Arizona State Electric Bike Laws & Restrictions You Need To Follow In 2023

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Electric bikes are a lot convenient than traditional ones. But you must comply with regulatory laws on e-bikes based in your municipality. This serves as a principal means to ensure safety while riding your bike.

Likewise, if you live in Arizona, you must familiarize yourself with the Arizona state electric bike law. The state provides its clear definition of an electric bike and the regulatory measures while using the bike. In Arizona, ebikes are defined as bicycles and tricycles with functional motors. The law further classified e-bikes into class 1, class 2, and class 3 electric bikes.

This article presents Arizona state electric bike laws, the state’s e-bike registration and classifications, and more. Keep reading!

Key Points:

  • Arizona State electric bike laws define an e-bike as a bicycle or tricycle that has an operational motor.
  • The State maintains that electric bikes have no requirement for registration, driver’s license, insurance, or license plate.
  • According to Arizona state electric bike laws, there are three classifications for e-bikes, class 1, class 2, and class 3 electric bikes.

Are Electric Bikes Allowed In Arizona State?

Arizona state laws allow riders to use electric bikes just like bicycles and tricycles. The state electric bike law describes an ebikes as either a bicycle or tricycle with a powering motor and operable pedals.

Additionally, the Arizona law mentioned that the motor’s capacity of an electric bike within the state must not exceed 750 watts. Also, the operational speed for electric bikes must range at 20 mph and below.

Arizona State Electric Bike Laws, Registration and Classification Rules in 2023

Arizona state electric bike law provides a clear definition of electric bikes as bicycles or tricycles with functional motors and pedals. Also, the state provides its stance concerning electric registration and classifications.

Arizona State Electric Bike Laws and Restrictions

Arizona State Electric Bike Registration

When it comes to rules on registration, Arizona state electric bike laws mention that electric bikes don’t need registration, license, or insurance for operation.

Here are parts of the rules as contained in Arizona law section 28-819 signed in January 2019. It’s contained in the state law of Chapter 3, Article 11.

  • An electric bike rider will receive all the rights and privileges as upheld for a bicycle rider. Unless otherwise stated in this section, an electric bike will get the same title and provisions just like a bicycle.
  • An electric bike has no requirement or provisions that relate to registration, certificates of title, vehicle license tax, vehicle insurance, or driver’s licenses.
  • With effect from January 1, 2019, all manufacturers and distributors should include permanently affixed labels on prominent parts of electric bikes. The label will have the detailed specifications of the electric bike. These include its top assisted speed, classification number, and motor wattage. Also, the printing of the electric bike labels should not be lower than the nine-point type.

Arizona State Electric Bike Classification

In addition to specifying the rule concerning electric bike registration, Arizona state electric bike laws also gave its classification of e-bikes. These classifications serve as guides for riders during their period of purchasing their e-bikes.

Also, it directs electric bike riders on the recommended routes and trails to ride though there could be changes from local authorities.

Arizona State Electric Bike Classification

Below are the Arizona classifications of electric bikes.

  • Class 1 Electric Bikes – These are electric bikes whose motor assists are through pedaling, and the motor capacity is not above 750 watts. Also, the operation of the motor stops once the speed gets to 20 mph. This means that the maximum speed is 20 miles per hour.
  • Class 2 Electric Bikes – This class of electric bikes features a throttle actuated motor. Also, the bikes have their maximum speed limit at 20 mph, on which the motor assists will automatically stop. The power capacity of the motor is 750 watts. Though this class has the same power limit for its motor as class 1 electric bikes, riders could kick off their riding on motor power with class 2 e-bike.
  • Class 3 Electric Bikes – For this class of electric bikes, the motor ensures assistance even during pedaling. But the motor will automatically cut off its assistance once the speed of the e-bite gets to 28 mph. Also, Arizona state restricts the power limit for class 3 electric bikes to 750 watts.

Summary Chart for Arizona State Electric Bike Registration and Classification

Are electric bikes classified and regarded as bicycles and tricycles? Yes
What is the maximum power capacity of an electric bike motor? 750 watts
What is the maximum limit for electric bikes? 20 mph
Are riders permitted to increase the speed limit of their electric bikes by altering the motor capacity? No
Is there an age restriction on electric bike riding? No
Are electric bikes allowed to ride on shared-use paths and trails? Yes
Does the state impose registration for electric bikes? No
Must there be insurance in place for electric bikes? No
Must there be a driver’s license to operate an electric bike No
Are there laws on helmets for riding electric bikes in Arizona? No
Are electric bikes allowed on the sidewalks in Arizona? Yes
Does the state definition of an electric bike in sync with that of the federal’s? No

Pros and Cons Of Riding Electric Bike In Arizona

Arizona as a state placed some laws to maintain orderliness while using electric bikes on different roads and trails in the state. There are still some pros and cons that go with the laws.

Pros of Arizona State Electric Bike Laws

  • The laws ensure orderliness on the road with the use of electric bikes.
  • Provides adequate protection to the entire environment against unnecessary damages and pollution.
  • Cut down on the rates of accidents involving electric bikes.
  • Ensure maximum safety for electric bike riders.

Cons of Arizona State Electric Bike Laws

  • Places limitations on the maximum speeds that electric bike riders can go.
  • Hinders electric bike riders from increasing the power capacity of their bikes’ motors above 750 watts

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What Are The Rules For Riding E-bikes On The Road In Arizona?

Through its electric bike laws, Arizona State allows the riding of e-bikes on state park roads and motorized roads. But the different local authorities could make some alterations and restrictions on using some paths by e-bikes.

What Are The Rules For Riding On The Road In Arizona

You must remain updated by constantly checking for possible changes with rules on the riding paths for e-bikes. This is because the information will like change after some time.

Here are some of the trails according to Arizona State electric bike rules.

  • Class 1 and Class 2 electric bikes can ride on bike paths.
  • Disables people and others using pedal-assist electric bikes are permitted to ride on bike paths, even through public-funded ones.
  • Electric bikes could be ridden on all Federal Lands paths, which are marked for the use of ATVs. This includes the paths in the Tonto National Forest in Arizona.
  • Mountain bikes have no restrictions for most bike paths on Federal lands like National Park, National Forest, etc. Except for class 1 electric bikes, other e-bikes may be restricted on these paths.

Some Simple Safety Guidelines for Using Electric Bike

  • Comply with all traffic rules and speed limits as posted for different locations.
  • Ensure to wear a helmet always, especially if under the age of 18. It helps to increase your level of safety in cases of accidents.
  • Make sure you have reflectors and use your front and rear lights, especially at night.
  • Avoid the use of pedestrians sideways and walkways unless there’s permission for such use.
  • Maintain all the necessary precautions while riding through intersections.
  • Ensure the use of a speedometer for your electric bike. This helps you to monitor your riding speed and not exceed Arizona’s 20 mph limit.
  • Avoid modifying your electric bike to increase its speed limit.
  • Make sure your electric bike’s motor doesn’t exceed the recommended 750 watts capacity.
  • You have no requirement for registration, insurance, driver’s license, or license plate to operate your electric bike.
  • Fix a mirror for the ease of watching what is coming behind you. It’s a great measure to avoid looking backward and becoming unbalanced during such a process.
  • Provide adequate protection for your eyes by wearing goggles or any recommended eyeglasses


If you use bikes as your regular means of commutation, using an electric bike can be a better option for you. You can save physical stress and time as a motor powers the e-bike. Moreover, you will get smooth and fun-filled rides with the openness that an electric bike could offer.

However, it’s very important that you know and comply with Arizona State electric bike laws. Based on its clear definition, an electric bike is a bicycle or tricycle with a functional motor. The law provides three different classes for electric bikes.

Also, it maintains that there is no registration, driver’s license, insurance, or license plate for electric bikes. That’s a plus after all, no?

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