How To Make Your Bmx Bike Faster? [2023]

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BMX bikes are not made for speed but freestyling. Unlike road bikes or cross bikes, BMXs are not supposed to be ridden on race tracks. But these bikes do more than just racing. BMX freestyling is considered one of the most dangerous sports. Also, it requires the most practice and skill.

However, to do BMX stunts sometimes, you need to ride the bike as slow as possible. And sometimes you need to do it fast. However, it is a bit hard to ride the bike fast with shorts length and small tires.

If you know the proper ways about how to make your BMX bike faster, then it’s just a matter of practice. So, let’s table the tips and ride the bike faster!

About Bmx Bike Speed

To understand the speed of the BMX bike, first, you have to understand the type and mechanism of the bike. Anyway, if you want a straightforward answer, the average speed of traditional BMX bikes is around 30-35mph.

Bmx Bike

However, BMX bikes are available in four different types: race, dirt, street, and park. Each type has a purpose, and the racing BMX bikes are the fastest ones. Those can get up to 35mph but not by manual paddling. And it’s not also possible with the BMX bikes to reach the speed by paddling.

Furthermore, the speed of the bike depends on the terrain you are using it for. Likely, most of the BMX bikes do not come with hydraulic brakes. So, more speed can be deadlier. That’s why the racing authorities use airbags to catch the riders.

How To Make Your Bmx Bike Faster (5 tips)

If your concern is, how to make your BMX bike go faster, then there are no specific steps to follow. Moreover, some tricks you can apply which will keep the bike efficiently working and running smoothly. So, here are the tips.

How To Make Your Bmx Bike Faster (5 tips)

Tip 1: Keep the Bike Lubricated

Bikes are made of hundreds of components. Also, most of the components are made of metal, and through time you have to lubricate them. Especially the chain shank, wheel bearings, Cranks, Spindle, Pedals, Bottom Bracket, headset. Apparently, if you keep the components oiled timely, the bike will run smoothly, and the speed of the bike will not decrease over time.

Tip 2: Maintain the Right Tire Pressure

The tire pressure of the bikes has a significant impact on the speed of the bike. For BMX bikes, it is more than essential. Because many stunts of these bikes depend entirely on the wheel, the ideal pressure for BMX bikes will be around 80 PSI. Maintain this pressure to keep the bike running fast.

Tip 3: Keep the Gears on Check

Not all BMX bikes come with gears. Eventually, if your one has gears, then keep the gears in check all the time. If the gears are not set as required, it can hamper the speed of the bike.

Tip 4: Clean the Bike Properly

BMXs have to deal with a vast amount of dirt all the time, except you are using it only in the parks. Anyway, even if you are using it in the park, never forget to clean the bike. As we have to keep the bike lubricated, the oil can catch a lot of dirt, hampering the bike’s functioning. So, keep the bike cleaned when you are not using it also. Likely, it is wise to clean the bike at least twice a month.

Tip 5: Start Slower

As we have already mentioned, BMX bikes need a lot of skill. And, of all the essential skills, the most important one is the riding style. If you start the bike slower from high ground and then gradually increase the pedaling, you will acquire much more speed than normal.

These are the most efficient ways to make the BMX bike faster. Hope you will find them useful and handy to apply on your bike.

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Bmx Bike Riding Safety Tips

By the time you have come to know that BMX freestyling is one of the hardiest outdoor sports. Also, to do the tricks, you have to assure your safety. That’s why some safety measures we have listed. They are:

Bmx Bike Riding Safety Tips

  1. Always wear proper safety gear before you start your BMX freestyling. It includes racing pants, jerseys, gloves, helmets, and proper shoes.
  2. When buying, make sure the bike you are getting matches your inseam height.
  3. Ensure the grips and pedals have the proper grip.
  4. Check the tires are inflated right and have the proper air pressure before starting riding.
  5. The handlebar plays a significant role in riding BMX bikes comfortably, so it is better if they are not bigger than 735mm.
  6. Finally, if you are a beginner start practicing with a budget-friendly BMX bike. And later upgrade to professional ones.

Eventually, you may have got the solution to your question, “how to make your BMX bike faster.” Moreover, all the tips we have included are tested on the tracks and proven effective consistently. All in all, to make a BMX bike faster is not rocket science. All you need is proper maintenance and skill. Most importantly, the type and track you need to check if it’s a perfect match or not.

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