How To Attach Bike Trailer Without Coupler? – Reliable Method

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When attaching your bike trailer to the back of your bike, you must ensure that the coupler is properly tightened. This will help ensure that your bike trailer doesn’t come loose and fall off while you are riding. It is not as easy as you think, but if you want to find an easy way on how to attach bike trailer without coupler, you should read further.

The DIY method, seat post mount method, bolt on the hub method, and chain stay mount frame method is your only possible chance of attaching your bike trailer to your bike without a coupler. I will share the procedure for each method below, so you can get to choose one that is easy and convenient for you to do.

For safety purposes, you should only opt for any of the methods when you don’t have the coupler. If you have a coupler, I suggest you use it to attach your bike trailer to your bike as it is the safest and most reliable method.

What Is A Bike Coupler?

A bike coupler is a device that attaches your bike trailer to a bike. It’s used when you want to ride with a friend or family member. The device can be used for many types of bikes, including road, mountain, and BMX bikes.

It is a handy tool if you plan on using your bicycle to haul things like groceries, tools, or other items. They’re also great if you want to take part in cycling races where there are specific rules about how many bikes can be on one trailer.

What Is A Bike Coupler

When attaching a bike trailer to your bike, you need to make sure that you use the correct coupler. The coupler is the part of the bike trailer that attaches to your bike. It is also known as the hitch or hitch pin.

The coupler is usually made from steel and can be painted to match your bike’s color scheme. It also has two holes in it that allow you to attach it to your bike with bolts or screws, depending on which type of hitch you have on your bike.

A good way to test if your coupler will work with your bike is by using a drill bit or screwdriver and making small holes in each side of the coupler, so they line up with the holes in your front wheel’s axle.

Then put one bolt through one hole, then put another bolt through the other hole, and then tighten both bolts down until they are snug against each other.

You need to ensure it is not too tight, as getting it too tight might damage either piece of equipment or cause them not to fit properly together later on down the road.

How To Attach Bike Trailer Without Coupler

The coupler, or hitch as some will call it, has a great role to play when attaching a bike trailer to your bike. However, if you do not have one, does that mean you can’t attach your bike trailer? The answer is no, and that is what I have to show you below.

How To Attach Bike Trailer Without Coupler

As explained in the introduction, four methods can be used to attach your bike trailer to your bike. So, let us start with the Do-it-yourself method and then with the others.

1. DIY Method Of Attaching Bike Trailer To The Bike

The DIY method involves making a hitch yourself and becoming less worried about not having an aftermarket coupler for attaching your bike trailer.

Tools you need for the task:

  • Cross bracket
  • Quality locking nut
  • Complete swivel caster set

Step-by-step Method:

  • Step-1: The first method is to detach the axle bolt for easy access to remove the wheel.
  • Step-2: Make a hole in your cross bracket and ensure that the bolt that can get fits perfectly in it.
  • Step-3: With the use of the locking nut, you need to join the caster firmly to the cross bracket.
  • Step-4: Now, you can attach the hitch to the back seat post. Go ahead to tighten the bolts; then, you should install the trailer bar before completing the task by securing it with a safety lock.

2. Bolt-on Hub Method

The easiest way to attach a bike trailer without using a coupler is to use the steel-made bolt-on hub method. It is essential you know that the method is helpful if you have a bike that only has one rear wheel or if you want to attach your trailer to a bike with two wheels.

Bolt-on Hub Method

Here is how it works:

  1. First, find the center of your rear wheel and mark it. Check that your tire is centered on this mark.
  2. Then, find where the axle for your rear wheel connects to your bike’s frame. This should be in alignment with the center of your rear wheel but not too far forward or backward.
  3. Detach the axle nut and washer that you have on the bike’s rear-wheel
  4. Pick the steel made bolt-on hub that you have and place it where you remove the washer. The steel bolt-on hub has the power and all it takes to ensure the bike axle nut remains in place.
  5. You should align the bolt-on hub and ensure it stays perfectly
  6. Then you should tighten the axle nut immediately after you insert the pin
  7. Do not forget to use a safety strap as you need to use it to wrap through the frame
  8. After all these steps, you should have your bike trailer perfectly attached to the bike

3. Using The Seat Post Mount Method

The seat-post mount method is the easiest way to attach your bike trailer.

The first step is to find a seat post that matches the size of your bike’s frame. Then, you will need a bolt, washer, and nut to secure your trailer to the seat post.

The Seat Post Mount Method

You must ensure that the bolt and nut are large enough for the trailer so that it does not slip off when in use. If you notice that your trailer is slipping off frequently during use, then consider replacing this part with one that is better suited for your needs.

4. Using The Chainstay Frame Mount Method

The chainstay frame mount works by attaching a loop of your bike’s chain to the frame of your bike. This allows you to attach your trailer without using a coupler or another method of attachment.

Also, the Chainstay Frame Mount Method is the best way to attach your bike trailer, and it’s easy to do.

  1. Attach a chain stay mount to the front of your bike.
  2. Place the trailer on top of the chainstay mount, facing toward you, with the hitch on the side opposite from where you’re standing.
  3. Use a bungee cord or rope to keep it in place while you get the other end hooked up to your bike’s hitch.

Is A Bike Trailer Safe?

Bike trailers are safe to use. However, it is necessary that the hitch on your bike trailer is in good condition and has been properly adjusted. The best way to ensure that your bike trailer will be safe is to use a quality hitch.

When you are riding your bike with a bike trailer attached, you mustn’t exceed the weight limit for your vehicle. If you do so, you may cause damage to your vehicle or injure yourself or others involved in an accident.

Is A Bike Trailer Safe

The biggest safety concern with a bike trailer is always the person inside it. If you ride your bike with friends or family and plan to take your bike trailer out on a ride, make sure everyone is wearing helmets, and check that whoever is driving knows how to drive safely.

How Does A Bike Trailer Hitch Work?

A bike trailer hitch is a device that attaches to your bike and allows you to secure a trailer or trailer hitch. It comes with a design that makes it easier to transport your bike. Also, the bike trailer hitch is usually attached to the frame of the bicycle but can also be mounted on the side of the bicycle.

The bicycle trailer hitch works by using a ratcheting mechanism that tightens around the hitch itself and then tightens around your bike frame.

Most bike trailers are designed to fit through a standard 2-inch opening on the back of most bikes, but some may require more room or less. You’ll also need to make sure that the bike trailer is rated for your weight and whether or not it has brakes.

In addition, a bike trailer hitch consists of two parts: a bracket that attaches to your bike’s frame and a hitch pin that attaches to the trailer. The bracket fits into grooves on the side of your frame in order to create a secure connection with the hitch pin; if you try to move the bracket while mounted on your bike, it will not come loose.

Furthermore, the hitch pin has an attached piece of rope that goes through holes in both parts of the bracket, which ensures that your bike frame and trailer are connected firmly together while riding.

Are Bike Trailer Hitches Universal?

You may be wondering if bike trailer hitches are universal. The answer to that is yes. While they might not look it, bike trailer hitches are made to work with a wide range of trailers and trucks. They are also built to be compatible with many types of hitch receivers, like a standard 2-inch receiver or a 4-inch receiver.

While it is believed that bike trailer hitches are universal, there are still a few things you need to keep in mind.

Make sure your bike is compatible with the hitch. If you are not sure, ask your local bike shop. If they don’t have one or can’t help, ask your bike manufacturer if possible.

You need to make sure your hitch can fit over the frame of your bike and that you have enough clearance between the frame and hitch to maneuver it without hitting anything.

Make sure you can easily attach and detach your bike from the hitch using the appropriate fittings, as the ones that come with most hitches are typically easy to use, but if yours isn’t, you should check your bike’s local store for a solution.

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Can You Secure A Bike Trailer To Any Bike?

Yes, it is possible for you to secure a bike trailer to any bike. The most common way to a bike trailer is with the use of a hitch. This allows you to securely attach the trailer to your bike, and it also allows you to use any bike rack that you have in your garage or driveway.

You can always secure a bike trailer to any bike, as long as it’s sturdy enough to support the weight of the trailer and has enough clearance between the frame and your bike’s fork.

Therefore, if you want to be able to use your bike rack on the go, it’s important that the trailer is compatible with it. If you are not sure your bike is strong enough for a trailer, it’s always best to test it out before using one.


Bike couplers are an important part of your bike trailer. They allow you to attach the trailer to your bike and secure it. If you don’t use a bike coupler, you may find that your trailer comes loose or falls off when you try to ride it.

There are many people that have fallen off their bike trailers because of a failed coupler. So, that tells how important it is for one’s safety. However, in the absence of one, does that mean you have to abandon your bike trailer?

The truth is that you do not have to abandon your bike trailer. There are other ways on how to attach bike trailer without coupler, and the four proven ways you have above. You just need to read and choose a method that works best for you.

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