Where Can I Sell My Used Electric Bike? With Tips To Avoid Scams!

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Do you have an e-bike that you have used, and you don’t need it anymore? Are you wondering, “where can I sell my used electric bike” for any reason? You are not in this alone.

Fortunately, reselling e-bikes is possible and legal. You can sell your e-bike to your friends, a local bike shop, online platforms, and many more places interested in buying.

For more information on where to sell the e-bike you’ve used and how to prepare it before selling, stick till the end. This article also holds how to avoid scams when selling your e-bike.

Where Can I Sell My Used Electric Bike?

The only hindrance to selling your used electric bike is others’ willingness to buy. There are many places you can sell your electric bike as long as they want to buy it.

Where Can I Sell My Used Electric Bike

Aside from their willingness to buy the e-bike, you can still easily get buyers at your house. This is if you put your bike up for sale at an affordable price. We will take you through some places where you can sell your e-bike with ease.

Sell Your Electric Bike To A Local Bike Shop

Selling your bike to a local bike shop will most likely work out. This is because many local bike shops just buy old bikes, refurbish them, and resell them to another customer.

That way, they make their money, and you make yours. Although the process is long for the local bike shop, it is still worth it. It is just easy to find a bike shop that will buy your e-bike.

Sell Your Electric Bike To Your Friend And Acquaintances

Some of your friends interested in having an e-bike can take it off your hands. So, if you have a friend that needs an e-bike, it is easy to just sell off yours to them. People in cycling clubs will have friends interested in buying their e-bikes.

Even if this is probably the easiest means to sell your e-bike without seller fees, it has a few disadvantages. Selling at a fixed price might be hard. Since the person is your friend, they will want to get it at a lower price.


eBay is an online market that lets you have a personal and business account with them. The platform basically exists to bring sellers and buyers together. We advise you to use a personal account if it is just your e-bike you want to sell. This is because the business account is for people with bulky goods to sell.

Selling on eBay requires costs as the platform will charge you for every sale you make with a Personal Account. But with the platform, you are sure of getting your money when you sell out your bike.

Sell Your Electric Bike On Amazon

Amazon is another online platform for you to sell your electric bike fast. All you need to do is go to the Amazon official website and follow all the prompt instructions to sign up. Then you can take pleasant pictures of your e-bike from different angles for clients to see it. Then, post it and your price and wait for a buyer.

Sell Your Electric Bike On Social Media

There are people you don’t know in person that needs what you have. One good way to reach them is through the wide range of social media. It doesn’t cost much to be on any social media.

Just download the media app of your choice, sign up on it, and start publicizing your e-bike through them. We recommend TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook for this sale.

Sell Your Electric Bike Through Your Friends

You might not know who wants to buy an electric bike, but maybe your friends do. So, spread the word about selling your e-bike amongst your friends and let them help you publicize it.

They might ask you for affiliate commissions, and some of them might do it for free for you. Whatever the case turns out to be, you will sell your bike and get your money.

How To Prepare My Used Electric Bike Before Selling?

For whatever reason you decide you need to sell your bike, there are specific steps you should take to increase your success rate.

How To Prepare My Used Electric Bike Before Selling

  • Make it presentable

This is often overlooked by e-bike sellers and people in general. Clean your bike thoroughly; if possible, you can re-spray the frame parts that have been chipped from long-term use.

  • Use original packaging

When you have the original package, manual, and accessories of your e-bike, people are more likely to believe it was used carefully. If you intend to make an online ad, snap the bike with these items to boost your credibility.

  • Charge it

This goes without saying; a customer who wishes to buy your bike will definitely want to test it. You don’t want to give an impression that the battery is failing. Charge your e-bike adequately in preparation for an inspection.

  • Present your insurance

Not all e-bikes come with insurance, but the high-end ones definitely do. If you fall into this category, have your insurance details ready. Buyers would quickly find out if any serious repair has been done to it.

How To Avoid Scams When Selling An E-bike?

While selling your used e-bike, it’s possible to encounter different aspects of scams. However, you will need to employ certain tips or steps that will keep you far from becoming a victim of any scams.

How To Avoid Scams When Selling An E-bike

Make a Clear Listing

You must make your ad listing for sale very clear. Include all the necessary details of the e-bike, such as the features, your period of usage, its riding speed, and others.

You can emphasize its positive qualities that could interest and attract more buyers. Also, you should outline any of the e-bike’s faults honestly so that the buyer will understand what to expect. This will save time from both your side and that of the buyer at the point of transaction.

Create an open communicative line  

Being a good communicator will be a great plus for you. So, you should always try to answer inquiries and questions promptly and provide relevant statistics for the e-bike. This will increase your credibility and reliability in the minds of potential buyers.

Avoid personal details 

Ensure that you don’t make personal details public. This will help to maintain the security of your private information.

You can use some platforms that could conceal some details, like your email address. An example is such a platform is Craigslist which can redirect messages through its site address. Also, there are some online apps for a marketplace that has chatting features that could connect buyers and sellers. Using those platforms is more secure.

Avoid shipping  

You can exclusively limit your sale to local buyers only. Putting off far distance buyers will help you to avoid shipping. This is because there could be issues with bizarre buyers or fake checks.

In some cases, after shipping, some buyers could open a dispute making dubious claims. Buy with local buyers; you will quickly cash for your sale.

Use a safe area for meeting

It’s more reliable to include a safe place for meeting your buyers for test rides. Using a police station or other safe points will provide safety and protection in your dealings. You can consult SafeExchangePoint to find out a safe location.

Confirm bill 

It’s always best that you stick to payments with cash. So if you get to decide whether to receive through checks or wire transfers, you should endeavor to confirm the bill. This will ensure that you don’t get scammed with fake invoices. You can use Money Maker Pen for assistance.

Receive a deposit as a guarantee for test rides 

There have been issues where buyers run off with the sellers’ bikes during test rides. You should always request an upfront cash deposit or any important document like an ID or driver’s license that could serve as a guarantee. This will help you have something to fall back on if the buyer decides to be dubious.

Check the buyer’s background 

A detailed check of the buyer’s background is one of the easiest means to help pick out frauds. Based on the marketplace platform you are using, you can check the buyer’s reviews and ratings to provide more information from the site.

You can sell in parts

Besides selling the bike as a whole ride, you may opt to sell it in parts. So, you will have to inquire about the cost of the different parts and consider if it’s equivalent to that of selling as a full bike.

In a situation where you customize the bike, it may not be easy to get buyers with the same taste as you. The best alternative and faster for you will be to sell the bike in parts.


Going through this article answers your question on where can I sell my used electric bike. You can conveniently use online platforms or marketplaces such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook groups, and other forums. Moreover, you can sell to friends, bike dealers, or even pawnshops.

However, you must exercise great caution to avoid getting scammed while selling your used e-bike. Using local buyers, making thorough background checks, confirming bills, and using safe areas for test rides will be of help. Alternatively, you can sell the bike in parts where you previously customized it.

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