Why Electric Bike Display Not Working?

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I usually have my electric bike in the garage during winter. If you’re like me, then you might have to wipe the dust as summer approaches. But, a common problem I encounter is the electric bike display not working.

Ever experienced the same? Even when using the bike regularly, the display can fail.

So, why is the electric-bike display not working? The e-bike display not working can be due to a problem with the display itself, motor, or battery pack. Batteries drain when left unused for long periods, hence the display not working. A damaged motor can also prevent the display from working.

If your e-bike display is not working, then you’re not alone. It’s a common problem that you can fix.

Keep reading below as I discuss the reasons for an electric-bike display not working and how to fix it.

Causes Of An Electric Bike Display Not Working

If you’ve ever owned an electric bike, then you’ve experienced a display that’s not working. The reasons are many and range from loose wires to a dead battery.

Electric Bike Display Not Working

Below, I’ll discuss the main reasons why an e-bike display is not working

1. Dead Or Low Battery

This is the main reason most electric bike displays don’t work. The battery pack in your e-bike powers the bike and the display. You need to make sure the battery is not low or dead.

First, check the battery status. A battery can go dead when left unused for long periods in storage. It can also drain when let in cold or too hot rooms for a long.

2. Battery Connections

Apart from the batteries dying, loose connections from and to the battery can affect the display.

Check all the battery connections that lead power to the bike display. Follow the connections from the battery pack to the bike display unit.

Battery Connections

These connections become loose over time and can disconnect. In addition, check for debris, mud, and dirt that might cover the battery.

Lastly, make sure you examine the battery and how it fits in the battery cradle. The battery needs to fit nicely and have all connection plugs clean and fitted correctly.

3. Poor Sensor And Spoke Magnet Alignment

You need the sensor and spoke magnet to be in alignment for the computer display to function. If they don’t align, the motor might lack power, and the display will not work.

Poor alignments will have the display reading zero. Go ahead and realign the sensor to fix the issue.

4. Bad Display And Controller Connections

The display itself and controller can be defective. You need to inspect them and be sure they are working.

Start by checking the controller and display connections. Are they inserted correctly?

Every connection should be inserted in the right port. Replace defective connectors with new ones and solder them. With every connection plugged, turn the electric bike display on and see how it works.

Controller Connections

A common problem with display cables is the 1-4 harness cable. You need to check the cable and ensure the pins are not bent. Also, look for signs of corrosion. Correct any loose connections and reconnect the cable.

Connectors could also become loose because of the excess moisture inside or high temperatures. Unnecessary pressure inside the cable can force parts inside the cable to become loose.

Check the connections and loose tape parts if necessary.

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5. Blown Fuses

Blown battery fuses can also prevent a display from working. Electric bike batteries feature two fuses. The fuses are generally wired together in a small box.

Make sure you locate the fuses and see if they are blown. Replace blown fuses to have the display working again.

6. The Bike System Is Not Fully Activated

An electric bike display might not work if the bike system is not fully activated. Make sure everything is working before starting an electric bike. The computer system needs to switch on.

If an electric bike computer doesn’t get the necessary power to run, then the display will not work. It’s recommended you let the display computer fully start before using it. If you have to ride, start from the lowest setting and slowly increase.

7. Error Codes

Error codes appearing on your screen can also prevent it from working. If you notice error codes when riding, take note and search what the error codes mean.

You can troubleshoot electric bike error codes by switching the bike off and then on. A simple switch-off is enough to reset the bike display.

You can check the manual and see the meaning of the error code. Follow the actions stated in the manual to troubleshoot and fix the error codes.

But if the bike is under warranty, then don’t try fixing it. This might make the warranty invalid.

8. The Water Inside The E-bike Battery, Motor, Or Display

Water getting inside the battery, motor and display can affect the display from working.

Most bike owners make the mistake of cleaning their bikes upside down. Turning your bike upside down when cleaning it can have water getting into the motor and display.

While the motor, battery, and display feature seals, water can still get inside and damage electrical components.

Make sure you dry your bike after cleaning. Additionally, consider leaving your bike indoors in a cool and dry place.

How To Fix An Electric Bike Display Not Working

Now that you’ve known the different causes of an electric bike display not working, can you fix it? Electric bike displays not working can easily be fixed by solving the issue causing the problem.

Below are simple steps you can use to troubleshoot an electric display not working.

  • Turn off the electric bike
  • Take out the cap covering the battery, then the battery
  • Find a small black box on the circuit board and unscrew it
  • Take out the black box and unplug it from the circuit
  • Attach the black box back and the battery to their locations
  • Turn on the electric bike

The display should now work. However, if it doesn’t work, try checking for any of the problems above and fix them accordingly.


Get more information regarding the electric bike display not working from the below FAQ section.

How To Reset My e-bike Display?

You can reset your e-bike display by first checking your battery level. Next, ensure the battery and display are well-connected. If the battery and connections are okay, reset the display by holding the power button for 10 seconds.

Your display should restart after pressing for 10 seconds. Once it restarts, it’s reset.

Can You Replace e-Bike Displays?

Yes, e-Bike displays are replaceable. You can replace the display with the original display model or get a different model. E-bike displays are interchangeable, and players can use different models on different bikes without any issues.

How do I know if my e-bike controller is working?

You can know whether your e-bike controller is working by testing it using a multimeter. Connect the controller to the battery and set the multimeter reading.

Test every line coming from the multimeter for continuity. You can also set the multimeter to resistance mode and test for resistance.

Final Verdict

You want to make sure your electric bike display is working properly before starting your next ride. The display is crucial and gives important data about your ride. It monitors your speed, distance covered, time, and much more. However, bike displays can be defective because of a dead battery, poor connections, and defective displays.

Make sure you diagnose the cause of a poor battery display and fix it accordingly. Before replacing a display, try to find the cause, as most problems are easily fixed.

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