How to Carry Spare E-Bike Battery? (Get the Right Solution)

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The battery is one of the most vital parts of an e-bike and a major problem many riders encounter. It’s similar to a bunch of the normal batteries we buy in a store put together but a bit stronger. However, E-bike batteries have a life span or riding range; hence it’s important to know how to carry  spare e bike battery. This will help you prevent the pains of riding manually if the battery dies.

So, this article explains why you need a spare e-bike battery, how you can carry it, and the advantages. It’s a piece targeted at enlightening e-bike riders and intending owners.

Can I Add Another Battery to My eBike

You can dualize your e-bike battery to increase the riding range. You can connect or run the two batteries as one big battery using the xt90 plugs.  But you need to ensure the following;

  • The voltage of the batteries should be the same, and ensure you run them in parallel. They will produce double of each cycling range or hours and double voltage output after a successful connection.
  • Ensure that the batteries are of the same type and charge them to their full capacity before connecting. This will prevent you from damaging either the battery or yourself as they equalize instantly. For instance, you can connect two 12 Volts 26Ah batteries in series. But it’s dangerous trying to connect a 12Volt 26Ah battery and a 6Volt 26Ah battery.
  • Before charging the batteries, ensure that you unplug them from each other, charge separately to avoid battery imbalance. Ensure you use a charger specified for the battery system, don’t charge them while the packs are in parallel form. This could be very dangerous because if one BMS fails, the battery will continue to charge.

However, connecting batteries in parallel or series increases only the voltage and not the capacity. For instance, connecting two 12Volt 26Ah batteries will give you a battery of 24Volts with a capacity of 26Ah.

How To Carry Spare e-Bike Batteries?

If you have decided to go with a spare battery, the next thing is how to carry spare eBike batteries, considering the weight. This is because a standard eBike battery weighs about 7pounds. Below is some guideline to help out.

How To Carry Spare eBike Batteries

1. Rear Racks Carriage

Carrying your spare battery at the rear helps make the e-bike balanced when you have one on the frame. Most e-bikes have specific rear-mounted racks, and some can carry up to two spare batteries. You can mount the battery centrally with a quick removal option that makes it easier. E-bikes also have luggage space on the raised platform. You can use one for your luggage and battery.

However, it’s important to secure the battery in a small cover bag to avoid its damage from water, etc. eBike rear racks are cheap and easy to use.

2. Frame Mounted Bags

Frame Mounted Bags

If you have your main battery integrated into the down tube of your e-bike, then you can go for this option. Carrying your spare e-bike battery in a top tube frame bag will aid in your e-bike’s stability or balance. They are designed to balance in the triangle of your e-bike’s frame with four connecting points. Frame bags are among the most popular choices, especially the water-resistant model. You can use them to carry other luggage.

They are inexpensive and are easily removable. Also, they are of different sizes, with 6l as the largest.

3. Rear Seat Pack

Rear seat pack

This is another popular choice among e-bike riders. They are water-resistant and easy to remove. The position is similar to the rear racks carriage. It’s a natural and balanced position closer to the rider’s weight.  You can add your luggage to the bag in addition to your spare battery. You need to consider the size of your spare battery while buying your seat bag as they vary in size.

4. Biking Packback

This option is not the most convenient since you may not carry along your backpack each time you want to ride. In the event of a fall, it could also be dangerous as you may hit your back hard on the battery or other item in the bag. The advantage is that you don’t need to worry about securing your battery in the parking slot. You are already carrying it and have saved yourself the stress of removing it from your e-bike.

Biking Backpack

What are the advantages of carrying a spare e-bike battery?

There are obvious reasons why you should carry a spare battery for your eBike; they are outlined below;

  • Doubles the Capacity and Extends your Battery Range: Ridding an electronic bike is fun when a low battery doesn’t interrupt your ride. You don’t have to pass through the stress of pedaling with all your strength to complete your ride. Once the current battery runs down, you can quickly change to the spare to continue riding with fun.
  • Balance: Carrying a spare e-bike battery at the rear rack or seat adds more balance to your e-bike. It adds to the weight of the rider and makes the eBike more stable.
  • Upgrade: It gives you the opportunity of replacing your current battery with another one of a higher capacity.

Final Verdict

Ridding an Electronic bike will not only make your journey faster but easier and more fun. This dream comes true when you ride with a spare battery that will help increase your cycling range. Generally, getting an eBike battery is not that expensive. You can get a $500 bucks e bike battery. Based on the capacity you want, there are higher options of about $900 and above.

However,  some e-bike riders don’t ride with a spare battery because of how and where to carry it. This article explains how to carry  spare e Bike battery with pictures. Then, you only need to select the option that best suits you and adopt. With this, you won’t have to pedal your e-bike again to complete your journey.

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