Do You Need A License To Drive An Electric Bike? [Get details]

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Transportation sector, being responsible for more than 29% of greenhouse emissions, the world is moving towards electric vehicles. Being eco-friendly with zero-emission, and easily accessible, electric Bikes are the future of transportation.

However, the rising concern about having an electric bike is licensing. Do you need a license to drive an electric bike? Is it necessary to license your bike, or would you need a separate driver license to ride your electric bike?

The answer depends on which state or country you live in because each government handles it differently. We’ll talk about them all in this article. If you’re planning on getting an electric bike or have one, dive in!

Is An Ebike A Motorized Vehicle?

Most people are puzzled about the difference between an electric bike and a motorized scooter. There is some good reason for the confusion. Usually, an electric bike is a subcategory of a motorized bicycle, but the exact definition varies by state.

In recent days, the USA Government released the final electric bike laws. According to the U.S Department of Interior, Electric bicycles are no longer categorized as motorized vehicles. They have similar privileges, duties, and rights as traditional bicycles.

When your power-assisted bicycle is attached to a gas engine, it will no longer be treated as an electric bicycle motor. A motor-assisted cycle must be powered by gasoline or electricity, and the maximum speed would be 32 km/h on level ground. If you own a Budget Friendly Electric Bike, you might have it running under 32 km/h already.

Difference Between Motorized Vehicle And Electric Bike

The basic distinction within an electric bike and a motorized bike is seen in many fields. Some considerable fields are weight, pedalability, power source, and legality. A motorized vehicle is sometimes classified as a moped on speed, engine power, and state. Besides, an electric bike is categorized as watt power, and the types of motor using it.

Motorized Vehicle And Electric Bike

Electric Bike Motorized Vehicle
Pedalability Easy Difficult
Power Source Electric & Paddle Gasoline or Electric
Legality According to state law License Needed
Weight 38-70 pounds 150 pounds or more

Do You Need A License To Drive An Electric Bike

Every country has its own traffic rules and legislations. The law varies due to different types of cars and operable pedals bikes on the road. For that reason, you will find some considerable differences in electric bicycle regulations. Usually, e-bike rules and regulations depend on electric bike’s power, speed limit, and state law.

In the USA, Electric Bike Laws by State are the only considerable thing before getting operable pedals bikes. So, do you need a license to drive an electric bike? The answer is, electric scooters or bikes that need not more than 750 W, don’t need any motorcycle license or insurance. Even a driver’s license isn’t required in those cases.

Federal Regulation Of Electric Bike

Both seasoned and newbie eBiker should be aware of federal regulation of Electric bikes. If you are planning to get an electric bike or already have one, understanding the legal driving limit is essential for you. Because several states have changed their laws and legislation in recent 2022.

Different U.S. states are adapting to the rapid growth of the popularity of electric bikes and navigating bicycle regulations. The good news is, across 44 states in the U.S currently have a common definition and legislation for Ebike.

According to United States Federal Law, all kinds of low-speed electric bicycles are close to a bicycle. So, things became different for fast-speed electric motor vehicles. Therefore, according to federal law, all high-speed electric bikes must be regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Electric Bicycle Laws & Safety Tips

Electric Bicycle Laws & Safety Tips

Before riding an electric bike, it is essential to know the laws, and it’s also important to take safety measures. A serious accident may occur if you’re not concerned about both of them. So, in this section, we will give you accurate information about Electric bicycle laws and safety.

Electric Bicycle Laws

Since there are different laws available in various countries and states on electric bikes, it’s tough to generalize all the laws. But basic law regarding conventional bikes is almost the same in the countries and states where E-Bike is allowed.

For instance, in the USA, you must have to be 16 years old to ride on an electric bike. In contrast, if you are a citizen of the United Kingdom, you just need to be 14 years old to ride on an electric bike on the path. Both countries don’t allow people to ride on a traditional bicycle without a standard bicycle helmet as a safety concern.

Some of the states in the USA categorized electric bikes as motorcycles or regular bicycles. Therefore, according to state traffic law, they control the maximum power and speed. Most of the states allow 20 mph maximum speed per hour where some states allow 30 mph also.

Electric Bike Safety Tips

More than 40% of all bicycles sold in the world are electric bikes. The electric bike market is becoming an essential part of the world bike market. Therefore safety is one of the top concerns for countries to deal with those huge amounts of bicycles.

Electric Bike Safety Tips

Ride the bike safely

A Recent Study has found that 75 percent of the accidents occur due to improper dismount of E-Bikes and for not wearing protective headgear. About 75% of victims are men and nearly 65 years old. However, by taking proper precautions and safeguards, the possibility of an accident may be reduced. Here’s a list of items that you may need.

  • A motorcycle helmet with a good reputation of manufacturer
  • A certified helmet to keep your head safe
  • Bicycle gloves
  • Protective bike riding gloves
  • Reflective leg bands
  • Reflective bands for leg and handle
  • Shatter-resistant protective eyewear.
  • Pads for knee
  • Knee pads to withstand fall hazard
  • Follow vehicle codes according to the federal level

Keep your bike safe

Getting an electric bike isn’t similar to ordinary things. Since it’s a necessary vehicle type and needed when you wish to leave home, therefore ensuring additional safety requirements is important. How can you keep your bike safe? Well, to keep your bike safe and secure you need to emphasize the things below. Give a look.

  • Purchase a certified branded bike
  • Do regular maintenance
  • Avoid using homemade battery
  • Don’t use the wrong type of charger
  • Use a high-quality lock to protect from the thief
  • Make your own mark
  • Keep it in a secure place

Final Verdict

Different countries and states are catching up with new laws and legislation to adopt Electric bikes as a new form of vehicle class. These several necessary laws are already in effect. Therefore before getting an electric bike knowing the specific laws of your state is important. Only then you can be sure about do you need a license to drive an electric bike or not.

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