How to Fix a Bike Chain That Keeps Falling Off?

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When the bike’s chain falls off frequently, it becomes the most annoying thing as well as dangerous. Especially when you are in traffic, it can be the reason for an accident also. To help you with this issue, we have come up with a solution. We will show the process for how to fix a bike chain that keeps falling off.

You have to check the setup of your bike and find out the reasons for chains falling off. If it falls off from the rear side adjust the rear derailleur. When it falls from the inside of the cassette then use the smaller front chainring and the rear largest sprocket to put the chain. Read this whole article to learn the techniques to fix this issue.

How Does a Chain Work?

Before fixing anything, first, you have to understand how this thing works. So, let’s learn how a chain works. Generally, bicycle chains are roller chains. It helps to propel the bicycle by transferring its power from the pedals to the drive wheel.

How Does a Chain Work

Most bicycle chains are designed with nickel-plated, alloy steel, or plain carbon. The most powerful electric bike uses strong and special chains because these bikes exert more strain on their chains.

Basically, chains are placed on the crankset’s front side teeth and with the rear chainring. The chain is guided by the front and rear gear derailleur. While shifting the gears, these derailleurs help for moving the chain. In this way, the bicycle chain shifts its place onto the chosen gear. This is the basic working process of a bicycle chain.

What Do I Need to Fix the Bike Chain That Keeps Failing?

Due to several reasons, the bike chain can fall down. Such as loose chain, inaccurate front or lower derailleur, too long chain, worn-out chain components, etc. At this point, you will need a chain tool to fix the chain. Also, it is possible to fix the bike chain only with a hammer and pliers. But, the chain tool makes things easier while on the street.

What Do I Need to Fix the Bike Chain That Keeps Failing?

How to Fix a Bike Chain That Keeps Falling Off?

If your electric bike chain started falling off frequently, that means some setup may change. So, the first thing you have to do is make sure the drivetrain bolts are tight.

Also, inspect that everything is in the place and not get whacked or the rear wheel is correctly positioned. After completing the inspection, now, let’s see how to fix a bike chain that keeps falling off.

How to Fix a Bike Chain That Keeps Falling Off?

Placing the Bike

Hang the bike from a stand or turn it back upside down. It will make the fixing process easier and keep the bike steady while working on it. The bike should rest on its seat and handlebars.

Note the Gear

Look out for the gear the bike is on and where the chain is resting now. For getting slack on the chain, push the arm of the rear derailleur toward the handlebars. Use another hand for sliding the chain back on the right gear. Drape the chain on the right rear gear using 2-3 fingers. After that, bring the chain’s other end to the front gear’s front side.

Make sure there is enough slack for getting 10 to 15 teeth on the gear into the chain’s groove. When you have some teeth in place, slowly release the derailleur. Now, for 1 full rotation backward slowly pedal the bike with the hands. After the first backward rotation, now it’s time to pedal the bike forward 2 or 3 times more. It will make sure the chain is securely in place.

Caring the Drivetrain

It is the bike’s main transmission. Drivetrains are the reason for back wheel moving. It consists of chainrings, a cassette, a rear derailleur, and the chain itself. The drivetrain wears out and makes the chin fall down because of the collected dirt, grime, and grit.

Caring the Drivetrain:

Adequate and frequent maintenance or cleaning of the drivetrain can maximize the lifespan of the bike. To clean the gears, use a bicycle brush or an old toothbrush. Whenever you see any grime on the chainrings or derailleur, wipe them away. You can buy a chain cleaner for heavy grimy chains. Never forget to lubricate the bike after cleaning.

Fixing Frequent Chain Issues

At first, learn properly to shift the chain; otherwise, improper shifting causes strain and stretch on the chain. If the chain slips off always in the same direction, adjust the limit screws. Replace the broken, bent, and worn-out chains.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we provide some answers about bike chains that people frequently asked.

How Often Should I Change My Bike Chain?

It would be better if you can change the bike chain after crossing about 2000 to 3000 miles. Also, the frequency of changing chains depends on your riding style.

How Long Does a Bicycle Chain Last?

Generally, a bicycle chain lasts for 2000 to 3000 miles. A properly maintained bicycle chain may last for nearly 5000 miles, but it depends on the riding style.

Should I Replace a Rusty Bike Chain?

A rusty bike chain is very bad for any bike’s health, and it can damage the drivetrain parts. It makes you work harder and ruins the gear shifting. So you should replace the rusty bike chain.

What Happens If the Bike Chain Is Loose?

With a loose chain, the power transfer rate will drop, you can’t propel the bike forward properly, and it can fall off.


A bicycle chain is a collection of the roller, plate, and pin link. These things connect the front and back gears that allow for pedaling. Due to various reasons, the chain can fall off, but this issue can be solved easily. Don’t get afraid with the greasy hands because it can help you to pedal again in no time.

If you keep pedaling with the falling down chain, it will damage the bike’s whole system. So, whenever the chain slips off, fix it right away. We showed the easy tips for how to fix a bike chain that keeps falling off. These tips can help you to make the bike move again in an emergency situation.

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