How To Charge Ebike Battery Without Charger [7 Easy Techniques]

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What will you do if you’re far away with your e-bike from home without a charger? Or the charger is damaged, and you still can’t get another one?

If you ever undergo such situations, you may know how irritating it is to be unable to charge the ebike battery. In that situation, the only solution you may be looking for is: How to charge ebike battery without charger?

Fortunately, there are several methods to charge an e-bike battery without a charger, such as using an additional battery, charging the battery with a solar panel, a generator, pedaling, with a car battery, and so on.

Don’t you get these properly? Then read the entire context to explore in-depth details about these methods.

Is It Really Possible To Charge An E-Bike Without a Charger?

Although charging an E-bike through a charger is good practice, you can still charge the battery without a charger. In fact, there are various options available for you to charge an ebike battery without having a charger.

From utilizing a car battery to a generator, you can adopt many techniques to charge your e-bike battery. Even pedaling your e-bike will help to charge the battery.

Is It Really Possible To Charge An E-Bike Without a Charger

However, some of the techniques may work better than others. In that case, you should choose the technique that is easy and available in your surroundings.

How To Charge Ebike Battery Without Charger?

As we said, several options are available to charge an E-bike without a charger. Here we have talked about some easy and tested methods. So, let’s see what these are:

How To Charge Ebike Battery Without Charger

Technique 1: Charge Your E-bike Battery By Pedaling

Most e-bikes come with an in-built pedal charging feature that helps to charge the battery when pedaling. Typically, a good amount of kinetic energy is produced when you pedal an e-bike, which is lost through the heat of brake pads and air resistance.

Charge Your E-bike Battery By Pedaling

E-bikes designed with pedaling charge take the advantage of the produced kinetic energy. These bikes capture the produced energy and convert it into electric power to recharge the battery.

However, the charging capacity of pedal charging of an E-bike is around 15% maximum. Besides, not all e-bikes are designed with this feature; instead, some of the few are built with power re-generation pedals.

Technique 2: Charge E-bike’s Battery Through A Car

Most E-bike batteries usually require a 12V DC outlet to charge. So, if you have a car with a 12 volts DC outlet, you can easily charge your e-bike battery through it.

In that case, you will just need to set up your e-bike’s battery in the car and turn on the ignition to charge the battery.

Charge E-bike’s Battery Through A Car


Additionally, it is also possible to charge your e-bike’s battery through the car’s battery. To do that, you will first have to attach an inverter to the car battery.

Then, set the power supply’s output according to your e-bike charger and connect the e-bike battery to the inverter.

Technique 3: Use A Alternative Battery

You can also charge your e-bike battery by connecting it to another powerful battery. Even it is also possible to connect multiple batteries to charge a single e-bike battery.

In that case, you will first have to remove your E-bike battery and connect it to the powerful one. This will help your E-bike battery to increase the amp-hour capacity. In that case, if you use multiple batteries, you must ensure all the battery connections are joined in parallel or in series.

However, before connecting the battery, you have to ensure that the battery you choose has enough power to charge your e-bike battery.

NB: You must use an inverter to configure the output power supply to avoid any unexpected issues. At this stage, you will need to set up the output in DC according to your e-bike charger.

Technique 4: Charge The E-bike Battery Through A Generator

If you have a generator, it can be an easy way to charge your e-bike without a charger. It just requires connecting your battery to the generator outlet through a cable.

Charge The E-bike Battery Through A Generator

Before doing that, you will have to make sure that the generator outlet power is configured based on your e-bike charger. If all is ok, you can run your generator to charge the e-bike battery.

Technique 5: Charge Your E-bike Battery By A Solar Panel

Solar panels can be another excellent way to charge your e-bike battery as they act on-grip power source. In that case, you need a solar panel, cables, and a solar panel controller.

Charge Your E-bike Battery By A Solar Panel

Once you have all these components, you will need to follow the steps discussed below.

Step 1: Set up a solar panel with enough cells to power a controller under the sun’s rays and connect the controller using the required cables.

Step 2: After that, configure the controller output (amps, and voltage) based on your e-bike charger. Make sure the output current is in DC mode.

Step 3: Lastly, connect your e-bike battery to the solar panel controller to charge the battery.

Technique 6: Take Your E-bike On A Charging Station

E-bikes have gained huge popularity nowadays. For that, most places, especially in the US, Canada, and The UK, have the facility to charge e-bikes in the filling stations.

Additionally, different locations, in which difficult to carry chargers, especially in the mountainous area, have e-bike charging stations. So, if you find your e-bike doesn’t have a charger anytime, locate power stations nearby you.

In that case, you can use apps such as Open Charge Map or e-bike to find the charging stations nearby easily. However, before charging your e-bike, ensure the outlet configuration is ideal for your e-bike’s battery.

Technique 7: Use An Alternative Charger

Finally, if you cannot charge your e-bike battery following the techniques discussed above, an alternative charger is the last way to charge the battery.

You will find some chargers that come with an adjustable outlet configuration feature. This charger can be used to charge any type of battery by adjusting the required amps and volts.

So, if you ever face any charging issues with your e-bike battery, you can use this type of charger to charge the battery.

How To Make E-bike Battery Last Longer?

Proper maintenance of a battery helps boost its efficiency and lasts longer. For that, here we have talked about some effective tips that will help make your e-bike battery last longer.

How To Make E-bike Battery Last Longer

  • If you have a new e-bike, charge the battery for 12 hours before use. It will help the chemical inside the battery fully form to provide maximum efficiency.
  • Avoid overcharging the battery and don’t run to empty either, as e-bike batteries are made of lithium cells whose life span degrades with repeated charging.
  • Don’t ride your e-bike in the boost mode since it drains the battery faster and shortens the lifespan as well.
  • Use a bike fender, although it does not extend the battery life span. It will keep your e-bike battery protected from excess dirt, rocks, and mud that can damage battery cells.
  • Before any ride, make sure your e-bike battery is fully charged. Besides, regular charging of the battery helps to maintain efficiency and increase the overall life span.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About E-bike Battery

Here we have answered some questions asked by e-bike riders commonly. If you have any, check the section. You might get your desired answer here.

How Long Does An E-Bike Battery Last?

An E-bike battery can last around 3 to 5 years if well maintained. Typically, E-bike lithium batteries usually lose efficiency and capacity over time, even if not used.

However, a single charge of your new E-bike battery helps you to ride around 20-50 miles without pedal assistance. You will also find some powerful e-bike batteries that provide 80+ miles of riding on a single charge.

Can I Ride My E-bike Without A Battery?

Yes, you can ride your e-bike without a battery. All e-bikes can function as traditional bikes, even if the battery charge is finished or the motor is off. You will just have to turn the pedal-assist switch to zero to ride the e-bike by pedaling.

Is It Safe To Charge My E-Bike Battery Without A Charger?

When charging an E-bike battery, it is good to use the original charge provided by the manufacturer. But in an emergency, you can adopt any other techniques to charge the battery. In that case, you will have to ensure your used method is compatible with the battery. Otherwise, the capacity of your E-bike battery can be degraded and even damaged.

Is It Good To Charge An E-bike Battery After Every Ride?

Charging an E-bike battery regularly is a good practice that prevents the battery from going flat. For that, professional riders suggest charging E-bike batteries after every ride. This also helps the riders to ready the bike for the next trip.

What Happens If My E-bike Battery Dies?

If your E-bike battery dies, it won’t supply electric power to the motor. As a result, you won’t get pedal assistance when riding the bike, which will be much harder. So, it’s better for you to be informed about what causes your e-bike battery to die.


So, you might have understood how to charge ebike battery without charger, after reading the above discussion. In general, several ways open for you to charge your e-bike battery, even after you don’t have the charger.

For example, you can use a solar panel, generator, or alternative battery to charge the battery. You can even revive the battery’s charge by pedaling. Besides, some filling stations facilitate to charge of e-bike batteries.

Whatever techniques you follow to charge the e-bike battery, you should maintain it properly to ensure better efficiency and life span. In that case, you can follow the tips discussed in the section above.

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