Why Is My Electric Bike Motor Cutting Out?

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Electric bikes will only work effectively if the components are functioning accurately. Therefore, some beginners find this electric bike a bit finicky. One of the major issues is the electric bike motor cutting out. Even people with the best-quality e-bikes face this unpleasant issue. Therefore, we come up with the causes and solutions to this issue.

Several issues like wear and tear, loose connection, melted or burned wire, etc., can cause the electric bike motor cutting out. Cleaning, repairing, and reconnecting them can solve this issue. To know all the possible reasons and their ultimate solutions, keep reading this guide.   

Why Is My Electric Bike Cutting Out?

For some simple issues, electric bike, as one of the motor vehicles, rear hub motor cutting out can happen. While riding the bike, the motor naturally vibrates, which causes the wire connections to lose. Due to this vibration and stress, other components of the bike may also get wear and tear with the limits for bike. When the rider puts more load and weight on the bike, the motor can cut out.

If the bike requires more current to flow, it will cause jerk or propulsion delays with inadequate connections. Propulsion delays can affect the battery voltage or battery connector that will ultimately cause motor cutting out. Because the motor can’t handle the load that is more than it can bear.

What to Do When Your Electric Bike Motor Is Cutting Out?

The motor of the Best Electric Bike can last for about 10,000 miles in the limits for bike. So, before starting the investigation, make sure the bike has not reached 10.000 miles yet. So, apply the following troubleshooting exercises with mechanical adjustments when the electric bike motor is cutting out.

What to Do When Your Electric Bike Motor Is Cutting Out

1. Change the Charging Habits

Battery performance affects the motor most. Your charging habit can contribute to enhancing the battery’s performance and lifespan. Do not drain the battery fully every time. This thing can reduce its lifespan. While charging the battery with battery chargers, never use the bike. Once the battery gets fully charged, only then you should use the bike2.

2. Look Out the Temperature

If you charge the battery in cold and humid climates, it will impact the battery and battery chargers negatively. Most manufacturers consider the temperature between 40 to 90 F is ideal for charging the battery.

Usually, indoors are best for charging and storing batteries. Before charging, make sure to keep the batteries at room temperature. To ensure maximum protection against temperature fluctuations and moisture, you should remove the bad battery while not using the bike.

3. Inspect the Brake Motor Inhibitor

A brake motor inhibitor is a cut-off wire, specifically, the 4th wire. Look out if they are engaged or not. Some e-bikes come with a cut-off switch that makes the motor stop when the brakes are activated with the speed limit. This safety feature protects the motor from any damage. Unplug the sensors and see if the motor regions power or not.

4. Examine the Bicycle Controller

It is the processor that takes input signals from the sensors and control app settings. The bicycle controller analyses the signals and decides to transfer the energy coming from the bike’s motor and battery.  With a single technical hitch, this controller can get out of balance in the circuit board. Check the wires, power switch, fuse, circuit breaker, and controls to find out the main culprit.

5. Check Out the Connections

Look out for all the connections as well as the corrosion. If you find corrosion, you have to replace the pin connector or wiring. After that, focus on the major component’s working condition. Confirm that the chain is oiled, tires have enough air pressure, brakes are not dragging, and a sustainable battery pack with circuit breaker.

The rear motor hub’s wire often gets frayed with 4tg wire, loose, and damaged which requires replacement on that section. With the overheated motor, the wire can melt or burn. This overheating can cause a short circuit, and ultimately it cuts off. In this case, to prevent further damage to the controller and control app settings, you should replace the motor.

Always check the components and try to peddle as much as possible. It will help the motor to stay in the best working position with compact designs.

Simple Maintenance Tips for Electric Bike

While doing electric bike maintenance, it is essential to remember that both electrical and mechanical components require maintenance. Follow these maintenance tips that you can apply at your home.

Simple Maintenance Tips for Electric Bike

Cleaning and Lubrication

Regular cleaning keeps the rust, dust, debris, and dirt away from getting into the engine and electric motor. Wash or clean the bike once or twice a week. While washing, never use water steam and pressurize the hose.

Lubrication is a must to keep the mechanism work in order. Apply lubricate on the major moving parts like the electric bike’s chain. Before applying any lubrication, make sure to clan the chain properly.

Checking Bolts and Connections

Do a regular check for the loose bolts, screws, wires, nuts, or anything else on the electric bike. If you find any loose bolts remember not to tighten them too far. Do not forget to check the wire connections for the overall electric bike.

Tire Pressure & Brake Pads

You can identify the tire pressure by pushing your finger onto it. It will sink down with too low pressure. Get the bike pump and properly inflate them to ensure enough air pressure to the tire.

You should check the brake pads every few weeks. Effective brakes are essential to prevent any serious accident. If needed, they can be easily replaced. So make sure the brake lever and pads are effectively holding up the bike.


Electric bikes are actually not that more complicated than traditional bikes out there. It just requires all the electrical components to workout accordingly to provide easy and more convenient riding with compact designs. With several advantages, you may experience electric bike motor cutting out. But, you can handle this matter by taking some preventative measures and maintenance.

This article covers the solutions and maintenance tips that you can do at home. The first step should be selecting the bike that matches your power requirement and riding style. Changing the charging habits, looking out for the temperatures and moisture can help you get rid of this issue.

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