Giant Electric Bike Problems – How to Fix them?

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The Giant electric bike has a great reputation amongst e-bike riders. If you ride or if you’re interested in e-bikes then you must’ve heard about Giant.

Although Giant manufacturers do produce some good quality e-bikes, but there is no electric bike that doesn’t have problems of its own.

People have been talking about the Giant electric bike problems for a while now.  But what are they? Some of the problems include not starting properly, braking problems, controller problems, etc.

If you’re facing problems with your Giant electric bike, there’s no need to worry. Here we’ll show how to troubleshoot the problem and also mention the common issues with Giant electric bikes.

Do Giant Electric Bikes have a Lot of Problems?

Giant is a reputed electric bike manufacturing brand with millions of users. They have been producing good-quality bikes for generations.

However, that doesn’t make Giant electric bikes invincible. Like any other e-bikes, these electric bikes also have problems.

Do Giant Electric Bikes have a Lot of Problems

But that doesn’t make it unusable or unreliable. At a certain point, any electric bike would start to have issues. That said, the problem you might or might not face can be easily fixed, so there’s nothing to worried about.

What are the Common Problems With Giant Electric Bikes?

As you know by now, Giant electric bikes do have problems and if you’ve been using one for a long time, then you must’ve faced a few of them already.

This is because over time any electric bike will start showing problems naturally. But what are these problems, knowing them should help you better prepare yourself.

Some of the common Giant electric bike problems include:

Power Problem

It means your electric bike is having trouble turning itself on while you’re trying to power it. It’s the most common issue with most electric bikes. There are reasons why it occurs, such as:

Loose Wire Connection

Sometimes after heavy use of your electric bike, there’s a slight chance that your bike’s wiring comes off loose. As a result, the next time when you try to start the e-bike it won’t start.

Battery Problem

As you know, the battery is the most crucial component that powers your electric bike. Any power-related issues with your electric bike most likely lead to some sort of battery-related issue, from dead battery to low charge.

Battery Problem

Braking Issues

The braking issue is another common problem found in Giant e-bikes because their handle brakes are not as sturdy as it supposed to be.

It can get damaged easily if it falls over by any chance, and it’ll have a high probability of damaging the braking system of the bike.

Controller Issues

As the names suggest it’s the part that controls everything on your e-bike, from the battery to the motors. Since it does most of the work of an electric bike, any technical mishaps are most like to be related to the controller.

Paddle Assist System Issue

Paddle assist is the part that makes e-bike great. It helps a rider to take off the riding pressure on a long/short ride. But sometimes due to any controller issue, the paddle assist mood might not work properly for the e-bike.

Gear-Shifting Issues

All e-bikes have a gear-shifting feature for smooth rides. Giant electric bikes sometimes have gear shifting issues due to their attached gear up and downshifting.

In this case, you’ll feel a certain lag while changing the gear’s shift to up or down.

How to Trouble Shoot Problems in Giant E-bikes?

The good news is Giant electric bike problems can be easily identified and fix it accordingly with the right procedure. If you know what is the cause behind the problem, it’ll be much easier for you to fix the problem, and start riding smoothly.

How to Trouble Shoot for Problems in Giant E-bikes

Here’s how you can identify the Giant problem and fix it:

E-bike Won’t Start

Sometimes you may notice that you switch the power of your Giant electric bike, but the bike doesn’t start. It means there’s either a connection issue or the bike’s battery can’t provide the necessary power to start the bike.

In this case, check the wiring of your electric bike, and make sure every connection is properly connected, it should be enough to power your e-bike.

If it doesn’t then it is a battery issue, make sure your e-bike’s battery is fully charged and can produce proper voltage.

However, if the battery can’t produce proper voltage, then it will be unable to turn on the bike. If that’s the case then you should change the battery and get a new one.

Brake System Malfunctions

If you have been using your Giant electric bike for several years, then you might notice that your bike’s braking system isn’t as good as it was.

The reason is, that most Giant e-bike has a hydraulic braking system which reduces their capacity over time. At some point, it breaks down. So, it’s a good idea to change your braking system before that happens.

Controller Malfunctions

As you know, your e-bike’s controller helps you manage your bike’s motor speed and switch to paddle assist and many more, basically it helps maintain complete control over it.

If you want to switch to paddle assist or increase the motor speed, but it doesn’t work. It’s a clear indication of a controller malfunction.

It occurs when there’s a wiring problem that’s directly connected to the controller. Check all the connections that are connected to the controller and re-tighten the wires, which should help you fix them.

If you have little knowledge about how the electric bike works, and don’t feel confident about fixing any issue with the e-bike then, it’s recommended to show your electric to the nearest local bike store.

Tips to Maintain Your Giant Electric Bike

Needless to say, if you maintain your electric bike properly, it’s less like to cause problems. So, here are some tips to maintain your giant electric bike:

Tips to Maintain Your Giant Electric Bike

  • Don’t leave your e-bike’s battery for overnight charging. Remember overcharging doesn’t mean your battery will last longer than usual, rather it harms the battery life.
  • Makes sure you keep your bike clean as much as possible, dirt and dust tend to increase the wear and tear level of your electric bike.
  • When you’re cleaning the bike with soap and water, make sure you use a proper stand while doing so.
  • Don’t keep it upside down while cleaning, if you do then water can get inside the battery and cause damage.
  • Send your electric bike for servicing once a year. It helps the bike to stay in good mint condition for a long time.
  • An e-bike’s battery last around 3-5 years, it’s a good idea to be prepared and get a new battery after that time period to help avoid any hindrances.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

In our earlier discussion so far, we’ve tried to cover every essential factor related to Giant electric bike problems. However, we hope you understand that it’s quite impossible to cover all minor details in a single article.

Nevertheless, here are some of the frequently asked questions answered about Giant electric bikes:

Can you ride a Giant E-bike in the Rain?

The Giant electric bike body frame is constructed from a water-resistant material that helps prevent water from getting through and damaging the battery or other crucial components.

So, yes you can absolutely ride a giant electric bike in the rain without any worry.

How Long Does the Giant Electric Bike Battery Last?

A battery’s lifespan mostly depends on its use and how well you maintain it. However, it’s also a fact that every e-bike battery does have an expiry date in general, which is 3 to 5 years. With proper maintenance and charging you can extend its lifespan more than usual.

How Far Can a Giant Electric Bike Go on One Charge?

It depends on different factors like motor and battery capacity, the terrain you ride on, and many more. However, on average you can cover about 15 to 35 miles on a single charge of a giant electric bike.

Final thoughts

As we all know, Giant is a reputable bicycle manufacturing brand, and people from all around the world use its bikes.

However, as you can see in our earlier discussion about Giant electric bike problems, these bikes do have issues, unlike other brands.

We do hope our guidelines help you identify any problems with your Giant e-bikes. If you wish to minimize the problem with your electric bike make sure to follow our tips and maintain it accordingly.

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