Is It Safe To Take Kids On An e-Bike? [Parents and Children]

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Most parents and adults have fears and reservation with regards to e-bikes and the safety if their children. Hence In this review, we will be furnishing you with answers to questions about e-bikes and safely cycling with your child.

Electric bicycles also referred to as e-bikes are energy-efficient bicycles that use rechargeable batteries to enhance their propelling power, thereby making them faster than the traditional bicycle. Why these bikes are fast becoming favorites, there’s need to address safety concerns about allowing kids ride e-bikes.

The convenience, fun, thrills, and excitement that comes with cycling an e-bike has spiked its popularity around the world. Giving the fact that e-bikes are also suitable for kids, it is safe to take kids cycling on them.

What Makes e-bikes Safer Than Non-Motorized Bicycles?

Asides from the speed and convenience that comes with a suitable e-bikes for kids. it is safer for you and your kids than the none motorized bicycle for the following reasons:

e-bikes Safer Than Non-Motorized Bicycles

1. Convenience

Convenience is a significant reason why most people opt for an e-bike instead of a regular non-motorized bike. Most of the time, the weight of a child’s bike seat alongside the weight of the child weighs the bicycle down, making pedaling much more challenging than normal for the person cycling. However, the motorized propeller makes it easier to pedal the bicycle while carrying a child. Asides from tackling the stress that comes with pedaling a non-motorized bike, you have full concentration on the road and avoid costly mistakes that can result from lack of concentration.

2. Compatible with trailers

This is another characteristic of an e-bike that makes it safer for kids. You can attach a trailer to the back of your e-bike. Not everyone is experienced enough to ride comfortably with a child seat attached to the front or back of an e-bike. Hence, most people prefer a child trailer. Child trailers can also be difficult to pull while climbing a hill but the propelling force of the rechargeable batteries makes it easier to pull through with less stress.

3. Compatible with child bike seats

Alongside being compatible with child trailers, e-bikes are also compatible with child bike seats. You can attach the seat to the front or the back of your bike. You can also position it in the middle of your bike.

How to Make Your E-Bike Ride With Your Child Even Safer

To ensure that your kid’s e-bike is safe for your child, you also have the duty of making sure that all parts of the bike are in order. You also need to ensure safety measures are followed. To make sure that your e-bike is safer for ide with your child, ensure the following:

E-Bike Ride With Your Child Even Safer

1. Ensure that both you and your child wear protective gears

An e-bike is also a bike. Hence, wearing protective gear is very important. This is to protect you and your child from accidents and injuries resulting from accidents. The basic protective gear you should make sure that both you and your child or children wear includes helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist pads. Your kids might not be comfortable with them, but their safety comes first. Examples of excellent protective gear you can get for your kids includes the Rayhome Sports Protective Gear, DaCool Kids Helmet Set and XJD Kids Bike Sport Protective Gear Set.

2. Check and service your brakes and tires regularly

Checking your brakes and gears should be a routine for you, just like you would do with your bike or car. This is important because a failed brake or blown tire can result in fatal accidents.

When checking the brakes, pull the levers of your brakes to ensure that they work perfectly, and check the connections of the wires to ensure that they are in good condition. For the tire, squeeze and rotate them to ensure that there’s no form of deflation and that they are working perfectly fine.

3. Cycle at low Pedal Assist levels

Unlike non-motorized bikes, e-bikes are designed to have at least three-pedal Assist levels to help you control your speed. Generally, cycling at a very high speed is not advisable, especially when with a child.

Also, driving on a lower pedal assist level allows you to pay attention to your child, concentrate more on the road, and prolongs your battery life, than when you are at a high speed.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Can you fit a child seat to an e-bike?

Yes, you can fit your child seat to an e-bike. An e-bike is very compatible with your child seat and is strong enough to overcome the weight of the child seat. For better options, e-bikes framed with alloys are very suitable for your child’s bike seat.

Most parents prefer attaching a child seat to their e-bike as it is convenient for them and it makes it easier for them to concentrate the road and gain proper control of the bike when in motio.

Are front child e-bike seats safe?

Child e-bike seats placed at the front of an e-bike seat are very safe. However, you should bear in mind that you have more responsibility for protecting the child when compared to the guarantee of the bike itself.

A child’s e-bike seat is more convenient for children between the ages of 9 months to 2 years. With your child seat in front, you will be more focused on the road, as you do not need to always turn back to check if your child is doing perfectly well.

Which is safer, a child bike seat or trailer?

A child trailer or bike seat both have their safety problem. However, we recommend a child trailer for an e-bike because it is safer. It is no doubt that a trailer is bigger than the bike and occupies a lot of space on the road, and it can also turn off or over when you abruptly turn your bike. However, we still prefer it to a child bike seat for the following reasons

  • A trailer is safe when in an accident when compared to a child’s bike seat. The child trailer is low to the ground and is attached to the bicycle such that when it is involved in an accident, your child would not fall from a height as high as 3 feet like when using a child bike seat. The fall and its impact on the child is minimum.
  • A child trailer is easier to control. Since the trailer is attached to the bike and not placed on the bike like the child’s bike seat, it makes it easier to cycle and maneuver because of the weight of the child, and that if the trailer or seat does not directly impact the weight of the bike.
  • A child trailer has a compartment that covers the child and protects the child from falling. Most trailers are designed with a fabric frame that arcs to form a covering over the child. Also, most trailers have strong straps that help to hold the child in place preventing the child from falling during an abrupt turn or when involved in an accident. Some trailers are also designed such that they are hitched to the bike in a pattern that keeps the trailer standing when the bike falls.
  • It is confirmed safe by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Asides from our recommendation, a health organization in charge of children’s safety, the American Academy of Pediatrics confirmed that a child is safer when riding in a child trader than when he or she is strapped and mounted on a bike.

Final Thoughts

Suitable e-bikes for kids make it very safe for your kids to enjoy the fun and thrills of cycling. As you share the beautiful and happy moments with your kids, ensure that they protect themselves with safety gears and follow the tips on these kids.

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