What Are the Pros and Cons of Electric Bikes?

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Electric bikes and traditional bikes seem almost the same. The main difference is the efficiency of e-bikes while climbing hills and fighting the winds. Moreover, people with knee pain and joint issues will feel effortless riding with this bike. But, before making the final decision of buying, see this guide to know the pros and cons of electric bikes.

These bikes are ideal for regular exercise, cost-effective, and allows peddling without putting much effort. As e-bikes come with more speed, so you have to be more cautious. Other than that, this bike is absolutely safe and fun to use. So, stay with us to know about electric bikes in detail.  

Pros and Cons of Electric Bikes

Before purchasing any vehicle it is necessary to understand all its aspects. Therefore, for your better convenience, we are showing the pros and cons of electric bikes.

Pros and Cons of Electric Bikes

Advantages of Electric Bikes

Over the past years, e-bikes have become quite popular among all aged people. So, let’s see the reasons behind its popularity.

  • Eco-Friendly- Electric bicycles are considered more eco-friendly compared to motorbikes and conventional cars. These bikes use electric motors and very few fossil resources. E-bikes are one of the greenest and cleanest transport modes. To reduce the carbon footprint, e-bikes work in an excellent way.
  • Doesn’t Emit Harmful Gases– The electric motors used by e-bikes don’t emit any harmful emissions. For the big cities where smog formation is a big problem, e-bike work like a savior.
  • Less Operating Cost– Compared to motorbikes and car e-bikes are more cost-effective. With electric bikes, there is no need for having auto insurance; thus, you can save money here also. Its maintenance and repair costs are cheaper and you don’t need to pay for parking.
  • Effortless– As electric bikes run on battery power it becomes the most convenient vehicle. You don’t have to make a great physical effort while riding it like the regular bikes. These bikes are the ideal alternative to motorbikes and cars for roaming around the city and other stuff effortlessly.
  • Cover More Ground– On average, an electric bike can cover 20-35 miles distance. If it’s an electric road bike under 700 dollars with 500+ watts power, it will go more than that. You can also save electricity if you use it with pedal assistance. The best part is you won’t even feel exhausted.
  • Ideal for Older People– Electric bikes take away most physical activities. Thus people with health issues and mostly older people find it very convenient.
  • Less Regulation– There is no need for a driver’s license. Also, no registration, insurance, age limit, vision or hearing requirements, and other testing required. Simply purchase it and start riding.
  • Faster and Quiet– These bikes are well known for their faster speed and their quiet nature. With heavy winds or any other weather condition, you can easily ride these bikes. They are very time-consuming and run almost silently.
  • Less Sweat– While riding the electric bike, the motor does the most work; thus, the heart rate stays low. Only when climbing to the hill, it requires peddling; otherwise, it doesn’t even require peddling with some model. Which leads to sweat less, feeling fresh and energetic.

Disadvantages of Electric Bikes

Every good thing has some drawbacks, and electric bikes are not above them. Here are the disadvantages of electric bikes which you should consider while purchasing.

Disadvantages of Electric Bikes

  • Heavier– On average electric bikes are a bit heavier than regular bikes. Because of the motor and battery. This extra weight won’t bother much until the battery dies. People with joint pain and older people may feel some issues handling this bike.
  • Can’t Carry While Travelling– While airline traveling, passengers can carry Lithium iON batteries with 101-160 Wh- Federal Aviation Administration. The thing is, most e-bikes come in a 300-500 Wh size range. So, you can’t fly with your electric bike.
  • Complex Repairing– Repairing electric bikes are more complicated than conventional bikes. It requires advanced technical knowledge to fix the issues. Some issues only mechanics can solve because it consists of complex parts.
  • Frequent Maintenance– With high-speed riding, some parts may wear out faster. Therefore, it requires maintenance more often, like replacing the tires, brake p[ads, chain, etc.
  • Charging Takes Time– Recharging electric bikes requires plenty of time. Some bike batteries take hours to get fully charged. So, if you don’t have a charging station at home and don’t want to spend time charging the battery, this bike is not for you.
  • Batteries Become Weaker– electric bikes batteries become weaker over time. Therefore the distance you can generally cover may become less over time. It can happen mostly if you drive long miles constantly.

Pros and Cons Summary of Electric Bikes

This table will show the summary of electric bike’s advantages and disadvantages. It will help you to get a quick view at a glance.

Pros of Electric Bikes Cons of Electric Bikes
Eco-friendly Heavier
Doesn’t emit harmful gases Can’t carry while traveling
Less operating cost Complex repairing
Effortless Frequent maintenance
Cover more ground Charging takes time
Ideal for older people Batteries become weaker
Less regulation
Faster and quiet
Less sweat

Is It Worth Getting An Electric Bike?

After comparing the above pros and cons, it is clear that this bike is not that dangerous. If you take time to get used to the speed and carefully use it, it will be beneficial. You can easily propel forward in any weather condition with this bike.

Is It Worth Getting An Electric Bike?

These bikes are specially designed with battery power which provides easy riding even on the hills. As these bikes have high speed, they use higher strength brakes to control the speed.

They are cheap transportation, beneficial for health, eco-friendly, faster, flexible, and many more. These benefits won’t bother the disadvantages much. Because of the extra benefits that regular bikes can’t provide, people are starting to like these bikes.

Just pay some attention while riding, examine it before taking it out, and to stop brake earlier. These little things will keep you safe by avoiding unnecessary accidents.


Every product in this world comes with some advantages and disadvantages. At first glance, the disadvantages may panic you. But if you can handle this bike responsibly, you can make the best use of the electric bike. Electric bikes let you ride faster while pedaling effortlessly and keeping nature safe.

With this bike, you can easily cover more distance than regular bikes. These energy-friendly bikes are perfect for all aged people. They come in an appealing design and battery power. We shared the pros and cons of electric bikes in this article. Hopefully, you can get a clear view of e-bikes from this guide.

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