carry a 65lb heavy bike every day. Lightweight and straightforward electric bikes will be more preferable here.

Does Electric Bike Weight Matter

On the contrary, some may use e-bikes for long-distance rides like mountain climbing called electric mountain bikes. This electric bike has a different range, speed level, and larger motors and batteries, adding weight.

What Are The Main Contributors To The Weight of an Electric Bike?

What makes an electronic bike more efficient, and why is that? There are so many questions that can go through our minds when we look up the weight of the e-bike. Besides, a significant issue we should keep in mind is that the battery, motor, extra components, and reinforced frame made the bikes more efficient and durable. Let’s get a clear idea about the contributors of the E-bikes’ weight.

What Are The Main Contributors To The Weight of an Electric Bike

Bike weight

There are plenty of e-bike types, and different bikes carry different weights. Most of them are based on mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, or cruiser bikes. However, a tail mountain bike weighs 29 to 32 lbs, and it can increase up to 35 lbs when lower-end bikes are added. Additionally, the body of the bike will differ in weight. A carbon frame body and wheels weight depends on its containing power and how far it will go for a ride.


As you know, the e-bikes control fully remains on the throttle. Also, there are many wires and connections are there on the throttle. All in all, the throttle assembly adds the weight of a couple of pounds to the bike. However, individually the weight doesn’t seem to be much, but altogether it’s notable.


The bike’s controller has extra weight, and it can be 1 pound or more. However, the bike controller is used to connect the entire electrical element with your e-bike. The controller can be said, as the heart of bikes because of the connections.


Electric bikes are available from 200 watts to 1000watts. Depending on the power of the size of the motor varies. Also, the weight of the engine has a significant impact on the whole weight of the e-bike. After the bike frame, the component that adds the most weight to the bike is the motor. And the importance of the engine is almost 30-40% of the whole bike.


After the motor comes to the battery that supplies power to the bike, as the wattage of the engine rises, the battery’s size gets bigger and adds a remarkable amount of weight to the bike.

Display and Wiring

Finally, the minor weight contributors come. They are the display and the wiring. As the e-bikes are entirely battery operated and powered by a motor, there happens to be many wiring. Besides, to show the credentials of the bike, a display is there. These things are contributors to the weight of the bike as well.

How Much Does an Electric Bike Weight

This question can’t be answered on average as e-bikes come in different types, power variations, and purposes. The kinds of available e-bikes are pedal-assist, throttle, rear hub motors, center drive motors, and each of the types has different attachments and mechanisms. So the weight of the e-bike varies a lot.

However, the average weight of a electric bike you can assume is somewhere between 45-50 pounds, 40%-50% more than the average weight of regular bikes. However, this weight can rise in the case of the fat tire electric bikes. And the importance rises if you add more attachments to the cycle like bottle holder, headlight, etc.

Hopefully, you’ve got the answer, How much does an electric bike weight? And which things are responsible for the increase in weight. However, electric bikes are the heaviest of all types of bikes because of the motor and the battery. Also, the frame is heavier in weight. If you can get the one made with carbon fiber, then you can be satisfied with the weight.

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