How To Do Ebike Battery BMS Reset?

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BMS or Battery Management System is one of the essential components of an e-bike’s battery. It’s a small circuit board that stays inside the battery and ensures that the bike’s battery works appropriately and smoothly.

However, sometimes you may face some battery issues like your e-bike’s battery isn’t charging or discharging. And these battery conditions don’t indicate the battery replacement, where simply resetting the BMS can let the issue disappear.

Well, when it’s about ebike battery BMS reset, many e-bike users often get confused about how to perform a BMS reset. There’re two ways to perform the resetting process, and by following this article, you can get a complete idea about it.

What Does a BMS Do on an Ebike Battery?

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What Does a BMS Do on an Ebike Battery

Well, battery is one of the essential parts of the e-bike conversion kit, and BMS is the main circuit point of e-bike batteries. This battery management system controls the battery’s charging and discharging process, which ensures everything is working smoothly.

In short, the main goal of BMS is to balance all the cells of the battery while charging and discharging. BMS ensures that everything is in the safe range by preventing overheating and many other battery issues.

Most importantly, the BMS or battery management system also helps keep the battery in shape and increase the lifespan.

Why Is It Important to Perform a BMS Reset?

If you’re a casual e-bike rider, then you may don’t need to know the importance of performing a BMS reset. However, if you’re a regular electric bike rider, it’s essential to know the importance of BMS resetting.

Why Is It Important to Perform a BMS Reset

Here are some core reasons that will explain why you need to perform a BMS reset, have a look:

  • If the Battery Is Not Working: One of the main reasons to perform a BMS reset is to fix charging or discharging issues. Sometimes you may face charging or even discharging issues with your electric bike’s battery which can be reduced through BMS resetting.
  • Fix Battery Issues: Alongside charging or discharging, several issues can occur with your electric bike’s battery. And by resetting the BMS or battery management system, you can easily bypass many electric bike battery-related issues.

In short, the importance of performing BMS resetting is high as knowing the process can save money or even prevent unnecessary battery replacement.

How to Do Ebike Battery BMS Reset?

When it’s about how to do an electric bike battery BMS reset, there are two different ways that you can follow. Such as:

How to Do Ebike Battery BMS Reset

  • External Reset
  • Internal Reset

You can follow any of them that make you feel comfortable. However, if the external reset process doesn’t work, you should try the internal reset process. And through the section below, we’re going to show how to perform both resetting processes step by step.

Tools Required

No matter what method you’re gonna follow to reset your electric bike batteries BMS, you have to arrange some tools. So what tools you may need to perform a BMS reset both internally and externally? Follow the section below to know about them.

  • Here we’ve included some tools that you may need to perform a BMS reset externally. Have a look:
  • Safety gloves
  • Wire cutters
  • A soldering iron
  • A standard multimeter or voltmeter
  • Here are some materials that you’ll need to perform external BMS resetting:
  • DC barrel jack receptacle
  • Electrical wire (red and black)
  • Electrical Tape
  • Here we’ve included some tools that you may need to perform a BMS reset internally. Have a look:
  • A flathead screwdriver
  • A plus or Phillips screwdriver

Once you have arranged all the required tools, it’s time to start the resetting procedure.

How to Perform a BMS Reset Externally?

Among two methods to reset the BMS most people find the external resetting method comfortable. And here are the steps you have to follow to perform the external BMS resetting process:

How to Perform a BMS Reset Externally

Step 1: Create the Adapter

The first thing you have to do before starting the resetting process is wearing protective gloves. Then create an adapter by soldering the red wire to the “+” terminal and the black onto the “-” terminal of the DC receptacle.

The adapter will let you charge the battery with the help of the discharge port. Use an electric tape that will hold the wires and cover the blanks as well.

Step 2: Test the Adapter

Before going to the final step, you have to check the adapter, and here is how to do it:

  • Plug the battery charger into your adapter
  • Make sure that the ends of the wire do not touch each other; otherwise, you may have to face the consequences.
  • Test your adapter with a voltmeter to ensure that it is wired correctly. Place the black pin on the black wire and the red pin on the red wire.

Now you’ll see a positive voltage reading. However, if you see a negative voltage reading means you’ve connected the wire to the wrong terminals.

Step 3: Perform The BMS Reset:

Once you’ve ensured that the wires are placed correctly, it’s time to perform the BMS reset. And here are the steps you have to follow to ensure proper BMS reset:

  • Locate the discharge port and notice the plus and minus symbols which indicate positive and negative terminals.
  • Now connect the red wire to the positive and the black wire to the negative terminal.
  • Once the connection is made, your charger light should turn red and hold the wires just like that for 15 seconds.

This process will cause the BMS to reset itself. Once the procedure is done, now check the battery if it’s working properly or not. If your e-bike’s battery is not working properly, now you should follow the second step.

How to Perform a BMS Reset Internally?

If the external BMS resetting process doesn’t fix the battery issue, following the internal resetting method will definitely work. Here are the steps you need to follow, have a look:

How to Perform a BMS Reset Internally

Step 1: Open The Battery

Since it’s the internal BMS resetting process, you have to access the inside of the battery. Remove the battery cap by unscrewing the screws. And use a screwdriver for unscrewing. Removing the cap will let you access the BMS, battery cells, and all other wires.

Step 2: Pull The BMS Chip Out Slightly

Slide the battery cells a few inches from the case to access the BMS chip. Remember you’re sliding the cells to access the BMS clip, so you don’t need to slide everything out from the case.

Once the BMS chip is entirely outside the case, now you can proceed to the next step or final step.

Step 3: Reset the BMS

Here is the final step; you have to identify the BMS circuit. And you can easily identify the BMS circuit as it will be connected with several wires from a harness. And follow the below steps to complete the internal resetting process. Have a look:

  • Disconnect the wiring harness from the BMS chip.
  • After disconnecting the harness, now plug the charger into the battery and turn on the battery.
  • Then again, reconnect the wiring harness to the BMS chip as before, and you’re done.

Now put all the parts back in the battery case as before and check the battery if it is working or not. Most importantly, if your battery has any BMS-related issues, then the issues should be solved after this resetting process.

How Do I Know if My BMS Is Working?

Since BMS is the critical function of a battery that maintains and regulates the charging and discharging, it’s essential to check its working condition. And if you ever face any battery issues, then you can test the BMS to ensure if it’s working nice or not.

The best way to check the working condition of BMS is to check the battery’s internal wiring and connection. You can also perform a BMS reset and check the voltages across the pins as well.

By checking if your BMS is working or not, you can easily determine you need BMS replacement, or you need to replace other battery components. However, you can check out this video to get a detailed idea about checking your battery’s BMS condition. Have a look:


When anyone faces any issue with their electric device, most people reset their device to get rid of the issue. And the same rule goes with an electric bike battery, and by resetting the battery BMS you can fix charging or discharging issues and many more.

However, you cannot reset your electric bike battery’s BMS like any other electronic device. To reset the BMS, you can follow two different methods, including external and internal resetting methods. Well, since you know how to perform ebike battery BMS reset, try one of the mentioned methods and get rid of your e-bike battery issues.

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