What Are The Common iGO Electric Bike Problems?

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iGO electric bikes, just like any other e-bike, may suffer from some common problems with the passing of time. If you happen to own the IGO electric bike, then you’ve probably experienced the good and the bad of the bike.

So, what are some of the iGO electric bike problems? Most iGO electric bike problems range from a dead battery, bike not starting, display not working, worn out gears, motor bearings, and much more.

Plus, iGO electric bikes are among the heaviest e-bikes. Like most electric bikes, you’re bound to experience some problems using one. Let’s see some of the common iGO electric bike problems.

Common IGO Electric Bike Problems

There are some common electric bike problems that you might also encounter with your iGO ebike as well. Below we have mentioned the most common problems.

iGO Electric Bike Problems

Battery Problems

As you can expect, the battery will pose the first problem. This is understandable, considering it’s the most vital part of an ebike. Electric bike battery problems arise from improper use, charging, and unsecured cleaning.

When cleaning an e-bike, you need to secure it and avoid pressure water from getting to internal components. Don’t turn the bike upside down when cleaning. This lets water inside the battery leading to damage.

A drained battery is another common problem that happens when you leave the e-bike ON. As a general rule, always disengage the battery and turn off the e-bike when not in use.

Battery Problems

Extreme cold and heat can also damage e-bike batteries. You need to store your e-bike batteries at the right temperatures when left unused for long periods. Excess heat and colds reduce a battery’s lifespan. Battery damage can also arise from overcharging.

Overall, a dead or low battery problem can lead to other bike problems like the display not working. Before diagnosing any iGO bike problem, make sure the battery is in perfect working condition and fully charged.

Cut-out Switch Problems

A cut-off switch is another common problem to experience with iGO e-bikes. It usually occurs when bike handlebars are damaged due to untoward incidents.

Faulty brake levers put a strain on the brakes making the motor inhibitor switch turn on. If this happens, get an expert to replace the brake levers.

Riding an electric bike with disengaged brake levers can be dangerous. Always check the brake pads and ensure they are working.

In addition, check the cable tension to ensure the iGO e-bike braking is optimized.

Wiring And Connection Problems

Riding your iGO bike on some rough terrains can cause stress and vibrations. Such vibrations and shocks can cause some wires to become loose and cut off.

When such happens, the e-bike develops unusual problems. Take time and check the external wiring of everything before you go for a ride.

Additionally, you can perform periodic maintenance after making long rides. Proper maintenance can prevent such problems and ensure your bike is in perfect condition.

Motor Problems

One of the biggest issues you’re likely to experience with an iGO electric bike is motor problems. iGO electric bikes feature hub motors that develop issues from excess use.

Hub motors can suffer from worn-out disk brakes, bearings, and gears. You’re likely to hear some unusual loud noises called hub motor noises. A loose bolt can also cause loud noises.

Motor Problems

You need to replace the worn-out parts. However, if the problem persists after replacing worn-out parts, the motor bearings need a lubricant. The loud noises are due to friction.

iGO electric bike hub motors can also stop spinning when there is a problem with the controller. The motor needs to get power to operate. If there are loose connections on the controller, then a motor will not start.

Always check the controller status and its connection to the motor. Make sure the wiring is okay and tightly fitting in the ports.

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Throttle Problems

iGO e-bikes with a throttle do suffer from throttle damage. Wrong use of the throttle to propel the bike might lead to breakage of the wire that connects the throttle and the motor.

You need to avoid putting stress on the accelerating cable. This usually happens when the throttle is released suddenly. When releasing the throttle, do it slowly.

Another common problem most iGO bikes experience is magnet displacement. This typically happens in the front sprocket, where magnet displacement causes the torque to sense wrongly. As you ride your bike, you’ll experience pulsations.

Different iGO e-bike models feature different pedal assists, with most featuring magnets in the sprockets. The magnets are easily displaced with any adjustment of the pedals, wheels, and derailers.

Luckily for you, adjusting magnets is quite simple. You simply need to push them back near to the sensor.

Poor Chainstay Connection

iGO bikes can also suffer from poor chainstay connections to the motor. This is a common issue with all rear bikes but one that is easy to fix.

Inspect the motor and the chainstay connection to see if there are any disconnections.

Final Verdict

iGO electric bikes are popular choices among ebike lovers. However, like most electric bikes, they may suffer various problems. Most issues facing iGO bikes have to do with the battery, motor, throttle, and wiring connections. As a rule of thumb, always diagnose the problem before attempting to fix it.

Also, only fix what you can and leave the rest to experts. If the iGO bike is still under warranty, avoid any repairs as they can invalidate the warranty.

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