What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Bicycle?

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Electric bikes look much similar to traditional bikes. They have some major differences too. An electric bike is designed with some useful features and benefits. These things make these bikes more popular and trendy than ever. Keep reading to know the advantages and disadvantages of electric bicycle.

They are great for having regular exercise and saving money by not spending on petrol or gas. Without applying so much effort, this bike allows pedaling. People are starting to use bicycles more than before. Electric bikes are eco-friendly so they are much beneficial for nature also. We will share all these things so that you can make a better decision.

Are Electric Bikes Safe?

Electric bikes contain an electric system so that they can effortlessly propel forward on any type of terrain. This electric system is provided by a battery pack.  Electric bikes are specially designed for ensuring easy riding on the hills. You will find several affordable electric bike for hills. They come with higher speed, and to control this speed, it uses a higher strength brake.

Are Electric Bikes Safe?

Electric bikes are not that dangerous if you handle them cautiously. As these bikes work faster, you have to be careful about crossing the speed limits. If you speed up too soon at the beginning period, it will definitely result in an accident. Another mistake is, violating the traffic rules. To ensure safe riding, you must obey the safety rules and regulations.

Following some extra cautions, you can avoid unnecessary accidents and use this bike safely.

  • Pay attention while riding alongside traffic and know exactly where the vehicles are or how close they are.
  • Before taking it out, examine it properly and see if all things work properly or not.
  • Break earlier when coming up on a stop sign. These bikes run with more power and weight. So to stop at the right place, you have to break a little bit earlier.

They are absolutely safe as regular bikes. If you handle it responsibly, following the basic traffic rules, pay attention to the traffic, you can easily avoid any collision.

Advantages of Electric Bicycle

Before purchasing any product, it is essential to compare all the pros and cons. That is why in this article, we will provide the major advantages and disadvantages of electric bicycle. Let’s start with the positive sides.

Advantages of Electric Bicycle


When compared with other transportation, this bike is much more affordable. It is the most affordable way to get around the city. This bike allows zero hassle for paying to get a license or registration, parking, and gas or petrol.

Health Benefits

If you use an electric bike for daily traveling, it can provide some physical activity to your daily routine. As a result, it can significantly improve overall health. It focuses on your entire body muscle, lungs, and heart with its low-impact cardio exercise.

Faster Speed

As mentioned earlier, it is the fastest speed bicycle that can go further than regular bikes. The amount of effort a conventional bike requires for covering 10 miles, with that effort, an electric bike can cover 20 miles.

Faster Speed

Tackle Obstacles

Electric bikes are designed with an extra power boost motor. It can zip up hills, tackle any obstacles, and plow through headwinds. This bike provides more convenience, an enjoyable riding experience, and more access for every rider.

Environment Friendly

The climates are changing like hell and becoming worse day by day. Electric bikes are eco-friendly and emit less pollution than other bikes. They don’t require petrol or gas to run. So, these bikes can contribute a bit to the betterment of nature.

Disadvantages of Electric Bicycle

Nothing is 100% perfect in this whole world. Everything comes with some issues, and electric bikes are also one of them. Let’s discuss the disadvantages of an electric bike.

Disadvantages of Electric Bicycle


Though these bikes are designed with some advanced technologies, components, and features, they remain heavier than regular bikes. For some people, weight can be a major issue if it needs to be carried.


Electric bikes can run on battery power. Sometimes, while transporting it or you are out on a ride, the battery dies. This can be a big problem. So you have to make sure about charging the batteries fully before going out.

Complex Parts

Electric bikes come with the same kind of parts that a regular bike has, and they are easy to find, replace and repair. But, there are some highly specialized components that electric bikes have. These parts are a bit complicated and hard to find out while needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this stage, we will share some answers to the frequently asked questions about electric bikes.

Do Electric Bikes Go up Hills?

Electric bikes are specially designed for ensuring easy hill climbing. With the gear system, it can climb hills with an average quiet low speed.

Are Electric Bikes Good for Exercise?

Electric bikes are an excellent form of having cardiovascular and aerobic exercise. It balances the muscle’s metabolism level, stronger the muscles, improves blood circulation, and ultimately maintains a fit body.

How Long Do Batteries Last on Electric Bikes?

If you maintained the batteries well, it could serve you for 2 to 4 years. Try to keep the battery cool, store the battery always charged, and don’t discharge the battery fully. These three things can improve the battery lifespan.

Can You Ride Electric Bikes in the Rain?

Yes, you can. These bikes are water-resistant and specially designed for tolerating the rain. But, do not leave them in the rain unnecessarily to avoid damage to electrical components and condensation.

Final Thoughts

Every product comes with some advantages and disadvantages. But, when you see the significant advantages of an electric bike, the weaknesses won’t bother you much. It is a choice of living at a faster speed keeping the environment safe and body healthy. This bike will let you cover the longer distance much faster than the regular bikes.

Electric bikes are perfect for all ages. It provides an energy-friendly way of traveling with its battery power and attractive look. We showed both advantages and disadvantages of electric bicycle. It will help you to compare and make a perfect decision while purchasing an electric bike.

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